College Decision Reactions (Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, UPenn, UChicago, Princeton, etc.) 2019

College Decision Reactions (Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, UPenn, UChicago, Princeton, etc.) 2019

Making a bagel while I wait for Sima to open my decisions Georgetown’s snail mail, so we’re gonna open a paper letter, which already came. I haven’t seen it yet And UChicago is through their online portal and they tweeted about an hour ago that they released them But I haven’t logged on yet or anything Yeah So Patti York’s too hard for this thank you. Mmm Oh Exciting on that work girl. Well that work Yeah, this is this I Think it’s gonna give me a second. I don’t think I’ll find out. Oh, okay. Here we go. Yeah You update all right new place your confirmation reposted. Okay. You should cog up get in your shaking man Uh-oh, deferred. Yeah, it’s deferred. That’s okay. Okay, that’s right. Yeah, that’s fine. That’s fine a Little bit nervous all day. I can’t nothing I can change the outcome or anything But I just I just want to know and the fact that this day’s here. I mean to dramatize it It’s kind of a big deal. Like I’ve been working towards knowing this these results for such a long time So it’s just kind of the barrier machine not knowing and knowing it’s being crossed That’s that I’m more emotional about finding out and I really hope I get into these schools, you know, like one or more I already got into amazing school Georgetown. So I’m really lucky and this is just another step in that journey almost the final one And it won’t go up right away, this is Princeton, oh my god Okay, this is a crazy Like friends nothing. Yeah Like enjoy this okay before you know, just like close science a little bit. Yeah. I love that present moment I’m glad you guys are here my family All right. Here we go Here you go honey. It’s okay Projected your problem, it’s okay. Okay. Okay. All right. That’s all right Okay, okay Okay, nothing says here we go. Yeah Like supply on the video like that one. No, yeah Oh Welcome to My god Okay That’s Harvard, okay Here we go Hey, all right take a breath take a breath. Oh Oh, I got in the waitlist, I think that way actually yeah I got in the waitlist damn way. That’s right That’s great Wow. Okay, when would you when will you know? Probably after May 1st, which is like the commitment date. Okay, like it’s kind of like okay. Yeah, that’s okay. It says Outstanding achievements in progress. Like I said 43,000 applicants applied. Okay. Yeah. Oh Okay, that’s good. Hold are good. Oh my god, that’s crazy So that’s so grand no, I knew it’d get like at least weightless All right. Here we go, Berkeley, okay Wow, so, how do you it’s so proud of you, honey? The first one was the worst one the rejection oh my god. Oh my god Wait, listen Harvard and Stanford

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  1. Congrats!

    But also, damn…and I was excited just to get into The University of Tulsa and The University of Oklahoma. :')

  2. Hi Hannah! Congrats on your Yale decision! I'm working on a commercial that features some huge moments in life (college, new car, weddings, first house, etc). Would you and your parents be interested in submitting this video for consideration? I think your reactions are amazing! Please shoot me an email to [email protected] Thank you!

  3. Gee amount of videos for college at my age is making me unhealthy ……..

    Likl graduate HS in like 2024…. Bruh moment

  4. Love the interior of your house! Super cool taste. Btw huge congrats on getting into these colleges. I'm applying this year;)

  5. Omg I’m so happy for you! You are smart and beautiful and will be so successful in life! You are the best of the best! You go girl!

  6. bruh for the yale one it would have been the ultimate troll if right after “congratulations” it went “sike you have referred”😭

  7. I really dont understand why everyone always freaks out when they get acepted in a college I mean is it so hard to get into a college like Yale or something like that? xD Sorry I'm from Germany and we dont have colleges here. Well we do have universitys but if you aren't stupid af you can enter every university you want xD

  8. This is the third time writing this lol…..this family is the most supportive family I have ever witnessed. They make my heart happy

  9. I am sitting here crying to this video because I may not know you but I am so proud of you for getting into these schools you're going to go so far! One of the best videos I have ever seen on YouTube

  10. I have free college education in my country so i will never experience something like this. Congrats on the ones you got in!!

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