Haunted Universities: College of William & Mary

Haunted Universities: College of William & Mary

The College of William and Mary was founded
on February 8, 1693, under a Royal Charter issued by King William III and Queen Mary
II of England. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, it is the
second oldest institution of higher education in the United States. William and Mary became a private college
after it separated from England during the American War for Independence in 1776. Today, it is a public research university
and its campus is full of history, mysteries, and hauntings. Tucker Hall has a strange connection to the
high number of suicides at William and Mary. In 2015, there were 4 different student suicides
out of over 8,000 students who attended. Tucker Hall was originally built as a library,
then housed the law department for 13 years, before becoming home to the English department. During the 1980’s a girl hung herself on
the third floor of Tucker Hall, after a night of long studying. A few years later, another student was found
hanging in the exact same spot with a note that only said, “She made me do it.” In 2004, a man killed himself in the building. Many have reported a strange girl who comes
up to those pulling an all-nighter in the building and asks, “how their studying is
going.” If the student says, “fine” she will tell
them, “they should call it a night and head to bed.” If the student doesn’t listen the girl throws
a fit and slams her hands on the walls and tables until they leave. If the student responds that studying is not
going well and they think may fail, the girl tries to convince them to kill themselves
to solve all their problems and shortcomings in life. PBK Hall is named after the Phi Beta Kappa
Society, the oldest honor society in the United States that was founded at William and Mary
in 1776. PBK Hall is the main performing arts building
on campus, and was built in 1953 to replace the original theatre that burned down. Soon after, the new hall was built, a girl
who was going to be the lead in a play died while visiting home. Late one night the new lead was rehearsing
for the play alone and found the dress for the lead role sitting upright in one of the
front row seats. Strange noises are often heard throughout
PBK and those who are brave enough to follow the noises are lead to the same dress that
keeps mysteriously appearing throughout the building. The Wren Building was built in 1700 and is
the oldest academic building in continuous use in the United States. Each year, tradition has incoming Freshman
pass through the building and out into the courtyard. Seniors walk through the opposite direction
on their way to the graduation ceremony. However, students aren’t the only ones who
have passed through the halls of the Wren Building. The building was used as a hospital by both
the French Army during the War for Independence and the Confederate Army during the American
Civil War. The building has burned and has been rebuilt
from three different fires that left only the outer walls standing. Sounds of mysterious footsteps can be heard
pacing the building and a mysterious figure is often spotted on the third floor that is
thought to be the ghost of a French Soldier. Beneath the Wren Chapel is a crypt that contains
beloved colonial governor, Lord Botetourt, and other distinguished Virginians. One way into the crypt is through the old
steam tunnels that run throughout the old campus, warming the buildings with steam and
connecting them with internet and phone lines. The tunnels have been used by many of the
fraternities and secret societies on campus for their initiation rituals throughout the
years. William and Mary has at least nine known secret
societies that focus on the betterment of the College through philanthropy of a clandestine
nature. Brafferton is the second oldest building on
campus and was originally built for the Indian School. The school was meant to “civilize” Native
American boys, by teaching them how to read and write. Eventually preparing them to be cultural liaisons
or Anglican priests for their tribes. Many of the boys tried to escape leading to
them being locked in Brafferton at night. You can still hear their suffering with phantom
footsteps, woeful moans, and sobbing coming from the building at night. One Native American fashioned a rope out of
bed sheets to escape and run free each night. He was never disciplined, because he always
returned. However, one night he vanished and was never
seen again, leading many to believe he was killed during the night. Sometimes on a misty night, an Indian boy
can be seen running a few feet off the ground through the sunken gardens. He appears to be floating, because the sunken
garden was not sunken, but rather level with the rest of the campus grounds when he was
alive. The President’s House is the official residence
for the president of William and Mary. Every president has resided there except for
one. The home has entertained many Presidents of
the United States, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Along with notable foreign visitors that include
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Winston Churchill, and Prince Charles. The home contains many mysteries and secrets
from its past. A bedroom on the third-floor has a closet
door that would always stay open no matter what the president’s family did to keep
it closed. During one of the building’s renovations
there was a skeleton of a child discovered pressed into the brick wall of that same old
closet. No one has solved the mystery of who the skeleton
belonged to or how it ended up in the closet. After the skeleton was removed the closet
door stayed shut. The house was used by French soldiers as a
hospital when the Wrenn Building was overflowing with wounded during the War of Independence. When the campus was captured by the Union
Army during the Civil War, it was used as a prison for the Confederate soldiers. It is haunted by what is thought to be a French
soldier that wanders the second and third floor of the home. The front door is known to open and slam shut
and footsteps of an unseen entity can be heard coming up and down the steps.

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