Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mother Cow and Newborn Calf Day after Academy Awards Win

Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mother Cow and Newborn Calf Day after Academy Awards Win

We feel entitled to artificially
inseminate a cow and when she gives birth we steal her baby even though her
cries of anguish are unmistakable and then we take her milk that’s intended
for a calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal. Joaquin: I don’t need really any science to to see with my own eyes and hear how an animal responds to pain, right? That’s
undeniable. Anthony: what if I tell you, here, an animal will perish in less than 60
seconds. Less than 60 seconds. That is the most humane … humane harvest process in the country. Joaquin: You are the only one that you know of that has a process that
you have. So that means a majority of them don’t have that and it’s not only
just the death. It’s the process leading up to that death. Anthony: Raising it? Joaquin: Raising it, the
transportation, the separation from the family and— Anthony: Yes. 100%. Any time a calf is born on my property I refuse to take the mother away from its baby because I won’t do it.
Weren’t those Holsteins that we saw in the other pen next to the mother? Those were bought out of an auction and they were healthy and I’m
glad you got to visualize it and you’ve seen that there were no Downers no three-leggers. I don’t believe in that. I will not use that protocol to buy them cheaper to profit monetarily. I don’t
need it. That’s not my thing. They no longer were being used for dairy—
Any animal that’s here is used for consumption. That’s the slaughterhouse business. Those were use for milking that did not produce enough milk anymore for whatever reason so then they were here to be … Harvested. Murdered. Harvested. Murdered. Harvested. Murdered. Harvested. Murdered. Harvested. Murdered. You have to understand my side how I understand yours. I understand, but you know, language is
powerful. So harvested, please. Murdered. Okay. All right.
You say tomato I say tomato. You want to go get her? Yeah let’s go. Mama and baby, and the baby’s a girl. I talked to the vet here who said the baby
is a girl and I think that she was born probably about a week ago and the
slaughterhouse owner here, as we heard, does not kill mothers and babies. [In Spanish] Would you like to get her or see if she’ll walk? Mm-hmm. Can we go in? Yes. Is the mother going to be — how do you say it? — upset? No, she is not going to be upset. She is calm. I’ve gone in there and she hasn’t chased me or shown any signs. She’s docile. Let’s go then. Let’s go. As part of our protocol here at Farm
Sanctuary, we do a thing where you know first they come in we make sure that
they don’t have anything contagious and they go in with everybody else then they
can run in the hills and do what cows like to do. Please understand how that animal’s been raised up until now, and it’s going to take a transformation at the
Sanctuary to accomplish what you want. It’s all good. Yeah. Alright? Thank you so
much. I’m going to send you some photos of this cow and the calf as they go out into the fields, alright? Alright. See you later.

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  1. In the joker film, his Society is terrifying and terrible. And Joaquin Phoenix wants to change our society for real. Joaquin Phoenix is truly the nicest man ever. He actually does care about our earth.

  2. If you have a downer cow on your slaughterhouse premises and you take it in to harvest it you WILL fined by the USDA and potential be closed down. This man is a poor representation of an agriculturalist. For one I would like to know where this facility is because this looks like one of the most run down piece of shit probably family owned slaughterhouses that are not USDA regulated like where a majority of your meet like Walmart comes from. Does he also not realize how much it costs to take care of an animal that size? I raise 6 head and between hay and grain a year I spread over 6k and come out in the red every year.

  3. If human animals held the same regard for each other that Joaquin (and others) does for the two cows, the world would change over night. WOW

  4. Joaquin. You are my hero. You have the balls to go into a place like that and rescue. I couldn't face looking at the animals there because it would tear me apart. You are brave to do it and to rescue and to spread the word. I have a lot of passion for this cause. Wish I could talk to you about this. I would like to get more involved. You are amazing. I love you for loving the animals. You get it. thank you.

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇-
    Disgusting what they do to the cows
    I hope they rot in hell

  6. and whats up with people who have no food? it's ok, he did good thing, but it is one cow in the history of this crazy world

  7. What about all the living creatures getting killed with vegetable farming? How does one justify the killing of animals inhumane due to the size of the creature. Its okay killing bugs but it's not okay to slaughter a cow or a chicken.

    Bunch of vegan hypogriffs.

  8. Joaquin Phoenix speaking spanish? ok, now you are officially my 100000% favourite guy on earth right now. He does not only speak about these things, he actually DOES SOMETHING for it…Joaquin, you deserve EVERYTHING.

  9. Damn 60 seconds is actually a long time to die. 1 minute of pure torment to death. This video makes me wanna stop eating beef. I'd be all for America banning the slaughter of cows.

  10. He uses his pick of success to visualize immoral things of our times instead of making a trophy of himself. This is something out of the cage and very humble

  11. I tested up while watching this! I am not that much into consuming meat but after watching this video and other animal slaughtering videos, I am planning to go completely vegan!

  12. This is so amazing. I knew Joaquin was out here to do amazing things and this was amazing. It brought me to tears to see how happy that calf and mother were after being brought to the sanctuary.

  13. This was so so beautiful made me cry 😢 til every cage is empty – please free all of the cows let them be xxxx

  14. Yeah well I like milk in my coffee and cereal and a nice juicy steak on my table but you do you Joaquin This will change nothing LOL

  15. What is sad is it took only one man to influence so many people who over the years, bullied vegetarians, vegans, animal rights activists, and feminists. I wonder, what made them change their mind?

  16. I’ll be impressed when Joaquin starts battling the human organ tissue industry and Planned Parent Hood. They harvest aborted baby parts and sell them by pieces to gain the most profits. I’ll be the first in line to donate to his cause if he starts to protect precious humans. 😇

  17. Sixty seconds is to long for anything to die, why isn’t it instantly !!! Sad thing is you can’t save them all, keep the animals and let’s Purge the people !!! Once a year or twice a year !!! 👍👍👍

  18. I'm happy that people are realising that cows are animals too and not just dogs.
    If the ideas of dogs being eaten is repulsive than why should you eat a cow which does nothing to you at all?

  19. This is the shit people worry about when they’re bored and privileged while there are others that are trying to survive and stay alive in third world countries there are people like this that are trying to make themselves feel better and others inferior…. sad

  20. I really don't like make believe anymore. The editing and music makes Phoenix rise from his ashes. I don't buy it. It's PR.

  21. Joaquin IS THE MAN,
    I adopted a baby calf in India where cows are sacred animals, walk around freely being fed by locals it's a beautiful thing to watch, in such an impoverished country… Hare Krishna

  22. Ay Joaquín como te admiro!!!. Más aún que hablas español. Viva el Veganismo!!!!. Que Él Señor te bendiga con mucha salud. Deja el cigarrillo para que puedas seguir salvando más animales. Saludos.

  23. Bruh why cannot people realise all animals are the same. Would you eat your dog? How would you feel if I lock up your family and start killing them one by one? Isn’t vegetarian food good enough for that tongue of yours???

  24. joaquin phoenix need everybody to see his righteousness. he moved the cattle to a place with no food or grass. he is quiet on the issue of using knives to kill cattle – halal.

  25. Too bad he didnt try to save children from sex slavery. He is focused on non sentient animals because he is part of the problem.

  26. Watch this video with a Disney world perspective, a journey of a mother cow afraid of humans from being slaughtered, eventually saved by the grace of a human. Moral:- Humans can do anything, you can do any thing.

  27. Sadly this is amazing BUT it is not enough to change the planet at all, this needs to be in ALL schools and give them the choice of what to do with their future because clearly, we frigged it up as did my father and grandfather and so on. We hunted for food and respected their life but today in my 60s I cray like a small inconsiderate child all because of my taste buds…I'm so ashamed to be human~I am probably going to end my life soon I just can't take this anymore~Live is a huge profitable LIE~

  28. Yes! More of these please; People need to see more positivity on behalf of animals. It’s strange that humans are taught to ignore the feelings of animals except when it comes to their own pets. Thanks to Joaquin for going against the grain and using his celebrity in a meaningful way.

  29. I admire that Joaquin although has completely different views of what the slaughter house owner has, he respected him and listened to him. He didn't try to shove his believes down his throat and demand to change immediately. You teach by example and compassion, not arrogance and bigotry. Bravo, Joaquin.

  30. There are millions of people starving who would give a kidney for a meal . This is the epitome of spoiled ness and arrogance . Yes I know this will be unpopular in this video thread . But there are people in this world who will eat a rat if they could catch one so they won’t starve and people are so spoiled in America they make themselves feel good and superior saying I don’t eat meat and look at what good I am doing by buying a cow or what ever and setting it free . I don’t care what you put in your mouth or don’t put in it to eat . However don’t act like your virtuous cause you don’t eat a particular something . When there are starving people in this world who would do anything for one bite of a meal !

  31. The way the media and headlines presented this, was as if Joaquin went into a random slaughterhouse and caused a chaos but he was actually so civilized, and kind, he listened carefully and he even tried to form bonds and understand the other side of the people working there; even if you're not a vegan you have to admit that he's a truly wonderful person!

  32. I came to see this video thinking that he was going to feed hungry children in Africa. But no, he saved a cow and her calf, that's really cute and humane!!

  33. Animals have the right to live their lives free of abuse for part of the human race.Not animals is needed to endure death just to feed human cannibals.

  34. What gets me is that these are the same people who don’t care one bit to rip a baby limb to limb from his mother’s womb. No difference when you say abortion or murder…, fetus or baby. No difference in these 2 scenarios.

  35. Glad for him that he has the ability to do this. Most can not afford the trailer and transportation. The video makes you think.

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