15 Writing Apps to Help You Write Papers and Essays Faster – College Info Geek

15 Writing Apps to Help You Write Papers and Essays Faster – College Info Geek

The American
journalist Gene Fowler once said that, “Writing is easy; All you do is stare at
a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood
form on your forehead.” Make no mistake though, writing is hard and
Fowler was lying. Coffee can help, especially when it’s in
a cool mug like this one, but it only goes so far. So today, let’s enlist the
help of our robot overlords and look at some writing apps that can help us write more
efficiently and faster. – [Voiceover] Coggle is
a free mind mapping tool you can use to
organize your thoughts and get down everything
you want to write about. If you want something a
little bit more time based, maybe you’re writing fiction, then Storyline Creator
is another tool that will work for you. Also, I have to
mention Evernote. That is where all my scripts
and video ideas start out. I basically just dump the info and it is my favorite
organizational tool for writing. Speaking of huge,
multi-purpose applications, Scrivener is an app that
many, many novelists use to write their books. In fact I used it
to write my book. It’s got a planning tool, it’s got a cork board where you can put
sayings and ideas, it’s got sophisticated
writing tools, a distraction free mode, all sorts of features. And if you want something
a little bit more simple, I’ve heard that Novlr is
an alternative to that. While it’s got a
paired down feature set compared to Scrivener, it’s got a nicer design and it’s meant to be a
little bit more simple and I’ve seen some
writers enjoy using it. To get really simple, one of my absolute favorite
writing apps is Byword which is a minimalist mark
down editor for the Mac. If you often have trouble
finding the right word to describe something
then Twinword Writer might be for you. It’s got an engine that detects
when you pause your writing and then suggests
alternate words to the word that you just wrote. If you have trouble
writing altogether, then you should check
out Write or Die which is an app that
lets you set consequences for not writing, including Kamakazi mode which
starts deleting your writing if you pause for too long. On the positive side, Written? Kitten! is an app that shows you a cute
picture of a kitten every 100 words you write. You can also check out 750Words which is a web app that helps you build
a consistent habit
of writing every day and gives you your stats, and in that vein, there’s also a new
website called DailyPage which gives you a
daily writing prompt to help you build
your writing skills. Now if you’re a grad student or somebody who has to manage a lot of research
in your writing, then you should definitely
give Mendeley a look. And if you want to edit your
papers more effectively, Editminion is a little tool
made by the guy who created Write or Die, which will point out weak
words in your writing. Lastly, I’ve got those
little accessory apps to help you get in
the mood for writing, and one of them is Coffitivity which is the website that
generates coffee shop noise in case you really like that
and it gets you in the mood, but you don’t happen to
have a coffee shop near by. And the last one is
Brain.FM which is a website that uses artificial
intelligence to generate music that supposedly
helps you increase your focus and concentration. – So that is all I’ve
got for this video. Obviously this is not
a comprehensive list of all the writing
apps out there so definitely suggest other
ones down in the comments that we would find helpful. Also, if you’ve watched any
of my other videos to the end, you probably know that I
wrote a book about a year ago and if you would like
to know how I wrote that 27,000 word book within
a period of three months, I have a podcast episode where I go over some
of what I learned and some of the practices
I used to get it done. So click the card right now
if you’d like to tune in. That’s all I’ve got
for you guys today, so if you’re using this
video to procrastinate on a big writing
assignment, stop it! And otherwise I will see you
guys in next week’s video. Thanks for watchin’. (high energy music) – [Voiceover] Hey guys, thanks so much for watchin’
this video on writing apps. Now if you want to get new tips on being a more effective
student every single week, you can click that big, red
Subscribe button right there. I also wrote an entire book
on how to earn better grades and if you would like to
get a free copy of it, click the picture of the
book and I’ll send you one. And if you would like to see
the list of all these apps with links to each one, go to the companion blog post by clicking the orange
logo right there. In last week’s video, we talked about how to
overcome perfectionism so check it out if you
haven’t seen it yet. And if you would like
to connect with me, I’m @TomFrankly on
Instagram and Twitter, or you can leave a
comment down below.

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  1. ZenWriter is also a pretty nice one. it can play music. in the background and it has a noise every time you type like an old typewriter, which makes it fun to use. it also takes up the whole screen and minimized distraction that way. I don't use it much, but it's a nice app.

  2. You rightly mention Mendeley for grad students but I would recommend Zotero instead. I found it easier to use on many levels. It just seems more polished.

  3. I do have a few more resources I love using.

    -Hemingway Editor is free and simple to use. It will tell you the readability of your paper, find sentences that are too worry or hard to read, find unnecessary words, and offer suggestions for replacements.

    – yWriter is a great program for organizing scenes and characters, but that's really all I use it for, so I'm not super familiar with all the other features


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  19. I liked "Storyline creator" but I want to figure if it supports things like "Locations" and "Itens" lists…I've only seen "Characters". I've sent them an e-mail asking but they never replied.

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