Charlie Hurt reacts to AOC calling Electoral College a racist ‘scam’

Charlie Hurt reacts to AOC calling Electoral College a racist ‘scam’

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  1. Blowing a fart is racist to A.O.C. Im glad she will be gone after the November election. Her district cant be that stupid to vote her in again. Or are they?

  2. Aoc has got to be the stupidest moron in Congress hands down. Her handlers can only get her to remember a few sentences at a time

  3. Like Trump said we will never be a socialist nation! He’s right, and we the citizens of America will never let that happen.

  4. Every time AOC is in the news. It’s not good. When will the far left relies that she is “far wrong” lol. Time to get her out of the house.

  5. What do you think of an individual that knows the communist Manifesto more then.our US Constitution. AOC is an illiterate moron, ask.her the three branches of government.

  6. Federal Transportation commissioner has illegally made broad band Federal emissions laws that the States cannot opt out of?? That is in direct conflict with the Constitution. And Federal power! I like Trump but he has increased Federal power.

  7. Check my facts but her district is like 10000 people?? And 4% voted? Thats 400 voted…and SHE is the leader of the world now…please

  8. AOC wants to get rid of the Electoral College. Rumor has it she wants to organize a protest on the College's campus. She's searching Google for the address.

  9. She belongs in a body bag with the rest of the democrats in congress. The reason third world countries are Schiff holes are because of the people who live there.

  10. where are the petitions to oust all these wicked leaders anti americans? where do I sign ? what about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. SEE VID INTERNECINE.GREAT MOVIE EXPLAINS OUR POLITICS TODAY

  11. Question is for her real quick should be asked which is more important the dripping faucet in the bathroom or the fire that's going on in the kitchen which one is more important??

  12. For America to get fixed and stay fixed we need the Wall finished and for the Dems to get their
    a$$ kicked about 8 or 10 more times. 🇺🇸

  13. I love when a millennial comments about other millenials like they're not one. If anything it's also alot of the zoomers that want all the free crap and think it's the greatest thing ever.

  14. AOC- is the fault of leadership on the RIGHT… not the left.
    They've had every opportunity to combat this insanely mindless little girl, who just happened to win a 'jobs lottery', and for some reason, they just won't do it. I LOVE Dan Bongino.. but at some point he's going to have to realize that they can't convert the lost by just preaching to the choir all day. Just sitting there on FOX, agreeing with each other is not going to get the job done.
    If leadership on the right ever gets serious about fighting back and taking us out of the react mode all the time.. this fiercely stupid little brat will become the ultimate 'non-issue' and thing of the past. Get Serious about the message, conservatives! The left has figured out a way to disseminate THEIR godless propaganda.. and you can too.

  15. I used to feel electoral college was bad. Now I feel it protects rural America from citiots. The voice and will of entire states would be obliterated by the locusts of the cities.

  16. The racist scam elected a black president twice, a president who abused his power by saying he would not sign a budget unless it gave him what he wanted. He was willing to shut the country down to get his way. That is abuse of power. Someone needs to call the AOC and the squad out for what they are.

  17. "Be quiet Donkey!" Where is Shrek to tell Do key not to speak while the adults are talking. Donkey is too stupid to u derstand the electoral college, so why pay attention to it?

  18. That first idiot who opened his mouth. Like Torel college was not to give power back to the states that was done by the constitution. Electoral college was protect state like mine North Dakota a little tiny state against a big state like let’s see Minnesota right next to me.

  19. All this nonsense just because Hillary lost on 2016 …… Hillary behind this agenda ?? Now look now these people want to buy presidential elections. The framers are turning on there graves .

  20. Electoral college is rooted in a little thing known as the Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise between big states and small states, which allowed the colonies to go forward with our Constitution. But, hey don’t let the work and compromise of our founding fathers get in the way of your desires.

  21. What do you expect, she was elected as a 28 year old bartender, promising free everything for everyone and has delivered absolutely nothing.

  22. When will she be called out for her racism? She is just continually proving my point that Hispanics are the most racist group of all

  23. Ocasiocan onlyconnect withher be grade be mañtality.
    Educated folks runright by her.These Dems think They own The country.! Texas wi not be stand by . And take the dems crap they by throw out !
    All the folks who voted for these idiots socialist..Should
    Hold hands with these Dems!
    And jump into a Moscow putting rule town over in Russia .keep them selves there. Not enter our country .Because they have a Treasonous be heart !

  24. It's getting to the point that the racist thing is ludecris. you don't like cotton sheets , you're racist, your neighbor get on your case to mow your grass and clean up your trash he's of german decent you're british, he's racist, you don't care for italian food, so then you hate italians, you're racist when is this crap going to end, my point is with AOC when she goes into brain freeze on an issue because she to stupid to come up with facts based on truth , you're racist

  25. The popular vote is a total scam , to easy to manipulate . The countries vote counts , not just the loaded boarder states .

  26. Everything to them is racist & the fabric of our country has been ripped apart
    Way too much PC as well as participation trophies
    A.o.c.'s stupidity is showing

  27. There's no more Democratic values these people are socialists. If Americans start applying to get a free house food and medical , well dems socialists Americans will have to wait until they finish giving freebies to undocumented socialist their countries are socialists go back home and claim your house. Go back home hey Cortez for president of Puerto Rico.

  28. Democrats only buy their votes through benefits or programs doled out and being paid for by the legal tax paying citizens of the USA. They have nothing positive to offer or say about the country or the legal US citizens who pay all these taxes from their job income. There should be a law that only allows people who work and pay taxes to vote in elections…since the Democrats are presently buying most of the votes they receive.

  29. Anyone who cries racism that much is probably a racist themselves or just that ignorant but in her case i believe her to be both.. stop spreading hate and ignorance AOC

  30. She doesn't even know the prosses of the electoral college. She's just a loud mouthed idiot and we need to stop propping her stupidity up.

  31. It's truly amazing how someone that lacks the basic knowledge required to hold a position of government actually holds a position in government!! Wow!

  32. These Dems need to read a book about the Constitution so they can understand why the Electorisl College was created. She's very uninformed.

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