Actuary Scholarship Essay that got me a $5,000 Scholarship

Actuary Scholarship Essay that got me a $5,000 Scholarship

During my actuary degree I was fortunate
enough to win two scholarships that helped pay for my actuarial education. Today I
wanted to share with you one of the two essays that I wrote to win one of the
two scholarships that I won if you want to hear the other essay you can let me
know in the comments down below the essay that I want to share today was the
second one that I wrote the second scholarship that I won. I won $5,000
which I know in the US might not be a lot but for me I was paying $2,000 a
semester for school so $5,000 covered a year of my university education which
was huge for me I don’t know how much weight was placed on the essay I was
also top of my class I had passed a few actuarial exams I had done a couple
internships and in rereading this scholarship essay before reading it out
loud to you I am seeing that I was quite the hyperbolic over exaggerating
dramatic kind of writer back in the day I still am but oh okay this is a real
cringe but I think it could be helpful maybe if you guys are trying to apply
for actuarial scholarships too : I never expected to spend the first two weeks of
my first actuarial internship locked in a bathroom stall bawling my eyes out but
that’s exactly what happened admittedly I didn’t spend all my time
crying but even a few minutes a day is more than I should have
needless to say I’m not proud of how it all started it was my chance to try out
my chosen career and instead of diving into new experiences I was overwhelmed
and terrified once the initial shock wore off I tried to get my head above
water but all I felt was useless as part of my job I worked in SAS to collect and
analyze information endless hours were spent screaming in my head at the computer
and asking people around me for help I have never asked so many questions in my
entire life I would go home at the end of the day and imagine how my future
self would reflect on this period of my life I settled on it being a very
humbling experience as someone who is normally a very quick learner SAS isn’t
something that can be mastered in a day at least not for me and this was a very
valuable life lesson this real-time analysis of my internship helped provide
me with some perspective eventually I got the hang of programming
and stopped needing to ask questions every 30 seconds the proudest moment of
my internship was during my final evaluation with my supervisor he wrote
that he saw incredible improvement over the four months and that was the biggest
compliment I could have gotten he didn’t know it but he inspired a complete
psychological turnaround in my life I love that internship more ambitious than
ever I had a whole new way to look at life instead of aspiring to excel I now
aspired for continuous and visible self improvement I started by watching hours
of TED Talks I listened to every word gaining perspective from their diverse
life experiences often when a talk inspired me I would try to find a book
written by the speaker and get lost in their wisdom if nothing else these
people provided me with an interesting story but I always tried to find the
lesson a domino effect followed suddenly I was craving different perspectives all
I wanted was to learn new things just for the sake of learning
I knew that school and internships would train me to be an actuary I wanted to
find something that would complement my personality I wanted to have stories
about more than just mathematics so I signed up for an adult ballet class it was
the best decision I’ve ever made even though ballet cannot directly help
me grow as an actuary it makes me a happier and healthier person which
translates to the rest of my life never in my life have I been more certain that
I want to be an actuary despite a painful start to a first internship I
work every day to prove to myself that I can do it I have already passed four
preliminary actuarial exams with the intention to write the final one in
February 2014 I am currently one month into my second
actuarial internship and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person
than it was the first time around I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to
be in life and that’s a beautiful thing I don’t know where my actuarial career
is gonna take me but I’m optimistic so so yeah that was my essay I don’t want
to go into a full-on dissection and analysis of what I was trying to achieve
with each line in my essay I just think that sometimes having an example of
something that someone else wrote could be potentially helpful for you or maybe
not I don’t know you can let me know if you hate it in the comments down below
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want me to do another video reading out the first scholarship essay that I wrote
that won me a different scholarship that essay was also cringe had a
different theme had a different perspective thank you for calling byeee

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  1. I think it was a pretty good essay. Everyone has to find their live turning points. Normally those turning points don't come when times are good and easy. I like watching your videos as it gives good insight to things that I can do better in my pursuit of an Actuarial career. Thanks for the example!

  2. Great video as usual, I watch you from Honduras, on my way to take my first test (P). I want to become an ASA of the SOA, currently just 12 registered Actuaries in my country, and only paper based test. Your channel has been very useful, thanks!

  3. Wow, so not only are you a top tier student and the Queen of Exams, you are also a decent writer. I was expecting a story riddled with cliches and a Mary Sue protagonist but it felt genuine. It took guts admitting that you were crying in the bathroom stall and including a unrelated hobby (ballet) in your essay.

  4. I found your channel yesterday. I am watching all your videos now. very helpful for me as a person who just started learning about this possible future career 🙂

  5. I just found your channel! I loved!! I’m Brazilian and I did actuarial science in my country, now I want to do my first soa exam (FM), could you give us tips about material, questions..?
    Thanks for your videos, they’re awesome!!!

  6. Heey,

    Thanks a lot for this amazing video!

    Can I reach you somehow, maybe email? I have one super important question to ask 🙂

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