8 Best Jobs In Japan Without A College Degree (2020)

8 Best Jobs In Japan Without A College Degree (2020)

The university might be really tough for some people and for others it is impossible to attend because you need to spend three four years just to get a Bachelor degree and it’s still not an option for some people financially but in this video I’m going to share with you eight ways and to find a work without a university degree and Probably one of the famous and first one is being an English teacher yeah, there are a lot of options – for for this way of earning money Yeah in maybe in the short term. It’s pretty good way, and it’s almost near to the Salary when you start your work right after University um, but for some countries it is not possible to get a long term teaching job because of their nationality but I find it pretty interesting to start your work as a English teacher if you have a Some requirements like TOEFL exam or ILCs, it’s also a good thing and you can start earning more from that but of course, it’s not the best option for a long term in my opinion and Second one is IT specialist or technician for some startups and companies Mostly digital and they work on Websites and some software. So if you have a good skill on that, of course It’s you can earn a lot. But if you’re just a beginner and yeah, and probably it’s mostly like a part-time job, but It all depends on your skill, right? So that’s why I consider IT specialist as a good way If you have your own computer and you can start Providing value for companies and for some individuals by creating websites and services for them Yeah app developers also still increasing yeah, but In the future, I think AR and other services might increase More than two three times, so that’s why If you’re learning some programming, please continue that because in Japan it’s still a good and pretty high demand for for these kind of Specialists next one is service stuff Yeah, you know travel business in Japan is huge and if you want to work on that You might find some job offers in hotels or restaurants and You might start from just you know Small and and you can go to managers and you can still earn pretty good money and some people in Japan actually Just work on Like this kind of service jobs full-time yeah, and those provide a big value for tourists as well and Of course, you need a little bit of Japanese If you work on in kitchen, but when you do actual service Yeah, you need to speak fluent Japanese but mostly it’s not a one of the most you know important requirements for service business, but of course if you Know more you can earn more so that’s why Consider starting learning Japanese. It’s very important in Japan because no one really speaks in English, right next option is Translation work and by leveraging on your, you know, knowledge and language ability. You can actually start translating from Different languages – mmm Japanese or – English from your native language. So that’s why yeah, as I said tourism is still growing still booming in Japan and You know, the 2020 Olympic Games is near so that’s why just consider translation work as a Way to earn a little bit more cash But of course it can be your full-time job if you find a right person and right people to work with full-time, so that’s why I consider this as a pretty decent way to start your Career next one might be a little bit Tough, but it’s actually a good way to earn in Japan it’s actually a construction worker and Yeah It’s tough job, but you can earn starting from Hundred dollars in one day. So yeah they pay mostly hourly but if they see You are a good worker. You might get a better offer for that starting from 300 going to 500,000 yen around $4,500 you can be a construction worker and in the future you can grow to more specialists and You know a better way to be in a sustainable work environment third way to start your job in Japan is military personnel and it’s actually only for Americans because in Japan, they still have American base and and Yeah, it might be very interesting to learn about Japanese culture by You know staying up and settling in in Japan, but yeah, they might be some disadvantages you know, it’s a new culture but It’s a new place And sometimes you might face discrimination Because you work In a base, but you know, it’s it happens rarely so I don’t think you need to worry about that, but it’s an option, you know, if you work if you want to plan to Staying in Japan. It’s a good option. If you’re of course American next one is broker and Yeah, of course. You can start anywhere in the world but when you’re in this environment in Japan You might do more research and you might find more problems and more things to learn so that’s why I Find broker and those kind of financial schemes and financial stocks pretty interesting way to Start living in Japan. And if you’re good at finance, please consider being a broker mmm, yeah and If you’re already good at that why not to start your own business and the first one and probably best in my opinion is being entrepreneur, of course, it’s not for everyone and By being entrepreneur you’re responsible for almost everything if you fail and then your company fails and you know you basically have all those responsibilities but also there are a lot of chances of being entrepreneur in Japan even though There are a lot of requirements with visa and staying in Japan is pretty hard if you if you’re doing some Regular work from 9:00 to 5:00. Of course, you can get working visa, but for entrepreneurs they get different types of visa so that’s why it might be tough in the beginning but in the long term I think there are a lot of things that you might start in Japan and we’re also working on that and I will Keep you updated with news and things that we are doing and maybe we can be Partners in the future, who knows right? So that’s why I consider subscribing to my channel to find out more about saving making and Living in Japan and being financially independent So if you like this video, please subscribe If you’re still not subscribed and leave your comments, what other? Jobs, you might find in Japan Without a college degree Yeah, it might be tough. But you know, it’s your Journey, it’s your life. It’s your path. You don’t need to follow what everyone else does so that’s why please don’t really I don’t really recommend you to just follow your dreams, but Build up your wealth from the beginning and yeah, I see you in the next one. Bye. Bye

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  1. Hello doston, it was useful.It seemed to me that your english became less fluent due to you started to speak more in Japanese?

  2. Do you know whether it is true regarding teaching English in Japan – I heard you will need 3 years of teaching experience if you don't have a degree. Thanks in advance 🙂

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