Course Registration Demonstration @ St. John Fisher College.

In this video you’ll learn how to register for classes at St. John Fisher College. Let’s start by logging into the FishRNet homepage by entering the secure area. Your user ID is your “@00XXXXXX” number that starts with the a “zero zero” and continues on with six more digits for total of nine characters, including the “@” symbol. Also enter your FishRNet PIN. Once in, click student services. Next click registration and then registration status. Select the appropriate term for the semester for which you wish to register. Hit submit. This screen shows you whether you have any holds on your account that might prohibit you from course registration. More on that in a moment. Continuing students will have a registration time ticket, which is the day and time a student may begin registering for the coming semester. Good news for this student. The account used in this video has no time ticket. That won’t be typical, nor does it have any holds which prevent course registration. If a student does have a hold which prevents course registration go back to student services, financial aid, student records, and view holds. The information on this screen will allow you to resolve any holds by contacting the office listed and taking action as needed. Now on to course registration. We’ll click back to student services, and financial aid, and registration. From here, click add drop classes. Now at this point continuing students will be asked to enter their alternate pin. This is the six digit number that they obtain from their academic advisor after discussing their course registration plans. It changes each semester and is needed after course registration if changes are to be made to the schedule. So it’s best to keep it in a safe place. First semester freshmen and transfer students aren’t assigned in an alternate pin. As a result they aren’t prompted to them to enter the pin. Again, the student account used in this demonstration has no alternate pin assigned. So we move right on to adding and dropping classes. Enter the course registration number, or CRN’s, associated with the courses that you and your academic advisor discussed. These can be found at the FishRNet login page under courses offered. In this case, we’ll select fall 2018, check all subjects, and search. Here’s a course registration number for ARTS 203. The number is 15903. I’ll copy and then paste it into the empty CRN box. We’ll add a number of other courses to this as well, and then hit submit changes. The results show under current schedule. Notice that a student will receive an error message if registration for a specific course was unsuccessful. In this case the student tried to register for a course that was already full: ARTS 108. Other errors might include missing a prerequisite and trying to register for a course restricted to a specific major, or level. if the student wishes to drop a class simply click “drop via web,” and hit submit. Now the student is registered for 12 credit hours, four classes, as evidenced here. It’s smart to double-check the course registration Click Student Services and Financial Aid. Then Registration and then Student Schedule. A continuing students’ schedule will default to the current week. So enter a date later in the upcoming semester, for example I’ll click September 15th for the upcoming fall semester, and hit submit. Here the student can see the schedule one, two, three four classes enrolled for the fall term. That’s all there is to it

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