How Red States Would Torpedo Bernie’s Free College Plan

How Red States Would Torpedo Bernie’s Free College Plan

Let’s go next to our caller from the nine
five six area code. Who is calling today from nine five six. Hey, this is Michael from Texas. Hey Mike. What’s going on? Um, so I was wondering if you, if you knew
about the specifics of the, of Bernie’s through college plan. W w uh, well, I mean, I reviewed it when he
first published it. Is there something in particular about it
you wanted to ask about? I don’t have it in front of me. Um, yeah. So, uh, the way it works for the rest of my
knowledge is, um, it’s a, it’s essentially a grant to the States, um, from the federal
government where the federal government offers to pay two thirds of the cost of making tuition
free in the state. And then the state gets to opt in, um, to,
uh, the free college tuition. And I’m wondering if, if we will see Republican
States like, um, Texas obviously who, uh, didn’t expand Medicaid under Obama also, uh,
not extend, um, this, uh, three college, um, snacks. Absolutely. So this is, this is, this is how they’ll do
it. So as you’re rightly pointing out, we had
Obamacare, Obamacare. One of the things that it offered was a, an
opt in to for States to expand Medicaid. And I believe with Obamacare, the federal
government would pay 90%, but the, the detail is not totally relevant here. You saw a lot of red state governors, governors
in red States, Republican governors, uh, not do the optin. And then the citizens of those States said,
Obamacare passed and nothing improved. That’s because Obamacare is bad. And of course it’s actually because their
governor chose not to opt in. So here’s the way they’re going to play it. If Bernie Bernie’s plan for college would
happen, a lot of red States would not opt in. Uh, then what they would do is let a couple
of years go by and then they would say, look, Bernie’s free college plan costs us $500 billion. And our, uh, college attendance rate has actually
gone down. And it’s like, well, hold on a second. You didn’t participate in the optin and the
reason that your college, uh, rate probably went down is because people are moving to
other States that did do it in order to go to school. And a lot of Republican voters will fall for
that. And then they’ll say, free college is terrible. And it’ll be another one of these non information
cycles that are so common in politics. Hello. Oh, um, all right. Thank you. Oh, okay. All right. That was weird. Thank you for the call. That’s my best assessment of the situation. As of right now, l

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  1. Not all majors should be free I say that people who want to become doctors and engineers sure make it free but for something stupid like art history should not be covered

  2. this a non-issue avoided by making free college a universal prog aka Bernie's plan. There's no opting in/out of universal progs #bernie2020

  3. I honestly believe that unlike Obama, Sanders would publicly fight that narrative repeatedly and not allow it to pick up in Republican led states. Hopefully with Sanders fighting back, the political pressure would go back to those governors. Only time would tell (and if the Dems actually get behind Bernie).

  4. Not a new concept —have a government that works for us. Education, healthcare, road infrastructure etc. Why do they tell us how they spend our tax money? We have a right to tell them. Vote.

  5. It isn't gonna happen for a very long time. It's a false promise, like a lot of other things these radical socialists champion for. It's not gonna happen in America, not with China breathing down our neck, wake up.

  6. 2:31: Yes and no.

    That's how they'll respond. But I predict that this will NOT work this time. Here's why:

    It's 2020, not 2008… or whenever you passed Obamacare… That means:
    1. The internet exists, and everyone's on it.
    2. TV isn't the main source of (mis)information that people get
    3. The boomers are even more dead than they were in the last decade

    I predict that the same strategy will have a fraction of the effect it had last time.

  7. Affordable college could raise their state's residents out of poverty, but they'll block it to "own the Libs". And, who would vote for them if they allow Jethro and Cletus to attend school?

  8. The fact that almost no one in the United States who isn't some trust fund baby can't go to college is a direct expression of the abandonment of the common good, as an institutional value with us. We no longer feel the need to invest in the society as a whole– or protect it from decline.

    If it doesn't make someone in the aristocracy rich, it simply doesn't happen.

    It's becoming a matter of rich Americans connecting with other rich Americans, to do business at mutual advantage.

    Everyone else is invisible.

    In fifty years, the United States– because it doesn't take educating its own populace as mandatory, but another chance at profiteering– will begin to resemble third world two class oligarchies.
    Like Mexico.

    And it's also completely by design.

  9. The stupidest thing the main stream media did on election maps was create red and blue states. This is a major reason for the devision in the country. We need to get rid of this as soon as possible

  10. Red states wouldn’t do shit. In Germany, the government removed free public college and people started rioting, protesting, marching, etc. and put pressure on the government to bring it back and they did. When people see blue states going forward with free college and red states not playing along, people in red states will protest and if not people will move to blue states if they get accepted and red state economies will probably suffer.

  11. Remember, Trump won 100% of the 50 least educated counties in the US with populations over 50K people. The Heritage Foundation has made it known that college "turns kids liberal" because having an expanded worldview shoots a big hole in their "illegals are reason for all your problems" mantra. It is in republican's best interest that public college is not expanded to red states

  12. Republicans don't want an educated population. That would make their crimes obvious to everyone. Started with RayGun.

  13. Give it it comrades. Your lady asses aint getting shit for free. I came to America with nothing. Worked my ass off and now I own my own home

  14. I think it's a little different. You can go to another state to attend college, stay in a dorm or apartment, and then head back to your home state when your done. With Obamacare you would have to entirely move to a new state to take advantage of it.

  15. New Mexico is passing free public college in 2020. We are a poor State so it can't cost that much. We got a progressive Governor in the 2018 Blue Wave, she made it a priority.

  16. That’s alright they can do that but he will support there opponent in the next election using the bully-pull-pit to get them out if they don’t what to progress the country

  17. He has to fight the establishment democrats anyway. Attacking the cons when you do not have your hands tied behind your back like corperate democrats do means the Republicans can be put in jeapoedy in their own states for clearly selling out thier constituancy. Traditional democrats never do this because they are guilty of the same things with thier own donors. Bernie walks round this issue while retaining all his earned cred.

  18. why do we need free college? why can't work towards more affordable college by getting rid of useless programs and bureaucracy? Anyone here that went to a four year school knows damn well how much waste there is on college campus'. Furthermore, not everyone is cut out for college. Its a tough grind and not everyone can hack it and there is nothing wrong with that. So, put the coloring books away, get rid of 2/3 of all the liberals arts programs that serve absolutely zero purpose in the real world and then we can make it more affordable for those who actually can hack it in college in hard programs.

  19. A lot of you guys that want free college have this idea that everyone will benefit from college and come out of college and make an impact in society. That narrative is completely false because it assumes everyone is cut out for college. Some people are not cut out for it and that is fine, plenty of other fields to get into. More affordable college for those who are smart and want to get into a tough program and make an impact on society is fine with me. you can't do that until you get rid of 2/3 of all liberal arts programs.

  20. We don't have to worry about this, the Senate will not pass it even if by some miracle Democrats technically control the Senate. Maybe something way less ambitious might stand a chance. Yes we need to do something but such grandiose ideas from a party out of power are weird.

  21. This is a defeatist mindset. Certainly Republican governors will be a problem, but it isn’t a problem that can’t be overcome.

    What we need is progressive Dem challengers in these red states, that can communicate to their constituents that their governor is actively preventing them from getting free college. Even if they don’t win, the simple fact that the people are aware of this can lower the gov’s approval rating and cause him/her to reconsider.

    The main reason Obamacare isn’t popular is not because it’s bad, but because the Democrats haven’t done a good job at communicating it’s benefits. The GOP has ruthlessly attacked it and the Dems are weak as hell at fighting back.

  22. Meh, I am of the opinion this issue is important enough to push as hard as we can. It's more important than guns for sure. It is 2019 climate change is about to change our survival,… education and upward mobility too important. After all "spaceforce" can be shut down and poof! We have the money for free college.

  23. How much money does Bernie think he has to deal with? He doesn't mention the cost because it is all lies. Bernie is a crook and just filling people's heads with promises of all this free stuff that will never happen. I would rather have a govt that tells the truth instead of one that lies and what is gross to me is that Bernie lies so he can become president and probably knows he can't accomplish any of it.

  24. David its okay, u dont need to work and post videos for us on christmas eve. Your allowed to stop and take some time off to celebrate the birth of baby jesus.

  25. David at the end of the call: "Alright, that was weird…"
    No, YOU'RE weird, lol.
    David is probably the worst "call in host" I've ever heard. He doesn't have any basic people skills, and when a caller isn't reacting JUST the way he expects, he always does the most unprofessional thing and low-key mocks the caller instead of doing a professional transition like any reasonable host would. It would make sense if this were his first month of taking phone calls, but he's been this bad at it for years, lol. Same pattern every time: take call, fail to communicate well, blame the caller for the problem, make a weak-sauce snarky remark (e.g. "sounds like you're doing something weird to your phone"), hang up, repeat.

  26. david, no such thing would happen because Bernie would go to those states and call out those republican pieces of shit governors. hes not obama, remember that.

  27. The thumbnail shows Michigan as a Red state. Well, in this example, our then Republican governor opted to expanded Medicaid, and said it was a smart business choice, and wasn't political spite about it. Now we have just elected a democratic governor, so I wouldn't paint us as red yet. I pray there is still hope in my swing state.

  28. I hope at best Bernie becomes President and at worst he inspires many progressive minded people to run for office and wipe out corporate democrats, especially if he gets screwed by the DNC (again)

  29. Combatting the misinformation is key, of course. I haven't heard of any plans on that matter, but I would hope it's so that that would be addressed. The centrist approach of meekly (and only occasionally) offering corrections is simply useless. And corporations like Facebook/Twitter and more only encourage the misinformation and outrage campaigns.

    There's a LOT of work to be done, since it's not just the outright bad laws and policies that have been put in place that need to be fixed, but decades worth of poorly run government by centrists and destructive conservatives that allowed or forced things to get worse.

    But ensuring better educations for most if not all people is a crucial starting point.

  30. That's a terrible assessment, aside from just a negative thinking one.

    Yea, the dems never fought for obama care.

    Bernie has already already explained, and so did you in your own video how what the Republicans would do and how people would leave those states for other states.

    But why don't you explain what the people and Bernie and other progressive Democrats would do also? Which is in unison go on tv argue these points and rallies against those senators

  31. Universally free college will become the new public high school. Standards will drop to the lowest common denominator and college degrees will be meaningless. Private industry is going to create their own system for filtering the best people and bringing them on board and training them leaving everyone with a public college degree in the same situation that someone with only high school is now.

    College isn’t magic. College graduates used to be successful because only smart went to college. It wasn’t college that made them successful. Smart industrious people are gonna succeed no matter what.

  32. Of course many red states would opt out of Bernie's free college program. That's a given. But Bernie has said that he would campaign in those states to mobilize the people, grow the movement and consequently strongly oppose the state government that was blocking the free college policy, to eventually elect progressives at the state level who will thereafter institute the policy. I think Bernie would be relentless in this endeavor.

  33. Your title should be: How the red states would torpedo their own future. Very simple, you don't want free college, that's fine! Federal funds would go to states or colleges that want it and opt in. The disinformation aspect of it is happening right now as we debate it. Therefore, so what!

  34. If the universities didn't try so hard to make their students into little socialists it might get more support. Also when the focus is free to the student and not overall value for money its not the right approach.

  35. Yeah, red states are always trying to block helpful legislation, it’s what they do. That’s why we need a fighter like Bernie.

  36. Bernie's plan is a massive entitlement program that isn't 100% funded by the federal government. I wonder how well that will go over at the state level given ongoing budgetary constraints. Blue State Illinois has no money given the severe pension crisis and taxes and fees have already been skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

  37. It's like Pakman doesnt understand how change works. Remember when all the southern states wanted to block civil rights?

  38. Currently federal spending is much greater than state spending on public colleges. Public colleges that do not become tuition freee can lose all other federal subsidies and become wholly dependent of state revenue that does not exist so local taxes will have to rise or the schools will close. All it takes is playing a little hardball – Obama was strictly a minor league softball player at best giving every batter a hit. Bernie is major league – he'll throw strikes.

  39. This reminds me of 80s Russia. Free education. No jobs . High crime. Yeah let's bring back communism that is responsible for million of deaths.

    What is it with you people and communism.

  40. When you can’t build a coalition of the skeptical and unwilling.. like Bernie hasn’t even been close to doing… you can never get real policy passed in a way that it become law. Bernie and Trump are two sides of the same coin when it comes to creating diametrically opposes views of their espoused plans and policy. They disgust the other side so much that paralysis occurs. Just listen to Noam Chomsky’s words on the issue.

  41. Higher taxes don’t mean free.
    Someone has to pay for it.

    Only stupid people think “free” means “taxing the shit out of people”.

    Bernie has a Zero percent chance of winning. His heart has made him look weak and frail. We cannot trust that he would survive the stress of being President.

  42. Most college debt is held by wealthier Americans. You can pay off their college if you want. I paid for mine myself. On your tax forms check the box for "Paying other's college". This is simply pandering and buying votes. You are being conned into paying for college for people that can afford it.

  43. Don't forget the whole "Congress is not going to pass this into law" thing that might be a problem. It is semi-funny that Bernie supporters never seem to think of that part. That all we need is two SUPERMAJORITIES of both parts of Congress and they also need to believe in Bernie's ideas. Which not that many do. Send me a text when this happens.

  44. Why make college free? People understand that if they get a loan they need to pay it. I don't expect the government to pay for my mortgage. I paid my tuition on my own

  45. Even if the red states did this, which I don't forsee happening, then the blue states would still have free college that any american could apply for, leading to massive brain drain in Red states.

  46. So then the solution is to not give the states a choice. Make it mandatory. I’m sure it is easier said then done but why can’t Bernie just do that?

  47. If any other candidate proposed this type of free college plan, Kyle Kulinski and the other toxic actors would say that it’s a fake plan and that they are a corporatist “neoliberal” (even though neoliberals are in the Reagan mold, not the Clinton mold).

  48. The US could make college free and it would be free. The same way we pulled 35 trillion dollars out of our ass to give to the banks a few years ago. Just do it. We can afford it, and we can't afford not to.

  49. It's sad that the GOP exists to prove that government is bad by ruining it from the inside, and even sadder that people vote for them to do so.

  50. Starting to think Red States shouldn't be allowed to have impact on the national discourse. They're like negligent parents, letting their children wallow in filth and misery.

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