2017 Finch Family Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

When I first decided to go to UBCO, I
was really determined on going into the bachelor of science program and taking
biochemistry in the medical concentration.Throughout my first year I
found out that I was more passionate towards mathematics and decided to
change my route and go towards that instead. What intrigues me about math is the
numbers in many different directions that you can go with it. I’m Philip Shreeves,
I’m in third year sciences mathematics. My experience at UBC has been
wonderful my choice to stay here was so that I could be closer to my family and
it really paid out for the best because I had great experiences with all the
professors and I loved the campus life here. Scholarship such as the Finch
scholarship and others have had great impact on me because they’ve allowed me to focus on what I’m really passionate about. When I’m not in the classroom you
can often find me coaching basketball at various levels as well as tutoring. I’m
hoping after I achieve my undergraduate degree to go to medical school and
specialize in radiology and work in the medical field

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