Jimmy Kimmel on College Admissions Scandal

Jimmy Kimmel on College Admissions Scandal

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  1. Jimmy seems uncomfortable with the whole thing obviously because it points blame at the liberal elite. Saying things like THEY can use this for the rest the of the year and THEY really are excited. It devides us and its not productive.

  2. How do you still turn a story not even related to him into a topic about Donald Trump lmao you are way obsessed

  3. Why is no one looking into Trumpty Dumpty transcripts and payouts? It is sooo obvious he has no real college education.

  4. Kimmel has one of the worse cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome. He is so bitter and jealous that President Trump defeated all of his is precious Anti American Liberal politicians and Liberal actor friends. Can you do one show without showing your ass Kimmel?

  5. Penn State is President Trump's alma mater you Liberal pile of dung Kimmel. Have you never heard of donating as an alumni? Do your research princess before saying such moronic comments. LOL DUH

  6. kimmel for a start i said uhm..i will watch your show talking about corrupt empty heads hollywood sure enough it ends up with Trump..so i said it is really waste of time to watch and listen..

  7. More hypocrisy from the Hollywood elite, surprise, why anyone would idolize let alone listens to these over paid “ENTERTAINERS” is beyond me.

  8. So how does this work? After the dumb dumb kids are fraudulently accepted into college, do the parents keep paying off the professors so that their kids pass the courses?

  9. How embarassing & humiliating that your mummy & daddy have to pay their kids way into these top schools because their kids are too dumb or too lazy to sit the tests themselves! If I was 1 of these privileged ass kids I'd be leaving school too but not for fear of harassment but I'd be leaving because of the humiliation of what my Mother & Father had to pay & the lies they told to put me in an Ivy league school

  10. "Beauty is only skin deep. But ugly is to the bone. When beauty wears off. The ugly hangs on." The ugly here is the lying, cheating and stealing that went on to get these two intellectually incurious girls into USC and take well-earned spots away from deserving applicants. THIS WAS FOUND OUT BECAUSE A PERSON UNDER INDICTMENT FOR SECURITIES FRAUD GAVE UP THAT SCAM TO GET A LIGHTER SENTENCE FOR HIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!!!! OMG!!!

  11. God damn, this is why I cant stand these talk shows anymore, the story literally has nothing to do with the President but they just HAVE to always bring him up and make the story about him. My god, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

  12. And Jimmy Kimmel would and probably will do the same thing for his kids because FYI Jimmy,You're a wealthy parent! You putz!

  13. Instead of hailing them they should have them just pay the money back and put the EQ into a legitimate scholarship fund for kids who got in legitimately

  14. I go to school in Philly and I used to hear from friends of classmates of Tiffany Trump that she was the idiot of Penn. Sadly, I believe there were students less deserving than she was which really tells you that Ivy Leagues don't truly value honest education.

  15. Don’t you dare bring William H Macy’s name into the dirt….In W.H Macy I trust and all his C rated movies.

  16. I wonder if those Athletes can now Sue over their photos being photoshopped with these rich little turds heads on their pictures?.

  17. They all thought they weren’t going to get caught…They should not be treated any different because they have money!! They did the crime and they should do the time in JAIL… Lori and Felicity you both should be ashamed of yourselves for LYING AND BRIBERY!! What you both did was not only horrific but done with no commonsense. Their nightmare has only begun and they will have enough time to think about what they did when their both in JAIL side by side!!!

  18. Disgusting ur always bringing up trump .. what the hell does Trump have to do with this one … can’t wait till ur exposed in a scam next 👍🏻

  19. wow Lori and daughter all over on the internet, seen she blocked her video posting about her luxurious Chrismas gifts she get. this girl is one boastful immature privilege rich girl.

  20. i hate how no one is investigating and charging the kids who obviously knew! who filled out their application? who did their activities section ? who submitted? the fbi literally just took the kids word, that they had no idea. i expected they were going to look into it more and charge each kid accordingly . smh

  21. The irony is that the only reason this is now televised as a scandal is because other rich parents (also bribing schools, but at least openly) complained.

  22. Kimmell you should stick to comedy and stop being an anti-trump propagandist. Take a page from Johnny Carson, show some dignity and respect…and perform actual comedy instead of political games for the lawless left hypocrites.

  23. Can this smug supposed comedian get through any story without getting political and going after Trump? It's going to suck for him when Trump is no longer President and he has to actually come up with jokes again instead of just pandering to his Trump-deranged audience.

  24. joo scumball…..female Bernie Madoff's……
    replace her with Kayden Kross ….atleast she is honest…..and the viewing audience would increase by 10,000%  …..guaranteed….

  25. I’m wondering why people are surprised by this?

    Historically, schools like The ivy leagues have been called out for legacy practices. If the prospective student had a family member attend then it gave the schools more leverage to admit them. You’d be foolish to think that those “donations” schools receive didn’t come with strings attached.

    College admittance is an unclean system and only promotes that if you have money, you have power over others. Frankly, colleges, even public, shouldn’t hold the non-profit status because they accumulate wealth.

    Beyond the celebrities involved, I’d like to see names of the educators that allowed this to happen. Probably not as glamorous, but they need to be brought to light.

  26. My Lord, FINALLY ! Now I know where the bar is set for the top tier in this two tier legal system. I was confused about what wasn't allowed for the wealthy and or powerful. Defrauding the ENTIRE U.S. financial system to the point of economic collapse eh… No worries, the very people your screwing over will be forced to bail you out. invade while committing war crimes and torture to an entire sovereign country under false pretenses eh your all good no convictions but you'll get a Nobel Peace Prize. Get 5 million people's homes foreclosed on and homeless due to reckless behavior eh you'll prolly get an insanely large severance and a golden parachute instead of jail time. BUT DON'T YOU DARE GET CAUGHT BLATANTLY RIGGING HIGHER EDUCATION! Now that is a step to far!

  27. Bad parenting 101…..what these idiots did was say to their kids: Look, I know you can’t achieve anything standing on your own two feet…so….

  28. I guess you didn't learn anything from your child's illness… You sound like an elitist Hollywood type. This goes against every tenant of hard work + time = success in America. Based on ur bit you can buy ur way in, screw over someone whose committed their entire life to a sport, but it's no big deal. Those nasty right networks are gonna BLAH over it for a month, YEAH that's the problem/issue.

  29. Shut up kimmel from the UK what a dickhead leave Trump out of it your show is failing fast you won’t be missed

  30. What do you mean "most of them are wealthy families"?

    ALL of them are wealthy self entitled douchbag families who think legal wealthy advantages aren't enough to subsidize their lazy stupid children.

  31. Most of the these actor parents didn't attend college now college a , you gotta do this cause I didn't

  32. If Fox News was excited, it's must have been a massive disappointment for them to learn (along with anyone else who is so intolerant of other political beliefs that they ignorantly assumed that all the parents belong to one political party) that it was not just Liberal celebs who are involved in this scandal (or Liberals in general, it was a mixture). I don't know about the other celebs involved but Lori Loughlin's husband is a Republican and a active supporter of the Republican party (he has donated money to Republican politicians).

  33. he doesn't know what hes talking about. no photoshop was involved and the parents themselves paid the schools not someone else

  34. Jimmy Kimmel himself does nepotism too, he hired his own son Kevin as his show’s production assistant, and attacked a T-shirt company for saying Italian food names on shirts just like his daughter Katie does then he tweeted to people to ONLY buy shirts from Katie. He's not any better or different than Lori or Felicity.

  35. Jimmy, why did you clean ut up for FELICITY Huffman and LORI LOUGHTON . Why did you not show their pictures the way you drug K Kelly's name. You could have told more of their stories. What did you say, "this is a big story right now". No matter who did the actual photoshopping, they paid for it. I did not hear you say, LORI LOUGHTON paid $500,000.

  36. Are people this retarded? This has been happening since the early European Universities back in the 1300's. Only wealthy elite families had University teachings. This has carried on and will continue on. You really think Any of the President's in the last 40 years actually took any classes in Universities? Lmao.

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