Kevin Hart Changes A Single Mother’s Life With $25,000 Scholarship

– As we celebrate the holidays, we wanna shine a light on the millions of moms out there making
Christmas happen all on their own. Kevin and I both were actually
raised by single mothers, both of us know first-hand it ain’t easy, but somehow these super
women make miracles happen for their families. That includes my next
guest, she’s a single mom from Kevin’s hometown,
actually, of Philadelphia, please welcome Andrea y’all. (applause) So tell us a little about yourself. – I’m just like Kevin, I
am from north Philadelphia. I’m a 25 year old single
mother of two amazing boys. My oldest son, his name is
Taylin, he’s six years old. He’s my little body guard. My youngest son’s name is Mozzie, he’s autistic, special needs. He has a lotta sensory issues, so he requires a lot
of attention and care. Right now, you know, all
three of us are sharing a single room in my parent’s home. It’s very crowded, very hard
to study there, but you know. – Yeah, aren’t you also, you’re studying to be a nurse, right? – I am, I’m in school. – How do you do that? – I dunno, I just get
up every day and just, you know, try to keep my
head up and remain positive and do what I have to do. It’s very hard. – So you’ve had a set back, what happened? – I found out that my
financial aid would not cover my last year in nursing school. – And it’s your last year? – Yep, my last year, so, sorry. – That’s okay, oh my gosh, wait. See, I cry so often they
leave these by me, see? – Thank you, so you know, right now, you know I’ve been desperate, I talked to the school, I tried
to apply for scholarships. I don’t have the best of credit, so I’m unable to apply for personal loans. So, you know, right now I have to drop out of nursing school and I
only have one more year. You know I’ve been really
depressed about it, a few days ago I had to
go in my closet and cry because it makes me feel like
a failure as a mother because – Oh my, okay, first of all, what? You are not a failure as a mom, I have cried in my bathroom with a bottle and a glass of wine. You are not a failure. All of us go through
that, it doesn’t matter, dad’s go through that. Every parent goes through that. You want the best life for your kid, and you try so hard, and some
days just don’t work out. Well as I mentioned earlier, both Kevin and I were
raised by single momma’s. We know the holiday’s can be tough. So Kevin, what’s something
Andrea really needs to understand? – I think the best
thing to realize is that you’ve done so well thus far. You know, you talk about two
boys that you’re raising, and that you’re providing for, and you’re multitaskin’
from working to school. You’ve already done a lot. You’ve already checked
a lot of positive boxes, and I think sometimes it’s
important to really recognize and realize what’s
happened before we focus on the thing that we feel hasn’t happened. I’m not the most spiritual person, but I believe that God, he
puts the toughest battles on some of his strongest soldiers. So, nothing that you can’t handle is not what you’re going through, like this is all a part of a plan. Who’s plan, I don’t know,
but it’s supposed to happen for a reason, and it’s
only making you stronger. It’s only making you better. And the better that you become, the much better that those
boys’ll become later on in life, but you gotta check those positive boxes, and not the negative ones. That’s the first piece of advice. – Man, well said. I need that advice in my life, Kevin. I’m on a couch right now, I’m at therapy. Single mom’s pull off
miracles for their kids, and I have no doubt Andrea
would pull off a miracle for hers, but since it’s
the season of miracles, let’s help her out. Andrea, Kevin and I want to
Jumanji-size your Christmas. ♪ Jumanji-size my Christmas ♪ Yes.
– Jumanji-size. – So we’ve got a ton
of gifts for your boys. We got a ton of gifts for your boys, including Jurassic Park. We heard your oldest loves
dinosaurs, so he’s all set. – Thank you. – Oh my gosh, no, thank you for being such an inspiring mama. You’re showin’ us that
people are workin’ hard. Okay, people, we’re off to a good start, but I did say Jumanji-size, so let’s take things to the
next level, right Kevin? – That’s not big enough, we can go bigger. That’s the start. What I’m gonna do, smile man. (laughs) Goodness gracious. – Merry Christmas. – That was, that elf had the deepest voice I’ve ever heard in my life. – He said Merry Christmas. – He just growled at me, Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. – So this one comes directly from Kevin. Kevin, tell her about it. – Well, let me tell you, first of all, when I have partners, I feel like my partners have
to be a representation of me. And Tommy John is a partner of mine that I’ve been in business
with for quite some time, and we believe in quality and comfort. And we wanted to give
you, and your household, a bunch of quality and comfort, from lounge wear, to underwear, to socks, you name it, we put it in there. But when we were talkin’, I was like, that’s just a piece of it. I was like, havin’ ’em
look good and feel good, and a family environment
where they’re comfortable, that’s one side, but
one of the best things that can make you most
comfortable is taking away stress. So I said let’s take it up a notch. So, my partners at Tommy John, we kicked out $25,000 to take
care of you and your tuition. So, like I said, like I said, (applause) – Thank you. – I want people to really
understand something, okay? You never know what blessing
you have comin’ your way. You never know what tomorrow
holds and what it will bring. All you can do is be prepared
for the best side of it. And right now, listenin’ to you talk the way you talked today, and muster up the energy
to tell your story and try to hold back emotion, you’re more than deservin’ of this moment, and you’re more prepared
to finish your task and become on of the best
nurses that you can be. I’m about to get broke,
you need to stop it, cause you’re really
affectin’ my positive speech. Basically what I’m sayin’
is, we need better nurses, and I think we just got one. So go, finish doin’ what you gotta do. (applause) – All right, everyone in the
audience is actually getting Tommy John clothing as well. – I gave it to all of ya,
I gave it to all of ya. – How do you feel?
– Amazing. – This has gotta be just a
burden just lifted off, right? – Yes, I didn’t expect anything. I always say expectations
bring disappointment, so I didn’t expect anything. This is amazing thank you so much. – Let’s turn that around, wait, expectations bring disappointments, no. Expectations, expect
what you want and desire and it will find its way to you. – There you go, there you go Kelly. (applause) – Right now, I’m going
to show you the room that my two children and I
share inside my parents home. There are a total of
10 people living here. I am also living out of my trunk because there’s not
enough space in my room. Come on in. Really tight in here, shoes, clothes. I just try to utilize
all the space that I can. I have things under the bed. Right here, I made this
little library for my boys, they really like when I read to them. Here’s my study area. I have shoes under the desk, since I have no where else to put them. It’s really hard to study right here when my boys are just
right behind me on the bed. Like I said, it’s very crowded in here. I’m just tryin’ to do the best
that I can to make it work. You know I have to do what I have to do. – I’m back with Kevin Hart and Andrea, an aspiring nurse and single mom. So that was a tour of the room she shares with her two boys. Right now she lives in a
house with 10 other people. Before the break, Kevin and
Jumanji-sized her Christmas with toys and a scholarship
to finish nursing school. Well we said we’re gonna
Jumanji-size her Christmas, right Kevin? – We did say that. – Have we done that? – I don’t think we’ve
completely Jumanji-sized her Christmas, Jumanji’s a big movie. That’s a really big movie. – Exactly, I feel like we’re
definitely under the bar at this point. – I think that we can go, there’s another level that can be reached, you could definitely reach another level. – All right, let’s take
this Jumanji-size Christmas one more level, let’s do it. Okay y’all, our friends at
Xfinity also heard Andrea’s story and wanted to help. Xfinity is providing her and her boys with a newly remodeled and newly furnished two-bedroom apartment all for them, all free, for one whole year. Xfinity knows that the internet
has the incredible power to keep us all connected
and has become vital to living and working these days. Because of this, Xfinity
is also making sure Andrea and her kids stay connected
with free internet service for a year, that is so
helpful with studying, I know that. And we have Miguel Martinez-Valle
from our Philly affiliate, NBC 10, standing by for a grand tour of Andrea’s new place. Look at that monitor and
check out your new home. – Hey, hey Andrea, hey Kelly, hey Kevin. I am so excited to show you your new home, I’m gonna give you a little tour here, Andrea, it’s beautiful in here. Let’s take a look around. So when you walk in the front door, the first place you’re gonna
see is your kids bedroom. The boys, they get their own bedroom, you know they get bunk beds right there, you can see How to Train
Your Dragon theme in here. It’s beautiful, and it
comes complete right next to your room, which, own space. I mean we were talking
about space earlier. Look, you get your own beautiful bed, and take a look at that desk. I know you’re finishing up nursing school, that is a prime study
location just for you Andrea. And then right here,
this is the family space. So you get the kitchen, brand new stainless steel appliances, brand new granite counter tops, and everything right
next to the living room. So, you got that new TV from our friends over at Xfinity, and take
a look behind me here, because it’s the holiday season, a beautiful decorated Christmas tree and presents for the whole family. So this beautiful space, it is right next to where
you’re currently living, so just a few blocks away. The kids, they can stay
in their own school, it’s so close to where you are now, but this, it’s your own. So, I dunno, Andrea, how do you feel? – Oh my god, just blessed and grateful. I did not expect this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Do you think your
boys are gonna like it? – Oh, they’ll love it, they’ll love it. – Well, you have, Miguel, don’t you have some special visitors right there with you? – I do, I do, I have special
guests, so actually guys, come in here, Taylin and Mozzie are here, they’re gonna see it
for the first time too. Hey guys, come in here, come in here. Why don’t you say hi
to your mom real quick? She’s gonna be in there. – Your boys can hear you. (applause) – Guys look around, this space is yours. These gifts are for you this Christmas. – Yay. – How’re you feeling right now? – Good. – You feelin’ pretty good?
– Yeah. – All right, boys, you
wanna see your bedroom? All right, let’s run in the back, go straight over here, you’re gonna see all the How to Train Your Dragon’s, they’re gonna go take a
look at their bedroom. – Whoa!
– Look, he got so excited. – Look at those bunk beds. – You feelin’ excited? Do you guys like the bunk beds,
you both get your own bed? – Yeah, I like this one up there. – The older always goes I get top. – Why don’t you blow a kiss
to your mom and to Kelly and to Kevin. – Okay. (applause) – I love you. – Okay.
– Tell ’em you love ’em. – I love you. – Well we love you. We hope you like all your new stuff and you have the most amazing
Christmas ever, boys, bye.

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