Best College Football Coaches

the best college football coaches up
2013 or at least as we have seen in the last
twenty years or so true harder is twiddling his thumbs because he is so
into the subject to you course play football at The Ohio State University I hate saying that the so number one to
no surprise the man going for the three peat Nick
save it now he has introduced so many incredible things
especially on defense yet they are so incredibly simplistic is coaching tree is outta this world Jimbo Fisher Derek
Dooley whose it will must change I mean these
are big division 1 coach something to these at Tennessee anymore market audio is another one at
Michigan State I mean these are guys if we’re just going up the coaching tree
it certainly impressive but he’s also a a a great is a great cup is a great
college coach great college girl yes the course will
this is college football yes greathouse coach and I mean he is a joke gonna and the
Alabama they have mean I really besides the how state I don’t really see other
teams really competing with Alabama this year for 3p
now it’s been an eighth its really really amazing how he’s me
that team you know such such a great team in year
by year they if things get better yes they’re they’re creating and you
know his recruiting is is by far pride when the is always top
top three top-five in country years basically what happened to the big save
it record the show that the defensive players your put in a good but not great quarterback guy who is managed a game manager yes
always about having the game manager which is sometimes people forget though is what they’d
athletic guy with a big arm they could do but he K man is a game-high 11 feet he
worked under bill will check with the Browns seeded your head as the pipeline to oust the
two sources he was there for like alright I’ll say most cocaine obviously
is greater the weather was it the second guy who was the coach at Ohio
State Urban Meyer now in force with poor schools overall 1 16 and 23 to
undefeated seasons from 2005-2010 however here’s the reason he
is not great is because he had 31 players arrested
now I’m not in favor that however that’s why I don’t think Urban
Meyer is great I think he would no offense I think he would absolutely up let anything happen with any college
football player not like Aaron Hernandez ask but like a level below that certainly extreme to
cover up his football program so with that Avenue thought I’m sexy is
not great well that’s it now if we’re going to stop
games yeah I will these games and I mean we descend into their house they’d recently with the the running back
either side get a kick that i mean he was instantly suspended from the team so is that like you know he’s we feel like sometimes the I don’t know
all the are what happened to all the other arrested what kids do but there’s only so much you can do for
control at: you know I might have that Cook from the New York
Times aggravated stalking domestic violence by strangle is a
strangulation strangulation and all the stragglers
that they say aggravated assault burglary larceny fraudulent use a credit cards and this
is according to the New York Times most of the cases never
went to trial the Chargers having been dropped or
pleaded that is so much she could do to control your
players I mean I don’t know if they even if you recruit the best play some
sometimes the same players are doing dumb stuff dumb shit and i’ve seen enough my day that you kinda like coaches a coaches
their coat and coaches can’t be a father figure they’re still trying to be give it a right or wrong kids they do
wrong Chris Petersen is number three and I believe this is a mandel’s list on Sports Illustrated a
he went undefeated in 2010 he inherited a program that really wasn’t great I think their best
finish was 12th prior to the Chris Peterson Air and he completely turned around a small
school that small school but a team that many
didn’t know or if they did they only knew that they
had a blue field and now they are you could easily say not a
powerhouse but they’re certainly a great great football program at least
from what he’s put into is eight years have work at the school he’s
great as a coach yes but I once ever say their powerhouse ever would you say they
are now that he’s turned they were above-average their a are still above
every a I’ll come so I don’t think that was a
really play somebody there will really get smacked in the mouth like and really played Oklahoma but Oklahoma
UPS like I said when they’ve they play a really hearty at when they’re good at the time
by Oklahoma wasn’t best was in a great own little wasn’t
deserving the Fiesta Bowl their are you ok Oklahoma was as good as
their past its what else is there to do hit the winner a national ship they gotta get there
first with the BCS exact now they have a better chance now this is Charles Edward
like it’s like because really I mean when they were
hazard I don’t feel they should play some day at a conference schedule then
the way they don’t I mean ever played anybody big at a
conference all right number four on Sports Illustrated’s list Gary Patterson in 2010 the Horned Frogs
went undefeated of course the TCU to BCS appearances he won the Rose Bowl
they now move to the Big 12 big jump for them issue but they went
7-6 so I mean what if they’re Gary Patterson
the number four on medals list I think he a he’ll be okay I love the fellow TCU in they move to better conference and
recruiting is there’ll be a lot easier when they’re in
big 12 house upbeat just the fact that I think as recruit you kinda get owners you get Solon who else you play
you know each year you know I would house the like or we
could think about if I was I recruited by I guess it’s a smaller
schools in a highly Bowling Green against the like ok if they can state Bill Snyder he coached from 1989 to 2005 at Kansas State he is seventy three
years old I believe his coaching tree also announced Mark
Mangino former co 2 Kansas who had to keep to
leave on Kansas and Bob Stoops Mike Stoops Urban Meyer Bret Bielema that’s pretty damn good
those who say those to be even exist as well as ever Meyer also high on sorry to say that apps with and say why I were everywhere
employed Carter alright yeah but now he’s a great coach you know he’s been around a long time
I’m great mind for what i’ve seen he’s made
their program you know known for for many years yeah
is the thing and when he went away they struggle instantly yeah like so you can release
tell the difference between a good coach and a great coach and i think is a great

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