College Dropout

College Dropout

Hey guys, so recently I’ve had a few
messages across various websites asking me if I’ve dropped out of university Well, kind of. I’ve taken a year out. Why? Well, [Crying Noises] But how did I arrived at that mental
breakdown? Basically, I’ve spent the last year feeling
constantly down because I’ve been having this permanent existential crisis Why are you sad, Dan? Because I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Well, you’re at university, aren’t you, so you don’t think about that for another two years But what then, Phil? What then? And no matter what was
happening in my life I couldn’t stop dwelling in this spiraling vortex of
unfulfilled dreams hey Dan, there’s new episode of Pokémon out Pikachu doesn’t understand my pain. I wish I could just die. and die. I essentially thought that if I spent
the next two years of my life at university I would be giving up on all of my dreams and I would be condemning myself to a life of boringness I can’t bothered to live but then I
found out that if I wanted to stay in university I had to resit one of my
exams in August So having spent the entire summer
doing equal amounts of eating gaming, internetting, being a prat, and
nothing I had again left all of my revision to literally the night before
the retake and there I was, the moment this had all been building up to Ok, right. it’s 11pm, exam in 10 hours, time to do some cramming [laughing] [heavier laughing] whilst contractual obligations… [muttering] I’m having so much fun Come on, Dan, revise. Okay, per paragraph 26 from Rebecca… [muttering] [hearty laughing] [muttering continues] Ok, right, reasonable reliance, reliance by the customer is relevant to- [Phil’s exaggerated laughter] The mortgage, it will probably rely on the
evaluation knowing both… [Continued Laughter] … the purchaser has, in effect, paid for the evaluation is under a duty… [becoming more frantic] … to exercise reasonable skill and care… [Intense, exaggerated laughter] [Frantic legal reading continues] I’m not doing it. What? I’m not gonna do it. What? No one can make me do it. Dan, what you on about? That’s it. I’m not going. Dan, I’ve had enough! I don’t care anymore What aren’t you going to? My exam. What do you mean? I’m not going. Dan, you have to go to your resit. Not if I don’t give a fucking fuck anymore,
I don’t. [Crying] Well, hows about I get you some chocolate. Okay. So, I finally realized that there’s no
point being constantly depressed about your life unless you actually try to do
what you want. So here I am. I’ve taken a year out from uni
and next august I can take the exam again and decide whether I want to go
back to uni or not I mean my mum totally agreed, it’s better
to have a midlife crisis when you’re still a teenager then when you’re 50 and
it’s too late So this is the year. From now on,
I can start making good videos more often. I can think about what i want to
do with my life, I can take up piano lessons again and, yeah, it’s going to be
great. I wonder why my neck hurts so much. [Singing] ‘Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart Yeah, that’s right, now who’s getting tea
bagged? 24, 25 You know, I’m sure I forgot
something. Oh, fu- Also, I’ve got some exciting news which is
gonna sound random as hell but me and Phil have been given a show on BBC radio
1 on christmas day for two hours [Radio clip plays] AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire on BBC radio 1. They escaped from the internet and climbed into your ears. and yep that’s all I can say for now but that is going to be pretty epic also if you don’t follow me on Twitter
Facebook Tumblr and you aren’t subscribed to Phil then you might not know that
me and Phil have been doing a show on aliens and the paranormal called the
super amazing project yep go to we upload a new episode every monday and it’s awesome so go
check it out see you guys keep smiling and stuff

100 Replies to “College Dropout”

  1. Phil is such a good friend. Imagine having to do all the humiliating things he did for dan in this video. If anyone actually saw him, they'd think he was insane.

  2. I find it funny that he didn't know what was going to happen in the future when he played it out pretty clearly right here.

  3. “I’ve taken a year out” yeah okay Dan it’s 2019 and as far as we know you haven’t gone back (unless during the hiatus you’ve decided to go back👀)

  4. I have a friend like Phil. She’s in Oklahoma and I can only talk to her on the phone. We haven’t seen each other face to face (unless you count FaceTime) in 5 months

  5. "a year"

    Not that I'm complaining, i don't know if we'd all have made it to 2019 if you weren't making videos

    also what am i doing watching this is 2019???

  6. How can you leave all your revision to the last night? How!? I mean, I didn’t revise, like AT ALL, for my GCSEs (the last set of exams I did) but I still managed to do what little revision I did a week before the exams. Even then, I only did about 4 hours of revision in the entire 3 years of GCSE revision.

  7. Well this hits differently… because now I'm in university and I can relate in part to this (at least I'm about to finish my undergrad and I've placed my hopes in my master's degree)

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