30 Things with Whiz! | Pup Academy | Disney Channel

[dance music playing] Greetings, everyone.
I’m Whiz from Pup Academy.And here are 30 things
that define me.I love walking.Making new friends.Playing tag. You’re it!
[chuckles] Belly scratches.Quality time with my human.Eating healthy.Staying hydrated. Ahh.Good hygiene.[yawns] Waking up early.Wearing my school uniform.Oh! Front row seats.Intellectual debates.Vacuums are petrifying dogs
everywhere. [vacuum whirring] [sheep bleating] [screams]Only, I’m not so good
with sheep,
[chittering] [screams] or squirrels.[screams] Or fetchball.But I love well-ventilated
car rides.
Puzzles.Flying kites. [music playing]Ah, good music.[chuckles] Jumping in leaves.Chasing bubbles.Learning new languages. Meow, meow, meow.Astronomy. Wow! [yawning]Laying by the fireplace.Visualizing
my goals.
[chord plays]Playing piano.Meditating. Om.Reading.Meeting new humans.Rock collecting.And being the best sheepherder
my human could ever ask for.
And now you know my 30 things.

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