How These Texas Students Got Admitted Into Top U.S. Colleges | What The Academy Students Are Saying

I see a lot of my friends right now and
they’re still taking classes that I’ve taken two or three semesters ago and I
find that amazing how I’m looking for more in math classes that I could take
as many as I can. My parents didn’t really know what school was gonna be
good enough in order to be able to kind to take me to the next level. It never crossed my mind you know applying Stanford or applying to MIT and applying to Yale like you know those world class institutions. The past school that I attended was a very good school however it just can’t compare to
what Math & Science Academy does because you are studying at the University so you’re getting like the full university experience and you get to work with
professors that are professionals have a PhD in their field so that is something
that you can’t compare. So, my sister came and she was a part of the graduating
class of 2017 and I remembered just seeing her textbooks and just seeing how
the different types of classes she would be studying for and I kind of saw
that if I stayed at my regular high school I would have not been able to
take nearly as much amount of classes as I would have taken an MSA. And there’s a much different experience because now you don’t actually go to class it’s all
online your professors are online so the way you
communicate is all by email. I was able to show my passion and creativity. We’re really jumping in into the college the college life. It changed into who I
am, and I know it did a key role in getting me into Stanford. Now
universities didn’t have to gamble as much they didn’t have to be like okay
they performed well in high school like how would they perform here I thought it
could give them kind of like a preview of okay they have been taking classes
with professors so clearly it shows that we are capable. It did help the admissions
officers see that wow this kid really does like engineering because he went
out and he contacted a professor to be able to work with and he’s been doing
research for two years and I would say that without MSA, it wouldn’t have be possible If you are thinking in joining
MSA then you just you have to do it It’s just it does not get any better than
this. It’s the place that you like you want to come here especially if you
don’t know what you want to be in the future because here the administration
is very willing to let you try out new and it really does help you get
your hands-on experience and at the end of the day Be able to narrow down to
what major you want to be

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