26 Replies to “Help Jason Give Back to Khan Academy”

  1. Amen!! Helping others is so rewarding
    Look at this guy ,helping others even while incarcerated 🙌🙌👍💝

  2. i hope you went to a prison where there's women and men instead of just men. Because that wouldn't be too bad. If possible, women of all race. Your mistake is that you got caught selling it, kinda like how in the past, it's a crime to sell beer. You should have moved to a state where it's legal. Yeah, Khan academy isn't that bad, haven't tried the math class though maybe next month… but the history and economy part is quite good, i watched all of it, lol.

    You have sharp eyes for a former inmate 😀

  3. Thanks a lot Khan Academy. I appreciate your efforts to provide free and best quality education to all. Love from India.
    Merry Christmas 🎅🎅🎅

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