An Exclusive Look Into the Class of 2019 – Leadership Academy for Poland

My experience has been extraordinary it has been very opening telling me who I am and how there is no such thing as personal life versus professional life there is just one life The biggest surprise of the Academy was the openness and honesty of the attendees and the professors I think it’s really an amazing and working methodology that allows you precisely to stay in and out at the same time That’s not the way how leadership is usually taught The biggest surprise for me was not even the programme and the way it’s designed but how it had a strong influence on me I really realized only when I attended the Academy how much I needed it We had a number of moments when we had this “aha” or “wow” I never thought about that experience so, it’s great One of the things that really strikes me is how, what a wonderful job the people at The Academy do at gathering a very rich representative group of people from different industry groups there is NGOs, there is government there is industry, all kinds of different industries represented The group in this edition is unbelievably vibrant the energy that is being build is unbelievable What I like in my group is that I had nobody that I had anything in common with we had to look for understanding from 40 completely different people after few days only here we have already created a network this is absolutely the most amazing outcome of the Academy creating a network of amazing great, powerful people I feel this support and this is the strength of what we experience We have to put time and energy into helping other people learn that’s what the Leadership Academy for Poland does so well and I think what a unique contribution of the Academy is to equip people who are gonna end up in leadership positions to not just approach everything as a problem to be solved but to equip them with the tools to mobilize all the stakeholders and then galvanize them into action There is no roadmap for this there is no neat plan for that that’s the work of leadership It’s a fabulous experience I hope I get to do it every year for the rest of my life I’m truly in love with this group

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