1. Other comments: Omg!!I came for the flag!!
    Me: I came here because I needed ideas for my room and aesthetics….and the college stuff….maybe the music..

  2. gay flag in thumbnail
    Me: hm this must be gay, huh?
    plays a song featured in love, simon
    Me, in tears: Hm ThiS MuSt Be GaY, hUh?

  3. at 5.30 ish , i can see some badge (?) looking things taped or stuck to the side of one of your cupboards. i would love to know what they really are.

  4. Dude your room looks so good!!!! Like it's really unique and it looks like it has so many memories in it which is really cool!

  5. Elle buss last time i saw this video you had 500 and something subscribers and you have over 2million im so happy for you congrats♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. me: looking for college move in videos
    also me: sees pride flag in thumbnail

  7. If you're new in town, my channel will show you all the best subway performers, Buskers and entertainers in Chicago!

  8. Ok ima lesbian and you have no idea how much you just motivated me to move into a college dorm just for it to be my gay cave

  9. Finaallyyy !! It's really great to see someone having a lone shelf for hoarding books. Because I've seen many move in vlogs where people are using book shelves as storage unit for storing other things but books ! As a book lover I really couldn't help but commenting here for appreciating your love for books.

  10. Her mom was moving and of course the flag got me my nephew is gay and I wanted inspiration for the dorm room I'm designing for him love it

  11. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I heard right? Did she say ‘witch craft’ or am I just tripping???👀😬

  12. hi everyone! this video has gotten some attention, so here's a little FAQ based off of all the main questions i've gotten over the past year!

    Q: what school/building is this?
    A: columbia college chicago in the dwight building!

    Q: what song?
    A: rollercoaster by bleachers!

    Q: are you gay?
    A: i'm surprised this many people have asked, considering everything about me, but yes i'm a lesbian

    Q: are you nonbinary? (based off my "they" pin)
    A: i consider myself cis, but as a butch lesbian i'm comfortable with they/them or she/her pronouns!

    Q: do you really need that much stuff?
    A: not really, but i use all of it and i'm lucky enough to have the space for it, so just let me live my life!!!

    Q: where did you get your pin board?
    A: it's from walmart! it was originally one of those boards that comes with plastic letters that you can write out messages on, but i just got rid of the letters and stick my pins on it!

    Q: did you actually say "my witchcraft stuff"???
    A: yes i did. i actually practice witchcraft, and not in the spooky scary way you might picture. i could go into a whole spiel but just look up modern witchcraft if you care enough lol

    Q: insert question about living with that giant window
    A: no i never fell out of it, yeah i changed in my room (#YOLO), and no, no one ever watched me through it (at least that i know of) lol

    Q: what does the rest of the apartment look like?
    A: i filmed a dorm tour shortly after moving in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=775sBKpgA_I

    Q: what's your major?
    A: american sign language interpreting!

    Q: do you like columbia/is it a good school?
    A: i really like it, but i know a lot of people have problems with it, which is understandable. my sign language program is amazing, but i can't speak for other people/major's experiences

    thank you for all the love and sweet comments, i appreciate them all so much!!! i hope you're having a great day! <3

  13. I seen the flag and now I'm here!! 😂🤣(new sub) and so far I really love ur personality u seem really sweet and kind and can't wait to see more if ur channel 😀

  14. considering going here in 2 years for graphic art/design, do you know anything about their programs? loved the vid btw the dorm is amazing

  15. I liked the video and all but I have one question, why did you bring all your belongings to college? P.s I admire your love for the great Keith Haring as he is one of my favs

  16. I actually go to columbia college! My name is zion! So if want to meet up for sophmore tear. Im down. I want meet new friends.

  17. college is a scam that taught me the people who teach you are really washed up individuals who couldn't make it in their own field that their teaching. Ive spent thousands of pointless dollars on books that ill only read once and forget about. The food court costs should've had me eating at a Michelin star restaurant. I went to school for art (why tf i did that is beyond me). I never got a chance to focus on my craft because Math 304 final was around the corner, and I had a paper 10 page fucking paper due for cognitive science in the same week, while also trying to memorize a part in a play. School never and will never teach you how to succeed in the real world. Go and make your own way in life…. BE FREE… Unless your a STEM kid, lol then you really need school.

  18. I toured Columbia this past November and I actually had so much fun spending the couple days in Chicago (minus how cold it was)
    Even though it was really cool, I was looking for somewhere with an actual college Campus, rather than just city buildings, so I didn't end up applying. Totally jealous of those big windows though, my dorm this year has a pretty small window, but I probably have an even better view because I'm up on the 22nd floor!

  19. I just wanted to compliment you on a) the amazing bookshelves, because those are beautiful, b) the A Darker Shade of Magic audiobook, because that's such a fantastic book and I need to read the trilogy myself, and c) the Psych postcards, because PSYCH THE MOVIE 2 IS COMING OUT and if you can't tell, I'm PUMPED! I adore your dorm room, and congratulations on gaining a new Goodreads friend request 🙂

  20. I love this whole thing but the mention of a darker shade of magic made me scream. I love that book and it’s so underrated

  21. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  22. i don't know if you still attend columbia but I'd love to get together! We have tons in common that I can see from the decorations in your room!

  23. Hey! I am thinking about going to this college! I've been accepted academically and I was wondering what dorm you lived in and what building! I love the layout!

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