Katchis Family Scholar is a HERO on Hopkins’ Homewood Campus

I have been an EMT through high school so on campus I volunteer with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Response Unit which is HERO for short it’s a completely volunteer service backed up by the Baltimore fire department I think it really helps build a sense of community within Johns Hopkins you know these are students responding to students and because of that and also our high level of professionalism it adds a very strong dynamic to what it means to be pre-med on the Hopkins campus also not this summer but the summer before I worked in Vanuatu in Melanesia in the central hospital in the capital because my family runs the non-profit Island Reach about 20 years ago my parents who were both PhDs started a maple syrup in Massachusetts to study sustainable harvesting and then about five years ago they decided to branch out and work with farmers and fishermen overseas to adapt to climate change and address the issues of climate change at a local level so they mortgaged the farm we bought this research vessel and sailed the boat to Vanuatu and so we were in a a unique place to both provide technical support and capacity building for local organizations the knowledge and the love and support my family has given me through this process it’s been incredible and has gotten me to some incredible places which I’m really thankful for but there’s not a lot of money in maple syrup so the Stewart and Ellen Katchis Family Scholarship has been a game changer honestly I would not be able to be here without that I have a huge opportunity to explode with the work that I care about and I’m just eternally grateful for that opportunity not a lot of people get it and it’s amazing also Johns Hopkins has provided huge resources and opportunities for me I work downtown here in Baltimore at Bloomberg School of Public Health in a community in Eastern Baltimore helping them get access to health care and the social experience at Hopkins has been awesome because you make friends in an environment that is also very focused on the work that’s being done I think these are friendships that are going to me my lifetime for sure the plan currently is to pursue my five year masters program in public health and so come out with an MD/MPH and so I kind of see myself working internationally with aid organizations working in small under-resourced areas the most important thing to me is that I have a lasting impact on the largest number of people and hopefully a positive one

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