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Listen, Delhi- -Mechanical Engineering College’s students! Let’s all bunk our classes. Arwind, Anna Sir made
you the class rep yesterday and now you want to bunk
and break his trust in you? Yogender, don’t try to make too much sense Manish,remove him from the Whatsapp
group for tonight’s party. Who are we? We’re the common
students of this nation. What do common students need? To see a few pretty girls…
Pass our time at the canteen. Sip some tea…
Eat some Cheese Maggi… Share a couple of memes
of Radhika Apte… When do we do this
if not now? Who’s going to do all this, if we all go
to class now? Come on now,
let’s go to Jantar Mantar… – Let’s all go to Jantar Mantar! Hip!Hip!
– Hurray! – Hip! Hip!
– Hurray! Have you not added ginger in this tea?
You’re even corrupting the tea? Is this the tea you’ll serve your family? Is this the tea you’ll serve Dimple? Akhilesh dear, didn’t you
add ginger to the tea? I added ginger and the other things
as well. Is It? Even my son says he’s put
everything in it. What do you mean by that?
This common student is lying? Am I lying? You have no idea about the strength
of the common student. They’re very lazy! They’ll break into your store. We’ll sit right here till we get good tea.
We’ll be right here! Come on, everyone.
Sit down! You found only my shop
for all this? Let’s begin! – Stars should be present in the sky!
– Ginger should be present in the Chai! – Stars should be present in the sky!
– Ginger should be present in the Chai! – French should be present in the fries!
– Ginger should be present in the Chai! I have not sat behind a
girl for three days now I haven’t been feeling
well because of that We have so many guys in mechanical
but just 2 girls! There’s such a long wait here that common students like us
never get a chance! Hence, being the CR,
I hereby pass the Odd-Even rule. On odd days only the odd roll number guys
and on even days the even ones will sit behind girls. Okay? Where you going though? It’s the 1st today and your roll number
is 2. Is that so? I’ll raise my voice against this then…
I’ll go talk to the admin. I’ll fool around in the canteen
and go. Hold on… What do mean you won’t give me credit
till I pay the prior dues? We’re common students. A common student first pays his education
loan after his placement and then treats his friends then pays his canteen dues last. I can’t give it. Arwind sir! The student union president Modi
has told me to stop all student credits. He says that he won’t take it
and neither will he let anyone else do so. That’s the scam! Who’s going to investigate all this?
Who is? How will poor students like us survive? We’re not rich,
how will we survive? Come on, let’s go
and protest outside his class…. There’s no use, Modi’s gone to China
on a student exchange program. Really? Can you check if he can get me a Chinese
phone, one with monster speakers? I’ll transfer money through the BHIM app Okay, I’ll ask him.. Ask him… Find out Bro, girls are always
won over by guitarists So we’re there just for recharges,
assignments and so they friendzone us? Arwind, listen to my poem… “Every guy in the prospectus” “Every guy in the prospectus” “had a hot chick next to him” He’s got it on point! Till when should I keep filling your
shampoo bottle in the name of good days? They keep saying we’ll see good days,
but what about good nights? What about good nights? Bro, should we try Tinder? Don’t do that!
I went on a date and spent 2500 bucks. I didn’t even get to first base with that. Spent the night doing self service You don’t worry, we’ll head to
girl’s college close by and hit on girls. Yes, sir. However, to speak to those girls, we’ll
need a revolution (Kranti) in our group. We’ll have it Listen, Kranti, Sonia, Mamta and Sushma… Even our common students’ party
is quite happening! There is no nepotism or
opportunism in our parties We just have one rule in our party. ‘Puff…puff…pass’ But Rahul from the NRI quota says you don’t
even score your own weed Hold on! Are you talking about
our teacher’s son, Rahul? He’s the naughtiest guy! He tells me to buy about 2 kgs of potatoes
’cause he’s made a machine that takes in potatoes and gives out gold. I went to the market
and bought potatoes. He made fries out of them all and ate
it up himself. That’s the guy he is! Last night, he smoked our stuff
and fooled around. But everything is on the house
at his party. We just need to bring cold drinks
and ice. You just have to bring
2 rolling papers to our party. That’s all you need. Getting permission for a night out from
our LG is super difficult though… I’ll talk to your local guardian. I’ve picked many fights with LG Listen to me students of Delhi College
of Mechanical Engineering… I couldn’t bring girls today… Hence, I am resigning from my post
of being a CR. But I will be the president
of the student union! I’ll install Wifi in all
the hostels around! All day.
Just for porn and PUBG. Not for any other crap. And all the cameras in hostel corridors will be taken away. You can continue to have fun
anywhere then! I’ll pass the Ombudsman Bill.
So we keep buddies around. Pass it… Manish, this is almost over.
Roll more, please. But bro, we’ll have to crush then… Do it then! Do it! When I would tell you I’d do it,
you’d stop me and say you would! Now when I’m telling you to do it,
you’re saying you can’t crush it! Do it if you have to! Do I look like a fool? Once there are ready made joints
there won’t be a place for you, Manish! Made my life hell these past
two and a half minutes! Everyone’s going nuts! I’m an idiot, am I?
An animal? I enjoy rolling with my spit, you think? Am I nuts? Come out soon everyone, Amit is coming! I subscribed to his channel.
He must be coming to thank me. Not Bhadana!
Amit Shah is coming! Hide the stash! Hide the stash!

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