College Kids React To INSTANT KARMA Compilation

College Kids React To INSTANT KARMA Compilation

– Where’s the karma?
♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ Slow down! (large thud)
– Oh! (laughs) – That was the quickest karma
I’ve seen ever. Literally instant karma. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna be
showing you some instant karma videos. – Those are fun.
It’s just fun to see people get their just desserts sometimes.
– Karma’s a bitch, and it’s something
that you can’t escape. – I feel like this is gonna be people
who do something shitty and then get hurt instantly after.
– (FBE) So, after each video, we’re gonna ask you if you think
that karma was deserved or not deserved.
– I am so excited to judge people. – I have a tough time judging people.
I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt,
so it’s gonna be tough, but I’ll try. – All right. I’m with it.
Some instant karma, let’s go. Let’s see how many jerks we have. – (man 1) I’m get off 14–
– (man 2) Oh! – (passengers) Ohh!
– (man 2) Oh! – (passengers) Ohh!
– (gasps) Oh my god. – Oh. OHH! OHH!
That’s mad funny. – (passengers) Ohh!
– Seen that one. Saw that one on Twitter.
– Yeah. Yeah, that’s what he gets. – You deserve more karma.
That’s sexual assault. – I feel like it should’ve
been worse. You know what? I’m just trying to get to work,
so don’t put your junk in my face. – (FBE) Deserved or not deserved?
– Deserved. – That’s deserved, bruh.
– Yeah, he tried to dance like a stripper,
and he gets hit by a pole. That’s how it works.
– 1,000% yes. – Oh, yeah.
If I was in the stranger situation, I wouldn’t want that happening to me.
– Well deserved. Should’ve been worse. – That was much deserved.
His own boys, who are hyping him up, laughed at him also.
– That was well deserved. – He deserved that.
Nobody likes penis in their face. – For the purpose of this video only,
I’m gonna say, yeah, he deserved it. Like, you go and do that to someone,
that’s so RUDE! ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪
– Ooh, ooh, speed racer. – Oh, you look like a bad driver.
– You’re a cool guy, have a BMW.
What’s gonna happen? – I’m already getting anxious.
– I’m scared. – Where’s the karma?
Slow down! – Are you late to work
or are you just being a dick? Ooh.
– Ah, I don’t wanna see this. I hope he comes out okay. (sucks in breath)
[Bleep]! – Ahh! Ahh, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh, god. I hate that. – Yeah, no.
That was his own fault. That was his own fault.
That was definitely deserved karma. – I’m not gonna say
that’s instant karma deserved, because that means any person
who’s speeding should get hurt, which I don’t want.
– He should’ve deserved a ticket. He just got off
with whiplash, you know? He could’ve seriously hurt somebody. – I’m gonna go ahead and say
this was well deserved. – Yes, it is deserved!
All of these are gonna be deserved! – It’s not deserved. (chuckles)
Everyone cuts people off. Sometimes cars are too slow.
– Oh, yeah. He was just a bad driver. – Deserved.
– Not deserved. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.
– That was deserved. [Bleep] that guy. I hate [bleep] who do that.
– This one was a little bit too much, so not well deserved.
It just hurt me to watch, ’cause I felt like I was
in the car with him. – It wasn’t enough. Deserved.
– As much of an [bleep] as he was, and I hate when people
do that on the freeway, no one deserves to get hurt
in that sort of way. – (player) Oh, robot.
– Fortnite. – (player) You’re trash.
♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪ – Ha! Get [bleep].
– (player) What?! – (laughs) You wanna talk
about trash, boy? Dead to rights.
– Oh, god. That’s great. I’ve also done that before,
so I can sympathize. (giggles) – (player) You’re trash.
♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪ – I don’t even know
what game this is. – What?!
– Wait, I’m so confused. – (player speaking Danish)
– The music. – (laughs) I mean, bruh,
it’s Fortnite. It’s not that serious. – I would feel so good
if I were that other person. Like, you tried to kill me,
but you didn’t. I got you. – That’s very deserved.
Anyone who trash talks over some game just needs to get SMACKED!
– You know, the problem here is that I don’t know what happened.
I guess he deserved it. – Yeah, you were bad.
– Totally. – “You trash.” Falls three feet.
Dies. He deserved it. – I’ll say yes.
– Deserved, just ’cause it was funny. – Sure. He deserved it.
– Deserved. – Deserved. Don’t be a dick.
This compilation should be called, “Don’t Be a Dick.” – Ooh, he blurred.
He did something bad. – (gasps) Why?! – What is he breaking into?
In broad daylight? – Oh, I hope this dude tackles him. – Why is no one doing–
Why is that guy not do– why is he chilling
on the back? – Oh. OHHH! – (gasps) Oh, noo! – AHHH! AHH! (laughs)
– I hope he’s okay. What he was doing was bad,
but that could’ve killed him! – That was so deserved.
– You damn hooligans. Yeah, of course. He should’ve
got hit by a bigger truck. – I don’t think he deserved
to get hit by a car. – There was no karma deserved.
All he did was break some glass. – Yes, because he vandalized.
He broke someone’s window. – Yeah, so he deserved a little hit.
– That was deserved. I love it! Should have done another flip, dawg.
That was– the car was going too slow. – Only because
he didn’t steal anything. He got close to a robbery.
He broke the glass. He didn’t deserve
to get hit by a car. – He deserve it.
He broke someone’s, you know, glass. – Deserved, but the [bleep]
that the person in the red car has to go through? Not deserved. – Aww. Okay,
don’t mess with the sheep. – Whatever he’s getting,
he deserves. – Ooh, what’s gonna happen here.
He’s gonna get wrecked. Oh, they’re coming.
Boink! (laughs) – Oh, he’s pissed. Yes! (laughs)
– Oh my god. They’re coming for you.
They’re coming– (gasps) Yes!
– Oh! OHHH! That’s [bleep] funny.
– This isn’t a carnival. You can’t just ride animals.
– Deserved. Instantly. Don’t– no. Animals? No.
– That was deserved, man. – Did he deserve it? Yeah.
– Any form of animal abuse, whatever you get in return,
much deserved. – I think it was deserved.
– I’m glad that animal did that. That’s deserved.
– He totally deserved that one. – Absolutely.
Don’t mess with an animal! I like the revenge story of it.
– Definitely deserved. Poor creature. – He totally deserved that.
That ram just came and defended its pack. – Indoor soccer. Ha! – (sucks in breath) Ohhh. Wait, what?!
– (crowd cheers) – Doink! Self goal.
How, bruh?! – I hope that counted.
– (chuckles) – (crowd cheers)
– Oh! Yeah. That is– that is–
that is good. If you wanna take your anger out,
boom, that’s what you deserve. – How you don’t show sportsmanship
and then also get scored on by yourself?
– He deserved that. – That was well deserved. – There was no way
that was an accident, so yeah, he deserved it.
– Deserved! – That was totally deserved.
– Much deserved. – It wasn’t deserved,
because I don’t think his intention was to accidentally
smack him in the head. – Deserved, of course.
– Deserved. You can’t just hit people in the head.
– That dude deserved it, though. Especially, it’s like,
that’s poor sportsmanship. That’s a huge no-no. (large thud)
– (snorts) (large thud)
– That’s so stupid. (large thud)
– (chuckles) That one’s more like,
“Don’t be an idiot.” (large thud)
– Oh! (laughs heartily) Ayy, bitch,
you got knocked! – That was the quickest karma
I’ve seen ever. Literally instant karma. – I’m gonna go with
not deserved, this one. – Karma was deserved. – I don’t know why he was punching
a sign in the first place. But yeah, he deserved it.
– That was deserved, bro. I don’t even know why
you’re winding up to punch a frickin’ sign. – That’s just natural selection.
If you’re gonna punch a sign, I hope you get smacked in the face.
– What did that sign do to you, dude? Like, why you pissed?
Not deserved! It’s just a sign. – Yes, he deserved.
– I can’t necessarily say that was deserved,
’cause that was so unexpected. I’m gonna say no to that one.
– Sure. If you’re gonna do something stupid,
you’re gonna get stupid consequences. – Yes, for being a hooligan.
And I sound like I’m 70, BUT for being
a little street hooligan, he gets the karma! – (woman) I’m buying
$100,000 worth of iPhones. – So, two.
– (reporter) $100,000? – (woman) Correct. I’m gonna–
– Ohh. – (Mark) I’ve been here
since 6 o’clock this morning. – Oh, no.
– (woman) So, how much would it cost to buy your position
in the front of the line? – (reporter) 15 minutes
before the 6 o’clock launch after others spent hours
waiting patiently. – (woman) I guess we’re gonna barter
away from the camera, how ’bout that? – (reporter) This woman rolled up
with 16 grand in cash in hand. – What?!
– How does she get that kind of money? She looks like a soccer mom.
– (reporter) …and bought Mark’s number one spot in line for 800 bucks.
– Jeez. I’d take it. – (reporter) A worthwhile investment,
she thought, because… – (woman) I know I’ll sell more
on eBay, so it’s all right. I’m first.
– (reporter) Yup. She was first. But maybe instead of stopping
at the bank, she should’ve stopped
to read the rules. – You could only buy one.
– (woman) Can you buy more than one phone?
– (clerk) Unfortunately, we can only sell one per customer.
– (bursts out laughing) – (reporter) AT&T employs…
– (gasps) – (reporter) …a one phone
per customer rule. – Oh my go– (laughs)
– (reporter) …enough to go around. – See, that’s her own fault.
She was just stupid. – If you have money,
you’re gonna have advantages in life. And I just think
when you abuse those advantages, it just speaks to poor character. – Deserved, because she–
just read the rules better. Especially on opening day,
no one’s letting you buy out their store.
Come on! – I totally think
she got what she deserved. – Karma not deserved.
She seems like a nice woman just trying to make some money.
– She didn’t deserve that. (giggles) But that’s really sad.
She just lost $800. – Well deserved! I think
that’s the first one I’ve seen that was absolutely well deserved.
– She was dumb. Honestly, I wish
she’d lost more money. That was much deserved.
– Screw resellers! Karma deserved. – Did she deserve it? Yes,
for trying to cut all these people and just trying to show off
with a bunch of money. – You should deserve to not get it.
I hope she had– I hope she dropped her phone,
and there’s a big crack in it right now,
and she didn’t get insurance. – Yeah, she deserved that.
That was great to watch, ’cause that was instant.
Like, you should’ve read the rules. – (FBE) So, finally…
– Yeah. – (FBE) …when bad karma strikes,
what is your best advice you can give to someone
to make it better? – Laugh it off.
Karma happens to you, ’cause you did something
that was not so good? Laugh it off and be like,
“Well, damn, I deserved that one.” – When karma strikes, just try
to do a good deed for the day. Do a good deed for the day
and give me $800. I could use it. (laughs) – If you feel like
you have too much bad karma, just be a nicer person,
especially to strangers and things like that,
because those are people who don’t know you, who you’re interacting with
just that once, but it’s still–
just make someone’s day better. Don’t be a piece of [bleep]! – Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React. – Subscribe for new episodes
almost every day. And shoutout to Tom Poskitt
and Casey Ferigno. – What gives you good karma?
Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching,
and stay away from road rage. – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. If you wanna check out
some behind-the-scenes content, make sure to follow us
on Instagram, @fbe. Bye, guys!

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  2. 3:26 Where has that COLLEGE girl been in the last year and 1 month that she doesn’t know what Fortnite is lol, my grandma literally knows what it is.

  3. the 2nd clip is well deserve because he might put anyone else in danger and its not like he get himself hurt or whatever so he he derserve it. i dont want him to get hurt either

  4. Labib is a moron so he says in the speeding clip it wasn’t deserved because no one deserves to be hurt then someone gets hit by a car and it’s suddenly deserved

  5. A guy wrecks his ride racing through public streets endangering multiple lives doesn't deserve it but a guy gets hit by a car after breaking a window does? Lene and Labib should rethink that.

  6. even better instant karma for the woman who wants to buy the iPhone is if her purse and new iphone were stolen and no one did anything to help

  7. So the one fella states didnt deserve for the car speeding accident one…stating because he doesnt like to see folks getting hurt etc etc. Then literally the next video is the glass breaking one with the hit by vehicle….and he says deserved and nothing about folks getting hurt. So..which is it?

  8. I love this guy that always want more pain for the people😂

    "He should deserve more"
    "He should get hit by a bigger truck"

  9. 6:12 was not deserved because you can clearly tell it wasn't the goalkeepers intention. As a soccer goalkeeper myself, in indoor soccer you can punt the ball so you look to throw line drive throws.

  10. For the glass incident..
    I think he deserved it 😒
    Not only did he try to rob something, he vandalized a shop besides that car didn't even hit him hard, that is a thin lane and you're suppose to go slow during that kind of lane.

  11. All these college kids are contracting themselves. "No one deserves to get hurt like this"
    ram hits full speed, possible broken bones
    "Yeah, they deserved that"

  12. "I'm buying $100k dollars worth of iPhones"
    "So two"
    Which is even funnier considering every generation of iPhones are basically the same phone with just more emojis and a slightly enhanced camera.

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