– (gasps) I didn’t think
it could get any worse. – (FBE) So finally,
we have one last blooper to show you from 2017.
– Now I’m nervous. – (hits table) NOO! These are
bloopers of me?! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – BBC News. Okay. – Ooh, news. That could be
so many horrible things happening. – Wha– (chuckles). Wait.
But what are you doing? – Oh, are these news [bleep]-ups? – This guy has no idea
what he’s doing. (chuckles) – Someone’s not prepared. – (anchor) Hello and welcome.
– And he gets right into it. – Are these news bloopers?
I love these! – Good morning. Now,
when you’ve pushed yourself to the edge to conquer
Mount Everest, imagine abandoning your climb
just 500 meters from the top. It’s not something you would
choose to do lightly. – Oh! Wrong guy. Seen this one. I just watched this one
three days ago. – (anchor #1) But that’s what
our next and very heroic guest did to help a fellow mountaineer.
– Okay, my OCD. His tie needs to be straight. – Their posture is so awkward. – (anchor #2) …turned around
to save a woman who’d collapsed while she was on her trek.
– Wow. – (anchor #2) But he’s now
attempting to scale the world’s highest mountain again.
– What is happening? – (anchor #2) …and joins us now
in the studio ahead of his next mission.
Good morning. – (Todd) I think you have
the wrong guest, sir. – Oh!
– Yeah, oh. Ooh. – (anchor #1) Ah,
you are Todd Landman, aren’t you? – (Todd) I am indeed.
– Ohhh my god. – That’s awkward. And homeboy just had to sit there,
like, “Do I tell them or…?” – (anchor) The Tour de–
(thudding) Ooh, [bleep]. Ooh, [bleep].
– (laughs) – (anchor) …de France will–
I’ve just fallen off of my chair. – (giggles) – How does she just
fall off her chair? – That’s even worse,
watching the Tour de France if you can’t even
sit in a chair, right? – That honestly would
be me as a newscaster. Everything would go
completely wrong. – Aw, she spilled!
Oh, I’m so sorry. – (gasps) She spilled
all over herself. No! Poor woman. – (anchor) I did just
fall of my chair, but I am okay. I promise.
– She spilled [bleep] on her shirt. (laughs)
– I would quit my job. I’d retire at that point, be like, “Well, I had a great
three years of a career.” – Imagine watching that
and hearing it live. You know what? Good on her.
She [bleep] kept going. That’s what matters. – (woman) When
Monique van der Strewn first opened her…
– Oh dear. – Oh no, the cow’s
gonna bite her, isn’t it? – She’s gonna step
in poop, isn’t she? – Oh, that cow’s gonna
[bleep] with ’em. (slurps) – (anchor) …for the small farmer
to do so. – (chuckles)
– (anchor laughs) – (laughs)
– (anchor laughs) – (chuckles)
– (anchor laughs) Did he just lick my–
– She can’t even play it cool. – That cow’s out for it, man.
He wants some milk too. – (weatherman) Right now,
dew point’s in the 20s. – This was fantastic. – (chuckles) Who’s kid is that? – (kid) …but Zane doesn’t know.
– (weatherman laughs) – Nervous laughing. He’s like,
(nervously) “Ha, ha, ha. ha.” – Whoa! – (weatherman) We’ve got
a little bit of a– interesting things going on.
– They should cancel bring your kid to work day. – (weatherman) Take a look
at what’s going on right now. You wanna point out
the weather right now? – (kid) Yeah, there are farts
everywhere and toots [inaudible] as if it’s crazy. – (chuckles) Just pick the kid up
and take him away. – You can’t really shoo a kid away
without seeming like a jerk, so he did it pretty well. – (anchor speaking Hungarian) – Oh, I can already see
where this is going, man. – Oh, is he drawing a… Really?! – Oh no. Inappropriate. – Please tell me that’s a joke.
That’s a joke. That can’t be– (laughs) – Is anyone gonna tell him
what it looks like? Oh no. – There’s no way
that’s not on purpose! – How does he not know?
He did that on purpose. It was a dare, 100%. – (gasps) I didn’t think
it could get any worse. – Everyone knows but him.
How does he not realize? (chuckles) – How did he not realize that?
Or he’s just really good at keeping a straight face. – (anchor) …sending her down here.
I don’t– we’re not sure if this note written in rocks is
actually relating to her or not… – What does it say? – Send nudes. It’s gotta
say “Send nudes.” – It’s gonna say “Send nudes.”
It’s gonna say… “Send nudes, please”!
(bangs table) – “Send nudes, please.” Oh, wow. – (anchor) Look outside.
Send something please. It doesn’t say help.
– (laughs) Send help. How did they not know that? Did they not look at the rocks
before they put it on the news? – I feel like she knew,
and she was trying to save herself, because there’s no way
that she could read that and be like, “What does that say?” – (Robert) Scandals
happen all the time. The question is how…
– Ahh! Dude, I watched this live,
I’m pretty sure. – (Robert) …the question
is how do democracies respond to those scandals. – (anchor) And what will it mean… – (imitates child) What’s up, Dad?
What are you doing? – Is this a serious
political talk that’s going on? (laughs) – This is awesome.
It’s so cute. – Second kid comes in.
And then… And then…
Boom! – The mom is such a [bleep] trooper. She’s like [bleep] (grunts), go! – (chuckles) The mom
must’ve been just looking away for one second and they’re gone. – (laughs) – She’s on the ground,
pulling ’em backwards and then she leans in
and reaches for the door at the very last second. – (Robert) …severely limited
in the last six months to a year. – Yeah. Yeah. That was
the one of 2017. – I love the fact that
even news anchors and stuff like that
and serious things like this have those moments
where they mess up on stuff, because it shows, like, hey,
they’re not all put together like we always see them. – (FBE) So in what’s become
somewhat of an annual tradition here at FBE, we just showed you
some news blooper highlights from 2017.
– Those are all just from 2017? – (FBE) For many people
around your age, the trend seems to be
that less and less people watch television in general
as streaming services have increasingly taken over.
– I don’t even have cable. – (FBE) For you personally,
how do you receive your news? – Usually Reddit.
– If something is a big enough deal, it will find its way
to Facebook or Twitter. – I get a lot of news just from
the news updates on my phone. – Usually internet type deal.
I can’t even remember the last time I turned on
an actual TV. – I still watch the news on TV,
but sadly a lot of it does come from sites
like Twitter, just online, like Google, looking something up,
because it’s so accessible. – (FBE) Because the internet
makes it so easy for anyone to quickly spread information
around the world, fake news has become
a huge topic of discussion in the past couple of years.
– Yeah, it’s a big problem. – (FBE) So do you feel
like people your age are paying enough attention
to the sources where they get their news?
– No, not at all. I think people pay attention
to who shares it, and it’s like, “Oh,
they’re credible.” But then they don’t realize
that they didn’t check it first. – People just trust
one source nowadays. They don’t go to other sources,
and it’s really good to not only have one source,
but have multiple. – There’s a lot of news articles
that people don’t check their facts. They don’t check their sources.
It might have an inkling of the truth,
but it’s not even close to what’s the real truth,
gets spread around like wildfire, and now all of a sudden,
everybody’s thinking the same thing. – Checking multiple sources
just helps because some people have a different agenda
than other people. Even different websites
lean more to one side or one side. If you only read from that website,
you’re only gonna develop opinions
based off of what they say. – (FBE) So finally,
we have one last blooper to show you from 2017.
– Now I’m nervous. – (hits table) NOO! These are
bloopers of me? We just filmed this! – (FBE) …numbering
the board one through 10. – (Adam) Okay.
– (FBE) P– – (laughs) As soon
as I saw it, I was like, “I’m
gonna write penis on it.” – How is this a blooper, though?! This is just gaming.
Okay, I’m interested. – (Jasser) Oh, hey guys. (thuds)
– (laughs) Okay. I don’t even remember that!
That’s hilarious. – Wait! (laughs)
This is recent! Oh my god.
I look so stupid. – (Dionte) …hi in the– (speaks gibberish) – (laughs)
– (Dionte) Come say hi in the comments. – In my head, I was like,
“Oh yeah, you got this.” And the second I messed up,
it just– static. – Goddamnit. I don’t
wanna watch it anymore. I knew this–
– (Eric) Oh, [bleep]. – (Jordan) Wait, what do you mean? Oh.
– (Eric) I’m sorry. – (laughs) I don’t
remember that happening! – Oh, no!
What?! (laughs) I just
popped up on the screen. – (Chelsea) …if you would
want a shoutout like Chris– nope. – (FBE) Subscribe if you’d
like a shoutout. – I’m done.
– (Chelsea) …like Chris– yeah. – (FBE) Shallow.
– (Chelsea) Shallow. – I suck at goodbyes.
I cannot speak. – (FBE) This is “Rocket Man”
by Elton John. – NOOO!
– (Brandon) That’s why I said– okay, ’cause when I said ’60s,
I was thinking the Beatles. I was like, why does this sound
like someone from the Beatles? – Okay. All right.
See, [bleep] off, guys! (gasps) Are you pulling
the worst bloopers from all the reactors? – (Brandon) He wasn’t
in the Beatles?! – (laughs) My dumbass thought
Elton John was part of the Beatles! That’s so cringy.
Listen, I know now that Elton John
wasn’t part of the Beatles. I thought he was.
My bad. I apologize. Forgive me. (laughs) – Thanks for watching.
– If you didn’t like this video– I mean– wait.
If you liked this video, go ahead and hit the like button
like Enrique Suarez. – Shoutout to Girls in Glasses
for hanging out in the comments last week.
– Hey, guys. Kyle here, producer at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode
of Kids React– wait. (beep)
Hey, guys. Vartuhi here– wait. (beep)
Hey, guys. It’s Benny– wait. I’m not Benny, right?
Just cut it off. It’s done. (beep)


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