College Kids React To Top 10 Grammy Awards 2020 Moments

College Kids React To Top 10 Grammy Awards 2020 Moments

♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Tori,
did you watch the Grammys this year? – (gasps) I did!
– No, I feel like I watched it on Twitter.
– (FBE) I’ve been seeing a lot of comments requesting
that we cover this, so in honor of the biggest night
of the year for music, I’m gonna take you down
the old town road of the– – Okay. (chuckles)
– (FBE) I know. Of the top 10 moments
from this year’s Grammy awards. – Okay, that’s dope.
– (FBE) So, we put together this list using
multiple articles online, but I do wanna point out
that obviously we don’t have time to include all of the amazing moments
from this year, but we tried. – You can just watch the Grammys.
If you wanna see everything, go watch the Grammys.
– (FBE) So, we wanted to start this list off the same way that
they started the show off this year, which was on a really emotional note.
– Oh, okay. Yeah. – (Alicia) Here we are together
on music’s biggest night… – This was at the Staples Center,
wasn’t it? (sucks in breath) – (Alicia) But to
be honest with you, we’re all feeling
crazy sadness right now. Earlier today…
– I’m tearing up. – (Alicia) Los Angeles, America…
– No! – (Alicia) …and the whole
wide world lost a hero. – I literally just got chills
right now a second time. – (Alicia) …heartbroken
in the house that Kobe Bryant built. – And especially that
they were at the Staples Center. That was his space.
That’s where he played all those years. And he’s such a big icon in LA
and to a lot of these music artists and a lot of people watching
that it was just nice to have that moment.
– I have no idea how she sang, how she talked,
and how she pulled through without breaking into tears.
– (FBE) So obviously, the world was struck by this
unimaginable tragedy. – Yeah.
– (FBE) And the Grammys addressed it in multiple ways throughout the night.
– (FBE) Lizzo also paid tribute right before this to start off
her opening performance. And then right after this,
Boyz II Men joined Alicia Keys on stage for an acapella rendition
of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”
– Oh, I get goosebumps. It’s still so unbelievable.
– Anyone who’s anyone, whether you like sports or not,
basketball or anything, you know who Kobe Bryant is,
and you know the impact he’s made on the world.
– (announcer) Lizzo. – (man) Lizzo!
– Oh! My god! Ah, she makes me so happy!
– Yes, this was so deserved. – “What the [bleep]?!” Like, “Me?!”
– (Lizzo) This whole week, you know, I be lost
in my problems, stressed out. And then in an instant,
all of that can go away and your priorities really shift.
And today, all of my little problems that I thought were…
– You can even tell how hurt she is. – (Lizzo) I realize that there’s
people hurting right now and… – She just said it perfectly.
You know, no matter what’s going on, you just think about other people
and how they’re hurting. – (Lizzo) You guys create
beautiful music. You guys create connectivity.
This is the beginning of making music that moves people again…
– Yeah. Yes, Lizzo! Preach! – (Lizzo) …that liberates people.
Let’s continue to reach out, hold each other down and…
– Oh, it’s so good. – (Lizzo) God bless you.
Thank you so much. – Oh my gosh. I knew
I loved Lizzo. – She deserves all the success
in the world. This woman has been hustling
for years. – (FBE) So, that was Lizzo’s
acceptance speech after winning best
solo pop performance. Multiple outlets
like Entertainment Weekly have called this out
as a top moment, and the speech has gone viral
on social media. – I’m proud of her.
She’s such an amazing human being. – (FBE) So next up,
obviously, we can’t talk about the Grammys without showing you
some of the top performances of the night, but we do
wanna note that when our viewers see this, we will have to
mute the audio for these performances. However, we’ve linked all
of the original links down below. – Yeah, you can just watch
the links yourself. But in the meantime,
you could listen to us talking about it.
– Copyright. Can’t do that. Sorry. – Ooh. He got a can on fire?
Let’s go! – Boyz II Men opens it up,
and you realize it’s with Tyler the Creator.
– Tyler the Creator is a frickin’ artist
to the point where I don’t know how his brain works.
– This whole performance, I was just like, “What?!”
– I mean, this is just Tyler doing his character.
This is how he performs. – I like how he still commits
to this whole Igor character, you know? And this part too
was pretty dope, I thought, you know, that he was able
to get a bunch of different Igors just [bleep] going crazy.
– They don’t even need sound for this one.
They can just watch it. – Well, if that doesn’t say 2020
for you, I don’t know what does. – It’s literally lit.
Everything’s fire. His whole album was fire,
literally burned down the Grammys. – Is he gonna fall?
Homie! (claps) Ah! – That [bleep] was crazy.
Whether you [bleep] with his music or not, you can’t deny his artistry.
– He is everyone’s junior high meme lord self.
– (FBE) That performance caught the attention of a lot
of outlets that included it as a top moment of the night
such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine.
– Yeah. He did great. He deserves that.
– (FBE) Tyler’s acceptance speech also made a few lists,
so let’s take a look at that. – Hell yeah.
– (announcer) LA, stand up. “Igor,” Tyler the Creator!
– Yes! (claps) – (Tyler) That’s my mom
if y’all wondering. (chuckles) – So cute!
– So beautiful, man. She looks so proud of ‘him.
– (Tyler) All right. I gotta say my speech, dawg.
– (laughs) Like, “Yo, Mom, pull it together.”
– He’s like, “Get outta here, Mom.” – Aww, she’s so proud of him.
– Aww, his mama’s so happy. – (Tyler) Hello.
One, to my mother. You did a great job
raising this guy. – Aww, look at her!
– That was just very nice. It’s a lot of respect.
We all have to respect our parents or whoever raised us, you know?
‘Cause we’re nothing without them. – (FBE) So, this next moment
was actually voted on and chosen by our very own
FBE SuperFam. – Ooh!
– You guys always pick the best ones,
so I’m super excited for this. – (FBE) So, the SuperFam
voted for us to cover Demi Lovato’s first performance
in two years… – Damn.
– (FBE) …of her song “Anyone,” which she actually recorded
just four days before her overdose in 2018.
– Oh my gosh. This was a really heavy Grammys.
– How beautiful. – Ah, I might cry.
– Aww, you could tell it’s really emotional.
– If this is her first performance in two years, this is–
it’s not easy to get up on stage like that.
– Yeah, I mean, that takes a lot of guts to show yourself
in front of the whole world like that after everything you’ve been through.
– I’ma start crying if I see her cry. – Ah, what a great pianist!
All she had to do was look back and he stopped. I honestly
got chills when that happened. – I love it when artists really
feel what they’re singing. She’s literally tear rolling
down her cheek at the Grammys. – This is also just
so incredibly brave of her to just do a comeback performance
at the Grammys. And she got ridiculed so unfairly
by people for something that she can’t control.
She has addiction problems. – Just seeing the growth
and everything she’s been through. – It puts you in their shoes,
where you never know how anyone else is feeling
and what led them to do what they do.
– It’s crazy that the song is her asking for help
and that she wrote it days before her overdose.
– And she made it through the whole song.
She was so emotional and probably nervous
the entire time. – Addiction’s one of
the hardest things to beat and to go through
and I can’t imagine being in the public eye when that happens.
– These, you know, famous people who have millions of fans
that love and care for them, but then even that–
I feel like if you don’t have the right people there,
you feel like you have nothing. – (announcer) Billie Eilish.
– (audience cheers) – Ah, I’ve seen this one!
She just didn’t wanna win a Grammy. – (announcer) “Bad Guy” by Billie.
– I can’t! Wow! She’s beating out a lot
of the people that have been in the industry either longer than her
or that she looked up to. – (Billie) Shhh. Please sit down.
– I mean, she deserves all her success.
– (Billie) Can I just say that I think Ariana deserves this?
– Ariana got snubbed! That’s all I gotta say!
– (Billie) God, this is so crazy. Why?!
– (laughs) “Why?!” – (announcer) “Bad Guy,”
Billie Eilish. – She’s like, “Are you
[bleep] kidding me? Again?” – Dude! How many did she take?
– Wow. Her and Finneas
look almost tired but you know that
they’re jumpy inside. (chuckles) – I love how genuinely
she didn’t wanna win ’em all. – She’s also like, “Please don’t
be mean to me for winning all of this,” which sucks,
’cause she’s so young and that’s such
an amazing achievement! – (FBE) So, Billie Eilish took home
five Grammys, 10 if you include the ones that her brother Finneas
also took home. And at only 18,
she’s only the second artist to ever sweep the top categories.
– That’s crazy. – (FBE) So, Billboard called out
all of her wins as a top moment of the night.
– Oh, for sure. For sure. The top moment of the night.
– Yeah, I’d say! No wonder why she wants Ariana to win.
She’s like, “Can someone else win?” – (FBE) All right, next up
is a performance by Camila Cabello that they teased as being
for a special man in her life. – Oh. I didn’t see this. – Oh, I can’t! Dad [bleep]
makes me cry SO much! (chuckles) – Ah! When you listen
to these lyrics and finally realize she’s talking about her dad,
you know, the video of her as a kid in the back.
– Oh, her dad’s the special man! Aww.
– Okay, I’m crying, but whenever somebody sings
about their dad, I lose my [bleep], ’cause I’m not close with my dad.
– This one made me cry. Oh, man. I have a very awful relationship
with my dad, so I watching this and I’m like, “Oh my god.”
It’s nice to see that that’s how people,
you know, see their parents. – He’s crying! I can’t!
When dads cry, I can’t do it. – Damn, the daddy issues
in me is like… (laughs) – He looks like
he’s really digging it. – Beautiful moment, but also–
it also felt like it went on forever. It just felt kind of weird.
– Oh, it was beautiful. I think that was my favorite moment
of the whole Grammys. – Bringing it all back to, you know,
the first real love she kind of had. I thought it was a perfect way
to let the song into the world. – Meek Mill.
– So, one, John Legend is a very talented man.
His voice is incredible. He’s got the voice
of a million angels. – This was so cool, though,
the Nipsey Hussle tribute. – For me, this is like–
I’m watching it and it’s just like life telling me to just
do the things that you’re trying to do.
– This part was really cool. And then didn’t they illuminate
his two jerseys as well in the back? So cool. I got emotional
when I saw this too. – Icons in LA, dude.
It’s only right that they did [bleep], you know?
Look at all of them paying their– That’s an amazing photo right there.
– They’re so young and had so much life to live.
And to be cut down so short, it’s a tragedy.
– God. Those were two losses that the public and LA especially
took really hard in the community, which is the center of entertainment.
– It was just nice to see a bunch of different artists come
and represent during this tribute. – (FBE) So, that was
a tribute performance for Nipsey Hussle featuring YG,
John Legend, Kirk Franklin, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill,
and Roddy Ricch. And it even included a video clip
of Nipsey himself. They also included Kobe Bryant
in the final image that you see here of the performance.
– Two kings. – You know, you just
really think about life. Don’t take things for granted.
– (FBE) All right. Now, we are going to switch directions a little bit
and show you a particular red carpet moment that everyone
seems to be talking about. – I’m trying to think
which one it could be. – Yes!
– Who is this dude? – Oh my god, Billy Porter! (laughs)
– I need a hat like this! Turn off all the haters! (laughs)
– Yes! Ah, that’s how you wanna roll up to an award show.
Mark my words, the next episode, I will just be like, “Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to FBE.”
– This is what I wanna see you bring to the red carpet.
– Literally an icon! I wish I could do that,
just “We’re closed today.” – (FBE) Well, hold your horses,
because here comes the final moment on our list, which was featured
on lists like Billboard and Rolling Stone.
– Okay. – Oh my god! Talking about iconic.
This performance! (laughs) – Lil Nas X is such
an incredible artist. He is so fun,
but he’s also self-aware. His stuff is meant to goofy.
– BTS. Obviously. Everyone was waiting
for this 45 seconds that they were on stage.
My whole Twitter feed was just BTS.
– Oh, got Billy Ray in there! Biggest collab of all time!
– Billy Ray? My achy breaky heart.
– Go off, achy break heart! – Oh! They got Mason Ramsey!
Let’s go! A true cowboy! – This is the internet.
That’s stan culture. – For sure, for sure.
That was crazy. Dude, that was so lit.
I mean, obviously, you know, for all the people that love BTS
and all the people that love Lil Nas and “Old Town Road,”
that’s obviously gonna be an iconic moment.
– That song still slaps, though. That’s one of those songs
where you’re like, “I’m sick of it. I’ve heard it for forever”
and then years go by, it’s like, “[Bleep] crank that.”
You’re gonna be like, “Oh, [bleep]. ‘Old Town Road’ goes off.”
– (FBE) So, we hope you enjoyed this Lizzdo the top Grammy moments.
– (squeals and claps) Yes! – This “Lizzdo.” (chuckles)
I don’t know if it completely works, but I like it.
– (FBE) Thank you. I wasn’t sure if anyone
would even get it. But before we go,
were there any other moments that you maybe saw on Twitter
or anything that you think deserved a spot on this list
that we did not have a chance to talk about today?
– (laughs) Lana Del Rey buying her dress at the mall.
What an icon. – Ariana Grande’s performance
should be in this list. – Jonas Brothers and Queen Lizzo.
Her flute? Are you kidding me? And then, hello? The Jonas Brothers?
Are you kidding me? – I’d like to thank
the Recording Academy and you for watching this episode.
– Shoutout to David Flynn. – What was your top Grammy moment?
Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching. Bye!
– Hey, guys. It’s Sierra, producer here at FBE.
If you wanna help us choose moments that actually go into our episodes
along with all sorts of other perks, then you should join our SuperFam.
Head on over to the React Channel and click Join to learn more.
Bye, guys!

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