DMT “Spirit Molecule” & Near Death Experiences

DMT “Spirit Molecule” & Near Death Experiences

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [launch and wooshing sounds] DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is one of the
most powerful psychedelics known to humanity. And in this video, I’m gonna share why this
substance has changed my life forever. And why I’m now convinced that DMT is a key
to unlocking new discoveries about some of life’s greatest mysteries. I’m also gonna discuss some of the fascinating
similarities between DMT experiences and Near death experiences. Mainstream science, of course, tells us that
DMT and near death experiences are nothing more than hallucinations in the brain. But in this video, I’m going to present some
undeniable evidence that there is much more to this mystery, there is much more to the
mystery of consciousness than we currently understand. So while I am not at all trying to glorify
or promote the use of DMT, which is an illegal and potentially dangerous substance, I very
much think that this is a topic that needs to be explored and discussed in a safe and
responsible manner. So let’s get into it. On my previous DMT videos, I get a lot of
comments that go something like this: “Bro, this is a drug that causes hallucinations” “Hallucinations are just that. Nothing you saw was real.” “I’d like to try it. But it’s really just a hallucination from
a chemical.” “Dude! you were high.” “DMT is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it’s
just hallucinating.” Or as this one person put it: “You god damn
hippies!!!” Well said my friend. I can almost guarantee that every person posting
this comment have not tried DMT for themselves. Because one of the most commonly reported
descriptions or characteristics of the DMT experience is that it feels intensely real. it feels more real than this lifetime. As bizarre as that sounds, that was one of
the key findings in the research of Dr. Rick Strassman. “People under a high dose of DMT in our work,
they repeatedly and uniformly say that the experience is more real than real. It’s the most real thing that’s ever happened
to them.” And to quote Dennis McKenna, “Life itself
is a drug experience.” Every waking moment that we have is a chemically
mediated process. So there’s no reason to instantly assume that
ordinary consciousness is more real or more valid than a drug experience, because in a
sense it’s all a drug experience! And just because we spend more time
on this channel, doesn’t mean that the other channels of experience aren’t real. With all that being said, I now want to continue this discussion by saying a few words about the DMT experience. And after having tried DMT personally on more
than 50 different occasions, I still struggle to put this into words or describe what this
experience feels like. This is one of the most intense and rapid
shifts in consciousness that can possibly be imagined. Within a few seconds, a few heartbeats, of
inhaling the DMT vapor, you notice it immediately. It feels as though every cell in your being
begins vibrating with an intense energy, like the life force in your being has been turned
up to max volume. Boom! And, if you take a sufficient dose, what happens
next again is truly indescribable but it’s commonly known as a DMT “Breakthrough” because
it feels as though you break through into a different reality. And the best way to describe it is that it
feels as though consciousness, or your soul, your spirit, has left the body and is traveling. And you move through some sort of inner portal
and emerge on the other side in what feels like a different realm of existence, a different
dimension, like an alternate reality beyond this physical universe. It feels like you have left this reality behind,
temporarily, and you’re just this pure consciousness, pure energetic being that is traveling through
a different place, a different realm, a different dimension. There is an incredibly broad range of different
types of DMT experiences but one of the most commonly reported um, characteristics that
is reported in almost every, every DMT experience is that when you emerge in these other realms
or dimensions, we encounter beings. These alternate realms and dimensions are
inhabited by all types of strange and bizarre creatures, sometimes they are described as
machine elves, or gnomes, or these kind of mischievous jester-like figures. In other cases they seem to be more like an
advanced extraterrestrial race of beings. In other cases still, they seem like angelic
spiritual beings and just as likely, they can seem like demonic beings. Now, as wild and bizarre as that all sounds,
keep in mind that in the experience itself, it feels more real than real, it feels intensely
real. And probably any of you out there who have
tried this experience for yourselves are nodding your head along like, “Yup, as strange as
that all is, that is what it feels like.” Now, I also want to say that DMT experiences
are not always felt to be these profound spiritual experiences. DMT is not an inherently spiritual experience. But it is very much true that a significant
percentage of people who have tried DMT report these incredibly profound mystical experiences. And speaking from my own experience, on a
handful of cases, some of the most memorable DMT experiences I’ve ever had, there was this
overwhelming, undeniable feeling that DMT in this moment was showing me what I could
only describe as some sort of heavenly afterlife. And it felt like a direct encounter with the
infinite…with the infinite! Dr. Rick Strassman, after his years of research
administering more than 400 doses of DMT in a clinical setting concluded that DMT exists
in our brains in order to act as a “spirit molecule” which allows consciousness to travel
out of the physical body and gain access to non-material realms. Now whether or not you agree with that idea,
this brings us back to the fascinating similarities between DMT and near death experiences. And researchers and psychonauts have long
since recognized that these experiences are so remarkably similar that it’s often almost
impossible to differentiate between the two. For example this article out of the Imperial
College of London is called “DMT Models the Near-Death Experience” and to quote from the
article, the researchers found a “significant overlap in nearly all of the NDE phenomenological
features” and “striking similarities” when comparing DMT to near death experiences. And I have to commend the authors here for
putting out this fascinating research into the world, and I’ll include a link below for
anyone interested. Just like with the DMT, near death experiences
are characterized with very similar terms and descriptions. For example, peopel report that their near
death experience felt like an out of body experience where they left the body, this
lifetime, behind…traveled through some sort of tunnel or portal, emerged in a different
transcendent realm or dimension of existence beyond the physical universe, they encountered
beings, in many cases gained new insights about the mysteries of life and their purpose
here on planet earth. And these are just some of the similarities. Now it’s worth noting that there are also
some significant differences between DMT and near death experiences, and those differences
is something I can explore more in a future video. But for the time being, the point remains
that…there are undeniable similarities and parallels here between the descriptions, characteristics,
and themes that arise in near death and DMT experiences. And this is really fascinating, this begs
so many questions. Because there’s no obvious reason why these
two very different experiences should be linked. Especially considering that they emerge out
of incredibly different circumstances. What do you guys make of this? I’m very curious to hear your thoughts, please
leave them in the comment section below. We know that DMT is naturally produced in
the human body, that’s been scientifically proven. And this has led some researchers to theorize
that in times of extreme stress around death, the brain may release high levels of DMT which
then trigger these near death experiences. And it’s an interesting theory but there’s
not yet any scientific evidence to back that up or support that theory, and this still
leaves us with many questions. Why is it that hundreds of thousands of people,
from all over the world, describe these altered states of consciousness in the exact same
way, using the same descriptions and characteristics? If these were all just hallucinations everyone
would have a unique experience, you would expect extreme variability in different types
of these hallucinations, and you would never expect this remarkable consistency, especially
across different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. But what we find is that regardless of social,
cultural, and religious background, regardless of what time period the person individual
has lived in, everyone describes these altered states of consciousness in incredibly similar
ways, and this is building towards a consensus. And this is not really news, like these are
not new ideas. If you go back to the 1960’s you had people
like Alan Watts discussing the remarkable similarities between psychedelic experiences,
and spiritual experiences. And that’s why, to go back even further, our
ancestors have used psychedelics for thousands of years in their spiritual and shamanic practices. And all of these shamanic traditions, from
all over the world, they all universally agree that these altered states of consciousness
can be a key to getting us in touch with the divine. To opening our minds and our hearts to a bigger
awareness, a bigger picture understanding of the mystery of life. At some point we have to consider that maybe,
these experiences of other realms and dimensions and beings are very real. In a way that we don’t yet understand. If you ask me, that is the very clear conclusion
here, that we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional existence, that
this entire physical universe is only the tiniest tip of the infinite iceberg that is
the mystery of life, and we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface. But at this very special time in human history,
we are beginning to open up to this broader awareness, where we recognize that we are
more than just a physical body, and there is more to life than a physical universe,
and when we really begin to explore and discover what is beyond, that will change life on earth
forever. And so whatever you believe, regardless of
what we believe, one thing is clear: we need to continue to investigate these altered states
of consciousness because there is so much to be learned here. This very well could be a scientific breakthrough
in our understanding of consciousness, that consciousness is not produced by the brain,
but in fact consciousness exists beyond the brain, beyond the physical body, that we are
transcendent beings in a temporary human lifetime, and that in this case, truth really is stranger
than fiction. Thank you so much as always for watching everyone. If you enjoyed this video, please consider
supporting me on patreon, it really helps me to continue making videos just like this
one. I’m sending so much love to every single one
of you out there and I will see you back here very soon.

64 Replies to “DMT “Spirit Molecule” & Near Death Experiences”

  1. Entheogens are medicinal substances and can be helpful for some in the very beginning if used wisely.

    However, they are incapable of giving birth to Total Enlightenment. Millions of people have used entheogens over and over again, but how many are Totally Enlightened?

    Chemicals are limited and the limited is incapable of ever giving birth to Infinity.

    The material is incapable of ever giving birth to Spirit, Soul, Heart.

    Total Enlightenment is actually being Totally Free of fear, anxiety, and suffering.

    They who are Totally Enlightened actually treat everyone, without exception, with the same intensity and quality of care and affection that they would give their dearest closest friend, lover, or child, without any sense of division, separation or distance, and without an iota of bias or prejudice, in each and every moment of their daily life.

    Enlightenment does not take time.

    It is not of time.
    It is not the result of time or the things of time.
    It is not the result of any method, ritual, or diet.
    It is not the result of any chemical.
    It is not the result of any process.

    There is no path to it.

    It happens effortlessly and choicelessly…faster than the speed of light.
    Moreover, it is once and for all, now and forever.

    Do Jacob's Ladder. Set yourself Totally Free of fear, anxiety, sorrow, suffering, confusion, alienation, addictions, envy, greed, jealousy, pride, anger, hatred, violence, bias, and prejudice, in daily life, once and for all, now forever.
    See my group on Facebook: "Total Enlightenment NOW!".

    After your Enlightenment, come join me on the front lines where we are working to move us all on planet Earth from the way things are today to a Whole New Way of Living rooted in Love and Wisdom.
    See my group on Facebook: "Creating a Wonderful World. (let's get it done already)".

  2. Psychdelic drugs dissolve the illusion of "me" which is the ego. And we experience that which we are, and what we as individuals should strive towards: Absolute Love.
    "The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth, and men do not see it."

  3. chemistry is positive once or twice in case of materialistic minds, but enlightenment beyond body and beyond thinking depends on meditation.

  4. All of the comments saying that it was just a hallucination are not discounted simply because it "felt" real to you. That's the whole point…it feels real, but it's just a hallucination in your mind. It may have very important spiritual or mental benefits, but I highly doubt that it transports you outside of your body or anything like that.

  5. Just a hallucination? I would like these people to explain why people see the same things and have the same experiences in the same places with the same types of entities. Explain how that is possible? There is no way a drug could make you hallucinate specific things. Unless you were going to an actual place

  6. Jonas and I shared an amazing nearly two hour conversation recently and I consider this, our first meeting an incredible BLESSING.

    A day or so later I was watching Jonas’s channel and other NDE content on YouTube as well, so I text him to ask if he too felt the similarities and strong parallels between the two?

    Jonas was literally preparing this video at that time! Coincidence? GTFO!

    This young man is a gifted & talented amazing individual and those of you who are here are also blessed to have access to this channel. He is offering you guidance on LIFE CHANGING experiences.

    You can leave a like or a comment but if this channel resonates with you then please consider supporting Jonas by making a donation or better yet ongoing donations so he can keep doing this incredible work.

    Nothing you can but or acquire in this life can possibly have the positive impact Jonas’s content can.

    *No I am not paid or hired to promote Jonas.

    I happened upon this channel serendipitously and I am convinced of its tremendous personal value to me and others, so I’m a supporter.

  7. I believe at death the brain makes dmt and 5 meo dmt scientists have already shown that mice brains make dmt when oxygen levels are low. I only know a couple of people who have extracted dmt and 5 meo dmt from the same plant and ingested a Moi. Apparently that is next level might be the missing link or the Ultimate candy flip.

  8. Hey Jonas. Did you experiment with other psychedelics before trying DMT? I have a grandpa who’s a schizophrenic and because of that I’ve been very careful with entering the psychedelic universe. I’ve read a lot about DMT and feel like I know how to take my precautions with this mysterious substance. I’m really interested in trying it, but when I read about out, others recommend experimenting with “milder” psychedelics instead of going straight to DMT. I’m aware that experimenting with other psychs might give me an idea what I can expect recovery-wise/ the headspace after a hallucinogenic experience. How did you go about this? I btw love your videos, keep working on the awesome and very interesting content!

  9. for me it felt like i woke up from a dream that i instantly forgot and the dream was my whole life on planet earth, it felt like i died and my soul/energy got transfered to a womb that gave birth to my consciousness in another dimension that felt more real and more home than this one we are in right now. i did not know how i existed, i did not understand what it meant to just "be", all i knew was that it had always been that way, its like i got a taste of what infinity/timelessness feels like. it was so freaking bizarre totally fucking insane, it also felt like i entered the deepest parts of my DNA. there is no way anyone can be prepared for it, i have done my fare share of hallucinogens but GODDAAAMN
    edit: i have only smoked dmt once and that one time was enough lmao

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. I haven´t had DMT so I cannot comment on what it feels like without a common frame of reference. However I do know form meditation that this reality is a sort of dream or simulation, a reflection on the mirror of the infinite, eternal conscious void from where everything emerges.

  11. I think you are awesome! I believe that everything you are saying is close to the truth and you are really making this explanation seem very plausible. I have never tried DMT, but I have a deep urge inside of me which needs to understand the nature of "life" and what "a greater meaning is all about". As I have continued waking up (still am) I see the same sorts of clues in "our reality" which points at us being something completely different than what we have learned to believe. The science is confirming these alternate explanations to life and the universe, over and over – both mathematically and intuitive/experienced. We need to carefully consider the possibility that the REAL truth about the nature of our existence might be vastly different from what we learn in school quite frankly! During my research (which is completely driven by curiosity and the urge to understand our existence), I have seen enough evidence to draw the conclusion that these explanations of the nature of universe seem to be the most probable and well-proven scientifically. However, we need to expand our minds and at least consider that everything we ever learned to believe, might be false.

    Awesome video!

  12. Do you have any other contact to find out more about dmt? ..I will like to try this myself but very seldom can I find honest ppl the can advice me more information on this topic.

  13. I've said it once, I'll say it again.. I love the usage of TOOL videos on your channel. Out of every artist I've listened to, TOOL is the only one that has propelled me down my spiritual path just as much as psychedelics have

  14. Glad you made this video, Jonas. I've also noticed the profound similarities between DMT and NDE experiences. It further substantiates to me the physical world is just a temporary illusion, and the realm of consciousness is the eternal truth. Our physical bodies are filters for our conscious existence, but our imaginations remain as links to the eternal. I guess these links are expanded with altered states of consciousness such as psychedelics, deep meditation, dream states, etc.

    However, the mystery to me now is why.. What is the purpose of this illusory existence? To cultivate and enrich our souls, and evolve into higher states of consciousness? To experience emotion and learn the universal importance of love? For our Creator, the Divine Source to experience itself through our eyes? So many theories.. but that is the essential mystery of life!

  15. That is correct. That's what I felt, I died and got back to my body when the effect went away. You are in the source, where you came from. I forgot parts of it, but I know I wasn't in my body, and it was difficult to come back to my body. I can say, I felt the love, and so many emotions I can't even describe it. It goes beyond words, you have to experience it because I don't think, as human beings we are even able to explain it.

  16. Psychedelics are being microdosed with great success throughout the UK. What was knowledge decades ago is finally being 'legalized'. Western psychiatrics and big pharma don't want you healed; they want you F'd up n comin back for more. Xanax ("Aaalllll the benzooos"), lithium, drone-ssri/maoi, ambien, you name it. I didn't take narcotics, but they f'd me up for decades on antis.

    DMT is illegal because they don't want people to see truth. They want people to see Abrahamic punishment, lobbyists' political games with rooks n bishops who 'care' about us, nonsensical invasive 'healthcare', imperialism, and they want us to worry about taxes and bills until we meet the deaths we've been shown to fear.

    Ancient civilizations knew spiritual, tribal truths; they knew they were looking through time when they gazed at the stars. And yet there were entire cities 50 years ago teaching their students the 'Universe' ended with Pluto…must have something to do with Control.

    We will be wiped out by an event, just like the undiscovered civilizations buried deep underground/water before us. It's the cyclical nature of things, and I couldn't be happier with it. Survivors will remain, the race will rebuild through the ages, and again an event will come. According to history, this will happen many times over before we, as a species, end our own disingenuous frustration and turmoil.

    'It's just a chemical' is undeniable support for my hypothesis and similar, as the chemical aspect is a key part to our species unlocking a higher level of uniform consciousness. Most of man's rage comes from his discontent belly, the serotonin/dopamine factory; the necessary, intrinsic chemicals for the evolution of our species, and thus consciousness.

  17. Jonas, what do you experience when you take DMT. Can you explain it like a cinema (in order)? Have you seen your past lives in your DMT experience? Or have you seen what future events are going to happen in future in your DMT experience? Did you experience yourself as eternal and all pervasive soul or as god in your DMT experience?

  18. ..i would say; the fact that something FEELS more real than real doesn’t mean it is real, and the fact that people see the same hallucinations doesn’t make it real either, i mean people at dance festivals often see the same hallucinations (sunglasses, tables, fences, wheelchairs) but that doesn’t mean it’s real.. Next year im going to try DMT for the first time, im wondering if my dmt-experience is going to change my opinion on the subject..

  19. Maybe the DMT experience is the Guts of dreams..
    Like when you look inside a machine or a device and see all the sophisticated wiring, electronic chips etc.

  20. This molecule is life changing for sure. I have had about 10 experiences, mostly on the lower end of the scale. But wow is all I can say. The last time was utterly mind blowing, felt as if I could see several dimensions outside of this reality. I am trying to change my life, outlook and addiction cycles through careful use of psychadelics. Is anyone else on the same path?

  21. I think DMT is not exactly like physical death, but is a type of death. I believe the experience is of a genuine reality beyond the perceived constraints of three or four dimensions. I believe in an ordinary state humans see what is truly a projection of their own being the way the image of yourself when you look in a mirror is not the real you. You can only see the reflection of your face. You can never see your face. All of what we call the external world is like a reflection. And when are in three dimensional, material consciousness we see a 3D material reflection. When we are in narrative consciousness, and we have a name, an age, a story, and aspirations, then we perceive a reality with past present and future, a reality of time. But we project time and space. We are not in them. And so under DMT the brain is freed from the constraints of narrative, time, and space. This re-opens the portal into higher dimensions that we ourselves closed with the our stories, beliefs, and material bound perspectives of individuality and separateness. And physical death also does that. Hence the similarity. But when dmt is the vehicle for the experience i believe we interface with some other sub or trans-biological realm(s) that is densely populated with intelligence.

  22. I was literally just trying to explain this to my friends GF today at the beach. I 100% believe in what you are saying and I really believe that the world’s collective consciousness is growing. Thank you so much for the video. It’s because people like you and me spreading this message that will change this world for the better. P.S.- it’s so crazy that this video popped up as soon as I went on YouTube.

  23. I've lived within the secret truth. The soul exists and its fucking gorgeous beyond words. It doesn't even end there.

  24. Ayahuaska changed my life… the most challenging part was the after…. coming back to the matrix and confronting myself with what people think reality is….
    I have reached the point where I no longer join conversations on these topics for me sacred…. it is up to the people to be curious and to search for answers.
    I had mine through Ayahuaska…. and I can confirm every single word Jonas is saying.
    Namaste 🙏🏻

  25. Hey man found your channel from your comment on the Quentin experiment's channel.  I thought you'd be interested to know that I had an "Out of body" experience the morning after a mushroom micro-dose in 2003.  Excellent video!  New subscriber!  Way more going on than "hallucinations"  I felt called to mention the Mandela effect on Quentin's channel…  Yeah look into it…  it's real!  Reality is just the tip of the iceberg!  I suspect what we call reality could more accurately be described as a collective dream.  Yes consciousness is beyond the brain!  The brain is just the receiver, tuning into consciousness I think.  I suspect that the folds on the surface of the brain have a similar function of absorption just like the folds on the surface of the small intestine.  I see consciousness as a fundamental force of the universe.  Someday…  somebody better than me with math will find the equation to prove this!

  26. If you see this DMT please let her know that I’m looking forward to meeting her. Have her call out my name and I’ll come running.

  27. Dmt similarities in different cultures can actually disappear. Also it was only proved that dmt is produced in the rat brain. We should be open to anything but I doubt we can make conclusions now.

  28. During death and the moment of birth your pineal gland dumps a large dose of DMT…I think it's so your soul can get in and out

  29. I'd like to get some dmt but I don't know how to find it…ive I looked into buying an iboga tree and extracting it myself…but it's Illegal to get them shipped here tho being 1% DMT… I could Extract it from grass or plants but it would be a extreme amount of work… The iboga tree has the highest concentration of any known plant

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