Generations React To The Must Watch Movies Of 2020

Generations React To The Must Watch Movies Of 2020

– You guys are killing me. This looks like
the greatest movie ever. – Just that instrumental
of “Reflection,” it makes misty-eyed!
– Calling it now, my movie of the year.
End of discussion. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Do you consider yourself
a big fan of movies? – Yes. I am the biggest fan
of movies. – I would consider myself
a pretty big movie buff. – My whole family,
we love movies. We quote movies back and forth.
– (FBE) Well, we are going to take a look at some
of the most highly anticipated movies of 2020.
We made our list from a combination of several lists across the internet.
While we know there are many exciting films coming up
in 2020, we obviously aren’t able to include everything.
– Yeah. – (FBE) So, we decided to look
at those lists and focused only on movies that have trailers.
– Okay. – If Mulan isn’t on the list,
I don’t know what is. ♪ (’80s electropop music) ♪
– “1984.” – First of all, music choice,
10 out of 10 for the trailer. – (Max) Welcome to the future.
– 1984 has passed. (laughs) – (Max) Life is good,
but it can be better. – What is this movie?
– Ah, yeah! Wonder Woman!
– Wonder Woman!! So excited.
– (Max) Think about finally having everything you..
– Yes, Kristen Wiig. – (Diana whispers) Steve.
– Ste– I need an explanation! How is he here?!
He died in the last movie. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– This looks cool. It looks like a video game.
– They did a really good job with the first Wonder Woman,
and I like the ’80s theme of this. – (speaks Hebrew)
That’s Hebrew for “She’s very pretty.” – And she’s swinging on lightning!
Take that, Spider-Man! – She’s lassoing lightning!
And this outfit, ah, it’s everything. – Oh, this is gonna be
a good movie. ♪ (’80s electropop music) ♪
– Ah, the ’80s. Oh, it looks so cute.
– I kind of didn’t want a romantic interest
in this at all. Do we have to have
the drive for the second one to be, once again, this man?
– (FBE) That was the trailer for the highly anticipated
Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 1984.
– Yes. – (FBE) This will mark
the third female-driven film for the current DC extended universe
following Birds of Prey, because this comes out after.
– Yeah, that one’s coming out too. Yeah, Patty Jenkins did
such a good job with the first movie, and I’m so very excited
that she’s back directing the sequel. – (FBE) And this will also be
the ninth superhero film with a female lead.
– Ohhh! That’s a big deal. – (FBE) How do you feel
about more diverse superhero films being released?
– I find it actually really cool. I mean, something I would
personally wanna see next would be also other types of genders.
We have obviously the male and the female.
We also can do, like, trans. – Everybody loves superhero movies.
Everyone likes seeing a hero that they can look up to
and they can see some parts of themselves in.
– (M) The world is arming… – Oh! I haven’t seen this.
– Another James Bond movie. – (Nomi) The world’s
moved on, Commander Bond. – (Bond) You a double O?
– I’m watching this. I can already tell you that.
– (guard) Name? – Bond. James Bond. – He said it.
– (Safin) License to kill. (gun fires)
– (Bond) History isn’t kind to men who play god.
– Oh, Rami Malek’s in this movie? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– There’s the song. – “No Time to Die.”
– Is this R? ‘Cause if it is,
I can’t watch it. – (FBE) So, No Time to Die
will mark the fifth James Bond movie to star Daniel Craig.
– Love him. – (FBE) So, No Time to Die
actually brought on Fleabag creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge
as the second woman to ever write on a Bond film.
– Wow, she wrote for this movie? That’s awesome.
– (FBE) The franchise has continued to be popular since 1962.
What do you think about Bond as a franchise and why do you think
it’s resonated with audiences for so long?
– (sighs) I just think it’s a classic and the whole line, like,
“My name’s Bond, James Bond,” it’s like people
don’t wanna let it die. – Somehow, they turned
into family movies. They’re classic.
They are always being updated. They’re doing their best,
and I think it’s really cool. – (Romanoff) I’ve lived
a lot of lives… – Black Widow.
– Ooh. It took a while. It took a bit,
but we made it. We got there. – (Yelena) I know you’re out there.
– (Romanoff) I know you know I’m out here.
– It’s nice to see her back, since, you know, she’s like,
(croaks) in present day in the MCU. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – I love that part.
It’s not clean. It’s messy. When her foot came
and it hit right there and then came down
really unattractively. Fights are messy. They’re brutal.
It’s really important to show, especially in a female-led
action movie. – (Romanoff) It’s good
to see you too, sis. (wheels screeching)
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – She’s incredibly beautiful.
It doesn’t make sense. – It looks like a super spy movie.
– (Romanoff) …where it all started. – You’re gonna stick out
like a sore thumb, though. – Oh, yeah. This has
so many women in it. I’m down. – (Romanoff) It’s gonna
be a hell of a reunion. – (Alexei) Family… back together again.
– Oh, is that Hopper? – I love her, ’cause she’s
from a lot of horror movies. – Just from this, I can tell
that this is gonna be a hit movie. – That’s a cool shot.
That’s a cool shot. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ See, I thought I was done
with seeing Marvel movies. I was like, “I don’t need
to see any more.” And then I see that. I’m like,
“Okay, yeah, I’ll see that.” – (FBE) That was the trailer for
the upcoming Black Widow solo film. – Yeah.
– (FBE) This movie has been discussed for roughly five years now,
with Marvel Studio’s president and chief creative officer,
Kevin Feige, going back and forth on whether or not
it was in development. Do you think it’s too little
too late to be giving her her own movie, especially
after the events of Endgame, where she dies? Why or why not?
– We don’t need to talk about Endgame. Why don’t we just be thankful
that we’re getting an amazing movie in 2020? We don’t need
to talk about the past. We especially don’t need
to talk about Endgame. No, no. – So, then, since 2014,
we had, I don’t know, every other [bleep] Marvel movie
and we never got Black Widow. I think it’s late,
but it’s never too late. I’m glad that we’re finally
giving her the credit she deserves. – “Jason Reitman.”
– (Grooberson) There hasn’t been a ghost sighting…
– Oh! Ghostbusters. – All right. This looks like
Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters. ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– (chuckles) People are like, “Are they trying to do
Stranger Things with Ghostbusters?” That’s all I’ve basically
heard about this trailer. – (Phoebe) My grandfather died.
– Ooh. I like all of these. They’re dark and scary.
– (Phoebe) …we’re just here to pick through the rubble of his life. – (gasps) No way. – Oh, Paul Rudd.
Love that man. – (Grooberson) Who are you? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– You guys are killing me. This looks like
the greatest movie ever. – (Trevor) Come on, darlin’.
– Oh, and it even has Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.
– And he got the ECTO-1. – Wow! ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– Ghostbusters: Afterlife. That looks good!
I gotta say. I know they got a lot of heat
with the last Ghostbusters they made. – (FBE) So, that was the trailer
for the third installment of the Ghostbusters franchise,
Ghostbusters: Afterlife. And yes, it will be
a continuation of the franchise unlike the 2016 all women remake
by Paul Feig. – Saw the trailer for that,
but I never actually went to see it. I think it was because
I was young…er. – It looks good.
And it has a good cast. And it looks like it respects
all the old nods. – Ghostbusters is one of those movies
that just trying to do a direct remake is gonna be difficult.
People are very emotionally connected to that original movie.
So, if you’re gonna keep that going, you’ve gotta change it up
and at least keep the spirit. – I’ve watched all
the Ghostbusters movies. They’re really, really good.
I really wanna watch that. – Yes, Mulan! So excited.
– (messenger) Every family must contribute one…
– This is gonna be a great movie. – (messenger) Have you no son?
– (Hua Zhou) I am blessed with two daughters.
– “I’m blessed with two daughters.” Yes. (claps)
– (Mulan) Loyal, brave, and true. ♪ (dramatic “Reflection”
instrumental) ♪ – Just that instrumental
of “Reflection,” it makes me misty-eyed! – Wow. The cinematography
is unbelievable. – I’m Hua Mulan.
– This isn’t Mulan. This is a war movie,
and it has Mulan stuff in it. ♪ (soft “Reflection” instrumental) ♪ – Oh, that music just gave me chills.
I’m definitely gonna watch that in theaters. Oh my gosh. Mulan is one
of my favorite Disney movies, one of my favorite movies ever.
– Calling it now, my movie of the year.
End of discussion. – (FBE) So, Disney has been making
a lot of live action remakes of their own films,
and next up is Mulan. With this film, they’ve actually
attempted to make it more culturally accurate
than the original. That means they’ve cut out
a lot of the famous music, keeping some of it
in instrumental form, and changed up most
of the characters, cutting fan-favorite Shang.
How do you feel about this remake? – It just seems like they’re kind of
respecting the culture. – Here, they’re trying
to portray that culture, and they’re trying to show
the bravery of a woman, so it’s not gonna be the same.
I’m 100% okay with them doing whatever they have to do
to make the film better. – (officer) You should be at least
a two-star admiral by now. – Ooh! Top Gun!
I forgot about this one. – (officer) …captain.
– Mm. – Tom Cruise, man.
He’s still got it. – I have no idea what this is. – Something tells me
that’s actually him doing that. – Oh, it’s Top Gun! Oh! I haven’t seen one of those
in a long time. – (FBE) With a lot of these classics
getting sequels, there’s a lot of talk around nostalgia
and the idea of preying on it to make money instead
of coming up with original ideas. – Yeah. It’s kind of messed up,
but a lot of people– like, I love feeling nostalgic,
so it’s kinda like, you already know that that’s what’s you’re watching it.
– I do love seeing sequels and stuff for movies that I love,
so I’m sure that’s how some people feel about Top Gun.
But at the same time, I do feel like there need
to be more original movies. And not just that there
needs to be more original movies, but when there are original movies,
people need to go out and see them. – (Sonic) On my planet, people…
– Yes! (claps) Sonic! – Oh, god! Sonic! Yes!
– He looks better. He looks better now.
– The best part about this trailer is the music and the random
little things that they did that felt like the old video games.
– This looks fun. It looks charming
now that he doesn’t look like the devil.
– (Tom) Mr…? – Dr. Robotnik.
– Wait! That’s Jim Carrey? – Jim Carrey looks so ridiculous
and over the top, though. – (Robotnik screams)
– (chuckles) – (Sonic) Here comes the boom.
– This guy’s good. (laughs) – (Sonic) I have no idea!
– That looks so much cuter and so much better.
You’re gonna tell me they couldn’t do that
from the first one, the beginning? – I mean, I don’t know.
I don’t even know how to feel. Do we really need
a Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Apparently.
– I’m actually gonna see this. Honestly, just ’cause the studio
put all this effort into it. I’m like, I’m down.
– It just really looks very energetic. It looks like it’s gonna
be a big hit. I’m really excited to watch it.
– (FBE) Well, this is the second trailer for the upcoming
Sonic the Hedgehog film, which was released after
the controversy around the first trailer because
of Sonic’s design. They actually redesigned
the character and tweaked the storyline of the film
based on their audience’s concerns. How do you feel about
a movie taking its audience into consideration like this?
– That is great, and I’m glad they changed it,
’cause I remember seeing the original Sonic,
and it was just awful. – As the audience, as people who give
their money to these projects, we’re the ones that actually
turned an entire studio on their head to be like,
“We’re not gonna support this one. Change it.”
– I’m gonna go see it just because they actually listened to fans
and changed up Sonic’s look. The movie studio heard people
being like, “What is this? This is just terrifying
and creepy. Change it!” And they changed it!
– (FBE) Finally, what movie– it doesn’t have to be one
you saw today– are you most looking forward
to seeing in 2020? – Well, probably Mulan.
– It’s Mulan. – I’m actually really excited
to see Mulan. – Ghostbusters looks really good.
– I think the Ghostbusters one looks interesting.
I think they could do a good job, especially ’cause, I mean,
it’s the previous director or writer’s son.
– The Black Widow, I’m really excited about.
– Wonder Woman I think would probably be the number one movie
I’m excited for next year. – Overall, I’m just
really hyped for 2020. 2020’s the year people
for good and bad. New decade! I’m sadly leaving Kids React.
I’ve been on here since I was five years old.
I think that means I’m an original. I really hope you’ll come
check me out on Teens React. Bye-bye!
Bye! Boo.
Bye, bye, bye, bye! Goodbye!
BYE! Bye!
Bye, everyone! Bye, guys. (chuckles)
Bye, guys! Bye.

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  2. Wait I'm confused… how is cutting Shang culturally accurate? He was just a chinese guy. I get it if they were to cut Mushu. Gg the Eddie Murphy dragon wouldn't make much sense but what's wrong with shang

  3. The movie I'm most looking forward to in 2020:
    Either Birds of Prey, In The Heights, or the Legally Blonde 3 movie that is rumored to be coming out.

  4. 1984 looks AMAZING!!!!!!

    No one will ever be "done" seeing Marvel movies. Once you're in, it's forever.

    Finn Wolfhard AND Paul Rudd in "Ghostbusters"! You've got me!

    I never liked "Mulan," so… I don't care.

  5. Seeing this was upsetting, because We are getting no new ideas all of this stuff is remakes and reboots and sequels not one original idea is being funded and now we’re at a creative plateau

  6. Can we appreciate that were getting 4 badass movies with female leads
    Black widow
    Wonder woman 1984
    Birds of prey

  7. Carson…oh, Carson. The 2020 Mulan movie is a better representation of Mulan than your Disney animated Mulan. The Ballad of Mulan is a story of war, filial piety, and sisterhood. Also some romance.

  8. I think Mulan is going to be a flop.. I hated the first one.. but I'm not a Snowflake so yeah Mulan is going to be a flop. Now Ghostbusters Afterlife from what I've seen and heard is going to be a surprise hit. And Black Widow I hope is a hit because Y G G

  9. Imma say it,
    Natasha (Black Widow) deserved her solo movie before Carol (Captain Marvel). Captain Marvel was a way to introduce Carol into the mcu so people wouldn't be confused when she had a big role in Endgame, but in Endgame, she was more used as a shortcut to end the movie, she didn't have as big of a role as I wanted and expected her to have. Giving Natasha a solo movie before the events of Endgame would've made her death a lot more meaningful.

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