College Kids React To College Kids Reacting To College Reveal Videos Compilation

College Kids React To College Kids Reacting To College Reveal Videos Compilation

– (man whistling)
– (laughs) My favorite part is seeing parents that are
so happy for their success. – (teen) Where do you think
I’m going? – Oh my god.
It’s literally a gender reveal. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (teen) So, I’m definitely
gonna get rejected, ’cause I already got deferred once
when I applied early. – Are these acceptance letters
for college? – ‘Cause I already got deferred once.
– Oh my god. I watch these all the time even now
as a third-year college student. – (teen) We know that waiting
can be really stressful. – This is MIT? – Did she get
into her college? – Did she get in?
Please get in. Please get into MIT. You got into MIT!! (claps)
– (gasps) – (teen) Holy [bleep]. Oh my god.
Aww. – (teen) Oh my god.
– Damn! MIT, though?! That’s [bleep] crazy.
– (teen) So, let’s open her up and see what she says.
So, this is what you get on the inside.
This is so fancy. Oh my god. – Ooh, it’s so fancy.
I never got one of these. It was just an email.
– (woman) Welcome to the Trojan family.
– Oh, I’m so proud of her. – (woman) …offer you admission
to the University of Southern California. – I know USC has a lot
of scandals, though. – I hope she didn’t pay
her way to get in, though. You know, people be
doing that nowadays. – (woman) #IGotIntoUSC.
– Wow. It’s something I did not know was a thing on the internet.
– I did not know this was a thing! I’ve never seen these,
but I love them. – Getting accepted into a college
where you worked really hard and you did all your tests
and everything is just a great feeling.
– (teen) It’s December 15th. And this is…
– Wow, Georgetown. – (teen) …my Georgetown letter.
– Okay. Good. Smart. Cover your address.
– Oh, she’s blocking out her address. Okay, but the corgi’s cute.
– (teen) It looks really thin, so I probably got deferred.
But… – Yeah, nowadays it’s weird,
because everything’s through email. If you get an actual letter,
it usually means a no. – (woman) It’s a great pleasure
to inform you that… – That’s awesome.
– It’s actually the best feeling in the world to get
this type of letter. – (man whistling)
– (laughs) – (laughs) My favorite part is
seeing parents that are so happy for their success.
– Aww, this is warming my heart. – Oh, I’m gonna cry!
– This one feels a bit more genuine. I’m getting all those feels.
– (man) I know. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– (woman) Got in. – We love a supportive dad
and a supportive mom. We love supportive parents.
– I love watching them get accepted, ’cause it’s like (claps).
Yes! You did it, man! I don’t know if this person
is maybe a first-generation American. A lot of immigrant parents come
to give their children the best opportunities that they can.
And to see your child get into a prestigious university
or maybe just university at all– It doesn’t matter.
Junior college, whatever. It’s a different feeling, you know?
Maybe a lot of people can’t relate to it,
but that’s what makes it more special. – It reminds me of my own family.
There’s just this different sort of feeling when
you’re a first-generation student, where it’s like, “Wow,
I’m getting into these major schools” from parents of immigrants
who came here on literally nothing. And then, now I get to go
to this amazing school. And it’s
such a cool feeling. – He got into Princeton?!
Look at him. Look at his face!
– His silent disbelief is one of the best reactions. (laughs)
– (teen) I got in. – (laughs) At least,
he acknowledges the cringiness. I like that.
– it’s not cringiness. That’s what you’re supposed to feel.
– (teen) Oh my– – God, I love these videos.
I never opened my acceptances around my parents.
I always did it alone, because I didn’t want them
to be there if I didn’t get in. – I know the feeling,
’cause when I was applying to schools, my number one was
the University of Wisconsin. I saw the acceptance
from Wisconsin. I was like–
you’re just kind of speechless. You’re like, “Holy [bleep].”
This is my number one choice and I’m getting to go there.
– (woman) Waiting for her results to see if she’s gotten
into ODU. – Why does this make me
wanna cry? – (teen) Application term,
fall of 2014. – The whole family’s there.
– (chuckles) When you can’t even read it yourself.
– (teen) …status decision made. – So nerve-racking!
– I love the family is just like so supportive and they’re just
like, “Pleeease!” – (teen) I’m sorry, Janelle.
– (Janelle sighs) – (teen) ADMITTED!
– Ah! (laughs) – (teen) I’m sorry, Janelle.
– (Janelle sighs) – (teen) ADMITTED!
– (laughs) – (teen) I’m sorry, Janelle.
– (Janelle sighs) – (teen) ADMITTED!
– (family screaming) – You know how depressed I would be
if someone was like, “Nah, you didn’t get in.
Just kidding!” My bootyhole clenched.
– Oh my gosh. Even the little brother’s
like, “Yeah!” – That’s so cute.
Oh my god! That’s so– I love that!
Your family just wants to see you succeed,
so just to have these big moments like college acceptances together,
that’s a sweet moment. – Whether this person gets accepted
or denied, that’s what the whole purpose of family is
is to support each other in the lows and the highs.
And I think that’s the importance of having them there.
– Regardless if it’s just you reading it, if you’re
with your family, if you’re with your friends,
it’s some good [bleep] to be getting into college.
– (FBE) So, we have more videos to show you in just a second,
but these types of videos where students take a video
of what colleges they were accepted to have become really popular
in the past couple years. – Really? I’ve never heard of it
until you showed me today. I’ve seen a handful,
but I didn’t know that it was as big of a trend as it is.
– I’m glad. These should be supported and spread around.
It’s really important to spread some positivity when you can.
– (FBE) Now, in addition to these college acceptance videos,
college reveal videos have also become really popular.
So, we’re gonna show you some of those as well.
– College reveal video? What is that? – I usually think of sports,
like athletes that reveal what college they’re gonna attend.
But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a decision-making
on academic purposes. That’s gonna be interesting.
– (teen) Where do you think I’m gonna go?
– (teen 2) Ah… I think you’re
gonna go to TCU. – Oh, this is like
[bleep] baby reveals? – Oh, like a baby reveal?
That’s funny. (giggles) – (teen) where do you think I’m going?
– Oh my god. It’s literally a gender reveal.
– (teen) Whenever you’re ready. – (man) But it’s gonna hurt.
– (teen) No. – The school colors
are in the balloon. – Wait, it’s just a bunch
of sparkles. – (teen laughing)
He can’t even… – I’m like, what is it?
– (teen) So, what does purple mean? – These are not as exciting
as the baby reveals, let me tell ya. – (teen 3) Oh, you’re going to TCU!
Aww. Congrats. – Aww. (laughs)
This is definitely extra, but definitely appreciated.
I don’t really get the college reveal video, you know?
I totally understand the chronicling of like,
“Hey, this is the school that I got into.”
Their friends are just kinda like, “Oh, congrats.”
– (teen) After careful consideration, and pleading and praying to God and…
– I like how this is like an athlete sort of hat choosing.
– Oh my god. So dramatic. – (teen) …and YouTube career…
– YouTube career? – (teen) …YouTube career at…
– (chuckles) – (teen) …the University
of California– – (people cheering)
– (laughs) So funny. Sorry. She said, “And YouTube career.”
– (teen) …at the University of California–
– UCLA!!! That’s my school!
That’s my– oh my god. Good choice!
– She got into UCLA. I’m so proud.
That’s such a hard school to get into. (chuckles)
– I think it’s a little dramatic, but at the same time,
who am I to say that? This is your experience.
You know, you’ve worked so hard for this.
Just do it however you wanna do it. ♪ (upbeat rock music) ♪
– That’s cute to make a cake. – “Where to college?”
– (teen) Virginia Tech. – (teen 2) Virginia Tech.
– This one really threw a full party. – This is extra,
but I LOVE it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Where’s he going?
What is it? It’s red! What does that mean?
Virginia Tech? – It’s cute, but it also
just feels really cheesy with the baby reveal
cake-cutting. – That’s so cute.
– Ah, who thinks of that? That’s actually the most clever thing
I’ve ever seen. – If you’re gonna do a college reveal,
kind of go big with it. Throw a little party.
– I never get tired of these videos, because I never get tired
of seeing people succeed in what they wanna be.
– (FBE) So, like we said, these types of videos
have become increasingly popular in recent years with some
of the videos we showed you getting hundreds of thousands
or even millions of views. – Wow. It’s the internet.
Everything goes viral. If it’s not viral,
did you really do it? – That’s, I mean, surprising for sure.
– It’s just something that everyone can be happy about,
and it’s so hard to find something like that now.
– (FBE) Before we talk more about this,
you’re all college students, so we wanna know, have you
or anyone you know seen or made a video like this before?
– I I know I’ve never made a video like this,
and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone I know make a video
like this, but I’ve definitely– lots of people like to post
the acceptance things on Twitter or Instagram.
I’ve definitely seen those. – No one that I knew
definitely didn’t make a video. I didn’t. I just walked
into my parents’ room, and I said, “Hey, I’m going
to this school.” – No. I think it’s one
of those things that’s probably been around for a bit,
but it’s just starting to get attention and traction.
– I watched a ton of college videos in general when I was first applying.
And then, during the process, when you’re waiting
for your acceptance or rejection decision.
The most that we did, I think, was on Snapchat
or Instagram Stories. That’s where we would kind of
post small videos. – No. I had no idea
people were doing this. It kind of makes sense
that people are doing this now, ’cause, you know–
just newer generations, younger generations,
are kind of growing up, and they’re always kind of
into the whole sharing everything. – (FBE) College is a huge part
of many young people’s lives. And the process of applying
and deciding where to go can be super exciting,
but it’s also very scary. As a college kid yourself,
what was the process of opening acceptance letters and deciding
where to go like for you personally? – For me, the acceptance letters
or rejection letters were digital. It’s kind of scary,
’cause you read an email, and it’s like, “Open carefully”
or it’s something like that. And so, you open it,
and it’s just like, “Hey, you got accepted.”
“Hey, you got rejected.” – I applied to 13 different schools,
’cause I applied to my top five. But then I was like, “Wait,
I need a backup. But I need a backup
for my backup.” – I went to community college
for about two years. I applied for Cal Poly.
it wasn’t a crazy, like, I applied to five,
and like, “Oh, no. Which one will I get into?”
But I could definitely see that, ’cause even me getting into Cal Poly,
I was like really nerv– I’m like, “What if I don’t get in?”
– I got bullied a lot in school from beginning to end.
And so, that gave me a lot of anxiety going to school.
And so, I was like, “You know what?
Maybe there’s an option for online schooling.
I applied, and I got accepted. But it wasn’t a huge thing.
It was one of those things, where I’m like, “Oh,
it’s an art school. Sure.” – After I’m done with
my second year of junior college, now I’m able to transfer.
Honestly, the JC grind is so much different.
At a JC, it’s so easy to just say, “I’m done” and just stop
and just stop showing up to class. – I was just kind of like,
“Guys, I think I’m gonna go here.” Also, you have to work
with what you have and what you’re able to afford.
Sometimes, you can’t always go to your dream school, ’cause it might
be a little too pricey. – (FBE) So, this isn’t the first time
that we’ve seen trends like this pick up online.
There’s promposal videos. There’s actual proposals,
gender reveals, and many more. However, these types of videos
are obviously a lot of work, and they often require
a lot of preparation. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Why do you think that people make videos like this?
– I think it’s nice to share. I feel like people ultimately like
seeing people be happy. – Even if you’re in a sad space,
seeing someone else get their dreams come true or just seeing
some happiness in other people at least has to bring you some joy.
– Maybe there’s a little bit, you know, not showing off,
but just like, “Hey, I got into whatever.”
And I understand that. You wanna be happy,
and you wanna share that with the world.
– I think it’s just like, “Y’all wanna record my reaction?”
If I get in and I’m hyped, it’s gonna be really cool
to look back and see myself opening up my acceptance letter
to this college. It’s just something cool
to have to look back on and be like, “Yo, look at
how hyped I was when I got in.” – (FBE) Lately, there’s been
a lot in the news about the college admission scandals,
where celebrities, including Lori Loughlin
and Felicity Huffman and other wealthy people,
were paying sometimes exorbitant amounts of money
to get their kids into good schools. As college students,
what do you think about the fact that sometimes
it’s not about the grades and that there can be corruption
inside of college acceptance? – I’m gonna say this,
and excuse my language, but it [bleep] sucks,
because not everybody is born in privilege. Some people
are first-generation Americans. Some people, they’re the first ones
going to college that are here in this country.
If you value yourself as a person, you wouldn’t cheat, because you know
that you’re good enough to do it on your own.
And if you have to have Mommy and Daddy swipe the card,
that means you’re not good enough. You don’t deserve to be
at that university. – It blows my mind,
because you’re– you can pay all the hundreds
and thousands and millions of dollars if you want.
You can pay that all, but good luck applying for a job.
You didn’t earn it. – You can tell these people
who are uploading their videos, they’re very excited
to get those acceptance letters, because they’ve worked very hard
to get to where they are. It sucks, you know,
to, I guess, kind of learn that other people didn’t have to,
I guess, work as hard for it, because they were born into,
you know, an opportunity. – (FBE) And finally, you recently
went through this nerve-racking process.
– I did. – (FBE) What would be your advice
to other kids who are currently choosing colleges or even those
who might be applying next year? – Oh my gosh. Good luck.
Don’t stress out too much. Work hard to get to where
you need to go. – Ask for help.
Take those AP classes. Take those honor classes.
If you wanna get into a really good school,
you gotta put in work. – Don’t apply to
as many schools as I did. You don’t need a backup
for your backup for your backup for your backup.
– I didn’t get into my dream school, so it’s definitely
a little heartbreaking at first. But don’t be afraid
to keep moving forward. There are definitely gonna be
more opportunities for you. One door closes.
Another door opens. – Just try your best.
Go for it. If you didn’t get in,
it’s not the end of the world. It’s just, you know,
what was planned for you. It’s all part of
what your life story’s gonna be. – Don’t feel pressured by society.
Do whatever you feel is best for you. If you’re not doing something
you love, then you’re just kind of coasting by, being a robot,
doing whatever. And I feel like whenever
you’re doing something you’re passionate about,
it just makes everything more worthwhile.
– From the moment you’re born until you’re 18,
all that is just to get a letter to define how much
you are worth as a person. I don’t think any admission letter
should ever define your worth as a person. When it comes
to the actual applications, don’t stress,
because the more you stress, the worse your application’s gonna be.
Just take your time on it, give yourself time to think
about what you’re gonna write about. And don’t be discouraged
if you get denied, because there’s always gonna
be someone that gives you a chance. – Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React. – Shoutout to Emilia Emilia
and Isabella Sears. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you never miss an episode. – Thanks for watching. Bye!
– Hey! It’s Sierra, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this very educational episode.
If you wanna check out our other episodes across
all generations, be sure to check out the links
down in the description below. Bye, guys!

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