Celebrities in College: Akshay Kumar | TVF

Celebrities in College: Akshay Kumar | TVF

Ayee… Yo. This is Akshay Kumar. House no.1180,
Madan Gopal, Paratha Lane. Delhi-06 Who is Akshay Kumar? In your ID, it is written Rajiv Bhatia. Hey, stop teaching your father.
Open the door. I will jump and go. Hey. Hey. What’s wrong Sunil? Why are you making such sounds
outside principal’s office. Why are you scared? -Actually I have come to plead in front of principal sir
-Why? Same old principal’s disease. He deducted my practical marks. Whose notes are these? These are chemistry notes. -Chemistry?
-Yes. -And how many are there in your bag?
-Two more. Idiot, you already have notes to study. -But you can’t give.
-Hey, Raju. You better leave the money. I have kept it to purchase bangles
for my girlfriend Anjali. There are “Backs” written on your notes. -What are you saying?
-And on this note… ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai.’ Idiot! Stop laughing. Such notes can save you from getting bad
marks and low placement during placement. And you can save your
time in making such notes. It is better you eat mango
rather making such sounds. I’ll just have and come. -Hold my cycle, idiot. Hold my cycle.
-Earth is my mother. I will have to study a lot
since exams are coming. Brother, you daily get up at 4.30 am.
Please wake us up too. So that I can make chits with a group. Everyone knows that
I get up at 4.30. But I again sleep
at 4:35 after peeing. This no one knows. Finally I got a call. Yes, baby. Yes. We will watch two movies back to back. Yeah. In any near by cinema house. Two films back to back? Where is he getting
so much money from? He smokes cigarette on credit. He is busy giving kisses. Disconnected my call. Hey, Vindu. Make one cutting cappuccino. Hey, Raju. Tell me one thing. You are so handsome,
sexy and yo have so many girl friends, Idiot, why don’t you have tea in cafe. Why you always have tea here? Babu Bhaiya, I am used to it now. There was a time when I used to be single. But then I got committed
within one night. Like this. You made a girl friend in one night. How? By showing four movies in one week. Four movies? I have got a new scheme. For movie lovers. -Name of the scheme is Paytm movie pass.
-Paytm Movie Pass? Go shout out loud and tell
everyone about the scheme. Give me your phone. Don’t run away with my phone. See this. Paytm Movie Pass. This is for movie lovers like us. Here you can watch four movies and
in return you get 400 cashback. And with that you can
purchase more movie tickets. See this. I’ll do it for you. Wow. You have got cashback also. Your two tickets are booked. Go. Go with your girl friend. Raju bhaiya, thank you. -I hope its the corner seat.
-Yes. Corner one. Go. It’s going to be so much fun. One minute, bhaiya. I don’t have any girl friend. You just go from here. Just go. Babu bhaiya, stop chilling with him. He himself will die single and
he will take along with you. Hey, you please go. I don’t understand what fun does Akshay
brother, get, in cutting someone else’s role. He cut your’s too? Hey, you guys! Why are you without drinks? You want on the ‘On the rocks or neat?’ Bhaiya, since you have stolen ice from
freezer then let’s have ‘On the rocks.’ You dwarf, just look at your height. You have this hot milk with ‘On the rocks -Where are the girls?
-Patriotism. Cocktail. Huh? From where does this sound coming from? You are sitting here and urinating.
Raveena is coming. I haven’t sat down to pee yet. I’ll go and get pineapple juice.‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’Hey, baby! Raveena.
Kardo Mushkil Jeena.Tell me what should I bring for you?
Beer orMojeeto-You mean Mojito?
-Yes. Since when you started
having such fancy drinks? huh? I think this is your attempt
to impress one of us. Right? But please don’t. Because your room, your party… …you guys suck. How dare you… …invite us on this shithole? Even my dog won’t stay here. I felt bad… …because I wasn’t
going to get sex tonight. But why are you sad? You any which ways didn’t had any chance. Anyways, Come. Let’s tell them about
the legacy of boys hostel. Wear your specs. Idiot. Hold this. Greetings. Being single,
we bow down to girls in this way. And let me tell you that by staying here, Bear Grylls had learned wildlife survival Only by eating food from the mess. Such a place where the Mechanical guy
drunk calls a CS girl. That CS girl, who is stuck with an Electronic guy. That electronic guy from whom I’ve taken a puff and giving a speech now. You might not even know… that whatever you
abuse in frustration it was invented inside these four walls. LikeGaandubecameAsshole.ChutiyabecameFucker.AndLaudiyanbecameLaudiyanonly. You came to our hostel and insulted us,
but still we are standing by joining hands, because you are a girl and we are perverts. We don’t have any self respect. Greetings. Akshay brother, you are
giving so much knowledge on boys hostel but you yourself
stay in Canada Heights PG. Chotu has started catching
small things. Idiot. Today let’s bang his head. Miracle. Miracle. Are you going to
kill an innocent?

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  1. "Bhaiya aap boys hostel par itna gyaan pel rhe he aur kudh Canada's hit pg me rehte he"😂😂😂

    Fake patriotism

  2. बहुत मुश्किल था पर आसानी से किरदार निभाया

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