2018 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar: Grace Nosek

Climate science will be ever more
important in the coming years. We can already see that a lot of changes in the
world are being linked to climate change and there’s kind of this more frenzied
and polarized debate about it. I was doing a Fulbright fellowship in Victoria,
Canada. I was working with the Environmental Law Center at UVic and I
was studying environmental assessment, mostly focusing on Enbridge Northern
Gateway and Kinder Morgan. And as I did that research I saw that there was just
this huge narrative advantage for industry in that process. One of the key
reasons was that the public just didn’t understand, or it hadn’t resonated fully
with them, the true urgency and danger of the climate threat. And I kind
of got curious about why that was. That kind of grew into my PhD
research, where I’m kind of looking at how corporations undermine climate
science or manufacture doubt around climate science, and how law might be
used to protect it. I was so excited to learn that I was awarded a Pierre
Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship. The award has made sure that
I can keep spreading my research, keep engaging with that public, keep kind of
being this public scholar. I love the research that I do and I think it’s so
important, but I know that maybe 300 or 400 people will read an article, a Law
Review article that I write, if I’m luck. And we just need to be reaching so many
more people on climate change, and making them feel hopeful, like they can
engage and that this is their fight. One of the things I’ve done is write a
hopeful climate fantasy trilogy, the Ava of the Gaia series. It’s
young adult novels, kind of for twelve and u. And it’s been so amazing to see
people, kind of just from all walks of life, engaging with those. You know,
they’re page-turning fiction. And in that same vein
I’ve been making a Hopeful Climate podcast, to kind of just recenter
the story away from the threat and the doom, which I think is very important and
I think we need to keep telling that story, but to center it on the the story
of humans who are doing the work in the climate fight.

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