How To Hold Long Singing Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How To Hold Long Singing Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. We get a lot of requests and a lot of questions
about singing and I just wanna go through a bunch of requests that we have. Now before
we get started here and I’m gonna repeat myself a few times when I answer these questions.
I remember vividly going through trying to figure out when a vocal coach says just do
this or another vocal coach says do that and they don’t really demonstrate it themselves
and they don’t really prove it out themselves so you’re kind of left going well gosh you
know you told me how to do it or you read it in a textbook or you read it online somewhere
but you’re not physically demonstrating this for me. Can you please demonstrate what it
is that you’re talking about and man I just spent I don’t know a couple decades of going
to some of the world’s greatest vocal coaches and most of them could not demonstrate what
they teach. So that drove me nuts and in fact it’s what drove me to doing my singing course
called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else is that I could be very explicit and very
simple and not get bogged down with big technical terms and big fancy ways of trying to make
me look good and pretend that I have all this great knowledge of the voice or pretend or
really have great knowledge of the voice whatever that means but and then not really be able
to explain it to you clearly, succinctly and simply okay. So as I go through some of these
questions I’m gonna try to do my best to do just that so you really apprehend this. Now
please also understand that when you ask a question it is multi-faceted. There is a lot
to this so it’s not just one answer, one answer there and now one size fits all or there could
be multiple answers or there could also be a combination of you know you start at this
point and then you do this and then you do this and you do this. So to give you a quick
5 minute tutorial or a 5 minute answer is really I want to use the word irresponsible.
No one is just going to be able to just get it from one quick tip or quick answer but
at least it will clarify a lot of things for you to really help have you see the vision
of how you can see yourself doing whatever question it is that you’re answering and I’ll
do my best to answer those questions okay. So with that said I’m gonna put this at the
head of a lot of these little or lot of not little but big questions that i have coming
in to really again clarify and just make simple for you to understand how to do some of the
things you guys wanna know okay. So with that said let’s get started. This next question
is a good one it says how do I hold long notes when I sing. I run out of air quickly. Well
a lot of people run out of air and a lot of people think well this guy just has great
lung capacity and that may be true right but there is a technique. It’s called glottal
compression. The caveat and the challenge with this technique is when I’m sharing these
tips with you guys please understand this is just a small snapshot of what it really
takes to do something. It’s not the total picture I’m just answering the question. I
do have a singing course It’s called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I walk you
through step by step how to achieve the goals of the questions that you’re asking but in
answer to the question topically we actually want to get to the point while we literally
hold our breath when we sing so that we don’t use up that air. Now I have a video it’s how
to sing, how to hold notes long or something I forget what it is and I’ll put it in the
description. In fact I think it’s Judas Priest like “Painkiller” or something and I have
other videos but I’ll put it in the description you can check it out cause I talk about it
there and I demonstrate that but what it is is the concept like try it where you literally,
you hold your breath kinda like you know I hate to use this example cause I haven’t smoked
pot since I was 14 years old but it’s a good example. You took the hit off the joint and
you’re holding your breath and you’re talking so for you parents that are gonna get mad
at me for saying that, it is what it is but you know you’re holding your breath and you’re
talking to your friends. whatever you’re holding that in. Or another analogy could be when
you’re wanting to talk underwater. When you’re underwater and you wanna try to talk even though
it’s inaudible, you go how’s it going man. Pretty good what’s going on. I’m doing alright
but I can’t really use my chair while I talk because if I do I’m gonna run outta breath
and I gotta go back up top to get more air okay but notice too how I kinda pinched and
squeezed just now when I was speaking to you while I was holding my breath. This is why
I said this is just a snapshot of how you do this because you first have to build up
strength in the abdomen to get good you know diaphragmatic support, you have to build up
relaxation response between the chest, the neck and the throat to be totally relaxed
in the upper torso. You have to understand how to build good muscle memory for open throat
technique and then once you learn how to keep the throat open then you can compress air
at the glottis at your vocal folds and then (sings) right you can hold your breath and
you can hold these really long notes and it doesn’t require a humungous amount of lung
capacity though that’s helpful but it’s a understanding how to compress that air correctly
but please don’t go straight to that. Understand how to get good open throat technique first
or your just gonna pinch and squeeze in the vocal folds themselves, you’re gonna build
up muscle mass in the throat and you’re gonna stricture the sound and it’s not gonna be
a beautiful sound and it’s gonna defeat the purpose of why it is. Now a lot of people
use this technique too when they’re going up to get a note (sings). You know they pinch
and squeeze and they’re just straining everything to get to that note. It’s kind of a similar
concept in a weird sort of way done incorrectly because they haven’t built the open throat
technique and they haven’t built the relaxation response and they haven’t built the strength
to sustain singing with glottal compression okay. Hopefully this was helpful. God bless
you guys and until next time, peace out. Hey guys, if you like what you heard, please
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54 Replies to “How To Hold Long Singing Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. You Sir should have made it a lot bigger than what you did with Shout and your band in 80s/ 90s You're extremely talented voice and guitar wise. It's always a pleasure to watch your videos Ken.

  2. Long singing notes?

    Enchant – Pure (Ted Leonard, current singer for prog band Spock's Beard) 3:50 – 4:11

  3. Hi Ken. I am sorry to interupt. I just overused my voice recently and I feel pain when singing. Largest discomfort for me is when I go from my chest to head. I don’t see any serious change in sound so I hope I don’t have vocal nodules. I also don’t want to go to doctor yet. Would you recomend me vocal rest for a week or two? Is there anything else i can do at the moment to help my vocal cords heal? Thank you for you answer and merry christmas!

  4. Teacher. actually I've never care about vocal technique. As long as I'm having fun and able to convey my emotion through my voice. Is that a problem?

  5. I think, particularly for fairly new singers (me about a year ago) there is a tendency to over sing as well. We wanna completely open up and just let the sound come out. When you get a bit more experienced particularity in Opera but in anything anywhere near complex to sing you sometimes need a strategy. Apoggio, compression etc.

  6. HI Ken! Can you please make a video about singing lower?
    I feel like you only make videos about high singing when a lot of us want to improve our lower range too
    I can go down to a C2 in chest voice (without false chords) but I feel like my lower notes don't match the rest of my chest voices quality
    Also can you show us a warm up routine for lower singing because sometimes I'm not comfortable dropping my larynx and it feels forced

  7. I try to hold notes out for a long period of time but I usually take a deep breath before I hold out a long note I try to hold out that note that David phelps does singing oh what a time with the gaither vocal band i actually held it out one day as long as he did it but sometimes I can't hold it out but I keep trying Ken I try learning placement and breath control but the more I sing and do it maybe it'll get easier for me Ken but thanks for the tips man this is helpful man

  8. Ken! get to know Kairat Tuntekov – even earlier in 2010 he performed S.O.S. (very close to the original) – they call Kazakhstan Makl Jackson – (voice, timbre almost the same as M.D., performs in foreign languages with almost no accent – talent is not realized, but like Dimash could be known to the whole world – sadness

  9. Short Video of you high Notes singing halford pevall This ! Stratovarios ( Timo tolsky too !) No more coment i give sorry Ken we suffer under a left fashist Regime ! But whats not your Matter ! So i whish you and Familiy a merry Christmas ☝️ thats all i whrit great Artists you are ! So p a o 😡🤬👍☝️👋🌲

  10. realy god vidio ^^ I got a recuest will you if you got time go and check I want out -hellowen by The iron cross on Andrei Cerbu chanel here on youtube? That young singer realy got potential, so i wonder if you can go there and check out a couple of vidios and leve some tips for her to help her on her way^^ keep up the god work man and rock on 🙂

  11. I would just go with the "holding breath underwater and forget about the smoking pot analogy all together". But that is just my opinion. Mainly because people cough a lot with pot.

  12. Hey Ken… The concept of falsetto & head voice is confusing…. Some people say breathy is falsetto & clean one is head & some say it's other way around….. I think head voice is breathy & falsetto is clean…. I can't point which one's which… I saw ur vid but still confused… Any help ?

  13. Great analogy! Talking under water and holding air back… Is it the same idea on higher notes (lets say F#4 for low bari). As long as you take care to have the relaxation response, open throat and not raise the larynx, the sensation should be similar for higher notes?

  14. Great to See you back! 😊
    Even though, a reaction to shinedown's 45, simple man or brother by stone sour would be fantastic!

  15. Hi ken! I get confused when you say you need a strong abdomen to support the air. I always thought the abdominal muscles were not to be engaged at all during singing for vocal freedom. Are you referring to the muscles like the diaphragm and intercostal muscles? Or is there a balance to use the abdominal muscles?

  16. I would like you to take the worst singer you can possibly find and then teach him or her to become half decent. That would be a good watch lol.

    I like your channel has good content and you seem like a good dude. I'm still in awe with how you kept a straight face on the Motley Crue video lol.

  17. Dear Mr Tamplin, I want to wish you, your family and your talented students and fans Very Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏻🎁and Happy New Year 2020 🎉! Thank you for all the wonderful covers and the knowledge you shared with us.😎🤘Much love ~ Ania.

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