– Think that’s gonna be
the most upset point given in FBE history. – If you were to Shazam
that first second, 45 different songs
would pop up. – ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’ve got
a challenge for you. – Oh no.
What’s the challenge? – (FBE) We’re gonna play
you part of a song. The person who guesses
the song title and artist correctly gets a point.
The person with the most points
at the end of the challenge wins. – Okay.
– I did well in this last time. Let’s see if I can have
a repeat performance. – Okay.
I like music, so let’s do it. – I’ve always wanted
to do this and I know I’m gonna suck at it.
– I’m so excited. The last time there was
a button involved, Ali won completely.
I lost. – I got this.
– She’s a big music fan. I’ve seen you on
the reacts and she always knows about hip hop and rap.
– That’s all I do is go to music festivals. – Have you ever won
one of these? – No.
– Me neither! Perfect! – (FBE) Here’s the first
second of your first song. – ♪ (synth drums) ♪ – I have no idea.
– No idea. – ♪ (synth drums) ♪
– In My Feelings, Drake. – (buzzer)
– Wait, no, wait! I know what it is now.
– It’s Drake and it’s– [bleep], it’s the one where
it’s empowering women. Nice For What.
– Damn it. – Yes!
Well you’re gonna be in your feelings now
that you’re losing. – Do You Love Me?
Is that the song? What’s the song title?
– Can I? Nice For What.
– (FBE) By? – Drake.
– Ah, dude. I would have never
got that song title. – You got that quick button. – Yah, okay.
That was fast. You saw that?
Okay. This is Nice For What
by Drake. – What? – ♪ Everybody ♪ – There’s no way I’m
gonna get this. – I was way off.
– Oh my gosh. – It’s a rapper.
– I have a feeling I know who it sounds like.
You’re gonna have to play the whole song. – (FBE) Let’s go to six seconds.
– ♪ Everybody get your ♪ ♪ Mother [bleep] roll on ♪
– Definitely Drake. – ♪ And she doesn’t want
no slow song ♪ – I don’t know.
Drake, Slow Song. – (buzzer)
– Just all the lyrics. Drake, (mumbling).
– Drake, In My Feelings. That’s the only Drake song
I know. – (FBE) Here’s fifteen seconds.
– Okay. – ♪ Everybody get your
mother [bleep] roll on ♪ ♪ I know shorty and she
doesn’t want no slow song ♪ ♪ Had a man last year,
life goes on ♪ ♪ Haven’t let that thing loose,
girl, in so long ♪ ♪ You’ve been inside,
know you like to lay low ♪ ♪ I’ve been peeping what
you bringing to the table ♪ – Oh my gosh.
– Okay, I understand why people like Drake, though.
Drake, Lay Low. – (buzzer)
– Wow. – I don’t know Drake.
Doesn’t have a title. – (buzzer)
– I’m just kidding. – (FBE) So, this was Drake
and it’s Nice For What. – I would have never–
I’ve never even heard that song. Oh my goodness.
– Sometimes I forget Drake has more songs
than In My Feelings. – You’re just kinda forced
to listen to Drake now in this generation.
You don’t really ask to. Just play it for you.
He could be a really good artist if he wasn’t overplayed. – (FBE) Here’s your
next song. – ♪ (distorted guitar) ♪
– Ooh. – I feel like I can get this one.
– I have a couple artists, but one of them
is at the top. Can we get some more
seconds, please? – ♪ (distorted guitar) ♪ – Lonely Road
by Green Day. – [Bleep]!
– (buzzer) – Oh, it’s not?
– Boulevard of Broken Dreams. – (FBE) Austin, you can
only guess once. – Ah, [bleep].
– Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.
– [Bleep] you. – Okay, hold on.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.
– Huh? – Ha ha.
– Oh no, I know what this is. Don’t get it right.
– This is Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Green Day. – That’s the one song I know.
The one song. – I’m so sorry.
I should have gave you that one, but I love Green Day.
– I can’t be upset. I mean, Green Day’s amazing.
– It is. – So I gotta agree. – ♪ (distorted guitar) ♪
– Oh, I can– I mean, that iconic
guitar strum in the beginning sounds super familiar.
– Green Day, Lonely Road. – (buzzer)
– I would like more seconds, please. – I would like more seconds, please. – (FBE) Let’s just skip
to six seconds. – ♪ I walk a lonely road
The only one that I ♪ – ♪ Have ever known ♪
It do– I don’t know. – (FBE) Let’s go to
fifteen seconds. – ♪ The only one that I
have ever known ♪ ♪ Don’t know where it goes
but it’s only me ♪ ♪ And I walk alone ♪
– I’m probably gonna listen to this
on the way home. – Green Day,
I Walk Alone. – (buzzer)
– I can’t even guess anything, cause I don’t have anything
to guess except Green Day. – (FBE) So, this was Green Day
and it’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
– Ah! – I feel like you gave me
that last one, so I was perfect.
– I did. – That’s the advantage–
if I win, that’s gonna be awesome.
– It’s for free. – Just because of that one.
– That’s all right. – (FBE) Let’s go to
your third song. – ♪ (synth and percussion) ♪
– I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before.
Oh, is it a K-pop song? – No.
– I was about to say, that would be crazy.
– I’m gonna need more seconds. – ♪ (synth and percussion) ♪
– Huh? – That sounds like every
Major Lazer song. – It sounds like some Wii music. – ♪ (chimes) ♪ – Can we have a few more
seconds on that? – Let me get one more
second now. – Dua Lipa, New Rules.
Yes, yes! – I’m scared.
– One song! – ♪ Talking ♪ – New Rules, Dua Lipa.
– Who? – Yes! – It’s Dua Lipa, New Rules. Yay!
– Shut up. – I got one.
– Oh my God. – That’s all I needed.
– That was so great. – Oh, New Rules.
Is it New Rules by Dua Lipa? Okay.
Right when I heard her voice, I knew who it was.
I’m a big fan of her. We share the same
birthday month. – Yeah.
– It’s like that. – (FBE) Okay, next song.
One second. – ♪ He– ♪
– You got it. My hand was on top of yours.
– Let’s go away. I’m kinda nervous because
I don’t know the name of the song,
but I know the artist. – I’m trying to think
of the song, the title. – Yeah, let’s go for
another second. – I know the artist.
I don’t know the song. – Is it Shawn Mendes?
– It’s his new song. – It’s probably some
sad boy [bleep], man. Roses?
– (buzzer) – I don’t know.
It’s Shawn Mendes, though. – It’s his new song.
I don’t know the name. – Are you kidding me?
– Charlie Puth. No no, sorry.
Shawn Mendes. – Disqualify.
– In My Blood. I know the sound
of Shawn Mendes’ voice and that’s his new single.
Although apparently, Shawn Mendes and
Charlie Puth are the same person. – Shawn Mendes,
In My Blood. Whoo!
I got it on the first second! Oh my God, I’m so proud
of myself. – (FBE) Let’s try again.
– ♪ Help me ♪ – Help me.
– ♪ It’s like the walls are ♪ – I don’t know the name–
– Caving In? Shawn Mendes, Caving In?
Walls Caving In? – (buzzer) – I need more.
– Yeah, let’s go more. I’m trying to think
of the title. – ♪ It’s like the walls
are caving in ♪ ♪ Sometimes I feel
like giving up but I ♪ – Dude, this is so annoying.
I’ve heard this. – ♪ In my blood ♪
– In My Blood, Shawn Mendes. You gave me the name!
– No! – I think that’s gonna be
the most upset point given in FBE history. – In My Blood
by Shawn Mendes? Yes!
– Wow. – I love Shawn Mendes.
I got to meet him once. Oh my gosh.
– Yeah, she wins. – He’s so amazing.
I love him. He’s just so perfect.
– So Shawn Mendes, if you’re watching this,
I got the point. I should get to meet him.
– I know the lyrics, okay? – (FBE) Let’s go to the next.
– ♪ (drums) ♪ – That could be
eight different songs. – Yeah, it’s just a beat.
I don’t know it automatically. – It’s just someone on the drums.
Okay. – ♪ (drums) ♪
– Whoa. That little drum could
be anything. – That wasn’t enough. – If you were to Shazam that
first second, 45 different songs
would pop up. – I don’t know what it is, though.
– Trying to think of artist. I need to hear the voice. – ♪ Thi– ♪ – Katy Perry, Kissed a Girl
and I Liked It. I wanna be a gracious winner
and say that the one point I gave you, you earned.
– I did earn that. – ♪ Thi– ♪
– I’m just gonna guess somebody. Katy Perry,
I Kissed a Girl? – Yay, Ali, you got a point!
I still won, but you got a point.
Today’s a good day. – Katy Perry,
I Kissed a Girl. Ah, yes!
– Damn. I have un-useful recollection.
I can think of it, but I don’t know anything. – Katy Perry,
I Kissed a Girl. That’s it!
I knew the songs I didn’t get except one and that
is something that I’ve never experienced
really on this show, so I feel good.
It’s a good feeling. – I’m more happy for Chelsea
than I am for me. – Thanks for watching us
guess that song on the React Channel. – Subscribe to see what songs
we guess next time. – What other songs should
Alberto steal from me next? Let us know in the comments.
– Thanks, Chelsea! – Later. – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. We’re in the comments
replying to you guys within the first 30 minutes
of every episode, so be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell and check mark so you know when we’re there.


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  2. Y’all should try a kpop version of this because personally I feel like it would be harder cause you can’t guess the song by the lyrics unless you know Korean

  3. Tell me why I got so upset when they didn’t get shawn like omg okay me play me one second clip of any shawn song and I’ll get it

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