hi guys and welcome to my youtube channel I have fabulous news to share with you god has been totally faithful and gracious with me toward me and I am a recipient of a shaking scholarship and one of the shooting scholars now 2018-2019 and I’ll be joining the University of Strathclyde in Scotland in Glasgow yay so I’ll be there for one year and I just want to let you know what the shooting scholarship is all about and how you can apply because we want so many Kenyans so apply for the next intake we need you guys to represent and with the quality of applications increasing it’s a very very competitive scholarship which I think you should be a part of so the shifting scholarship is a prestigious scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its awards emerging leaders or people who are leaders in their industry leaders in their careers and who want to progress their studies further by undertaking Alania masters in the UK the caveat is that you will actually commit to returning back to your country after the whole scholarship ends at least two years you come back to Kenya and I’ll go back to your home country and commit the skills that you have learnt from the UK and bringing back to your country the application process is online which I loved totally so everything is as similar as its online you have three essay questions in your application form one is the leadership question where they ask you to demonstrate how you have been in a leader in what capacity you have Selden’s a leader and some of the projects and examples of things that you done in that capacity the second is networking skills how have you used your networking skills because shooting it’s all about using your networks and using the networks you are coming like more than a thousand students from all over the world coming to study in the UK imagine the sort of networks you can meet there you can make that the number of people you’ll meet from different backgrounds from different countries and these are the networks that you can use later on when you come back to your country and later on in your career so they want to know do you recognize that networking is a core skill how have you used it in your career in your leadership before how has it benefited you so the second the third one the third question is your career plan for the next five years or for the next ten years so they want to know your career plans immediately you come back from the scholarship and ten years from now so you really have to take some time you have to be introspective here what do you want to achieve out of you in life what are your long-term plan what do you see yourself doing in those years so that’s what you really really need to talk about and this is something that anyone can apply for I am a first-time applicant I like the first time and got it the first time our friends who have applied more than twice thrice and got it on the fourth attempt so if there is there is no formula per se but just to know that the application window is three months and within those three months you really really need to take some time this is like a full-time thing if you really want to learn this scholarship that you need to give it the seriousness that it deserves if you’re working full time you need to spare maybe an hour or your lunch break or at night to to go over the website the shipping website know what they’re looking for if you’re eligible you know the type of scholar that they are looking for so that when you’re crafting your essays you write them in such a manner that it will draw them too it will draw them to you you will be so irresistible because imagine if you’re in Kenya and in my time it was a thousand people none applied and only around 80 was shortlisted for the intimus it is very very competitive that’s your essays need to stand out you need to to look the part you need to be in such a way that you’re portraying yourself in such a way that you know what shooting we want to be associated with you and they would want to pick you as their next shifting scholar so just know first of all go to the website read the website I will not stress this enough read the website apparently know it inside and outside especially as an applicant know why this evening scholarship exists know why you want even to study in the UK know why you want to study your particular course because you’re given the leeway to choose the courses that you want from the different universities that are in the UK so go over the course outline of the call of the course you wanna do the UK rankings if that’s something that you want to influence which university that you’re going for but please if you’re going home during a my tattoo you are waited for a meeting to start during a free time go through that website know it in an content will actually save you time and you will know exactly what they require from the horse’s mouth if I can put it that way so it’s possible I have gotten the shooting scholarship up in the UK for one year and I’m excited about it and this is something that you too can apply for if you want to learn a new culture in the UK or you also want to just further your studies by doing a one-year master’s I will put the link to the website down there and you can write you can shoot me some questions in the comment section and our fun time and answer your questions in a video so till next time bye-bye


  1. Congratulations!!! What do you recommend regarding the English tests? Between TOEFL and IELTS, which test is prefered?

  2. Hi, I was gradated from faculty of arts department of French language, I am really want to apply for chevening scholarship.So what kind of courses to advice me to apply for …I have huge experience in education and political analyst or diplomatic studies

  3. Thanks a lot.. can u plz provide us with on successful answer (essays) for leadership and networking questions? Just to have a good idea or background about what is required..

  4. Hi Cynthia! I just found out about this scholarship and your testimony has helped a lot. Do u think I can read the essay u had sent? Thank u very much, that would help me to understand better the process.
    My email is [email protected]

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