Lead Forensics Focus – 12 tips to achieve outstanding results from demand generation

Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational
video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing
and sales leaders. In this video, I’ll be providing you with
12 tips to achieve outstanding results from demand generation. Demand generation is often confused with lead
generation. While they differ in methods and goals, both processes are key to B2B marketing and sales successes. Demand generation puts your target audience
in contact with your brand. It drums up an interest in what you offer
and creates a demand for your product. Lead generation brings you new business opportunities. And, it enables direct sales contact and a
chance to gain new clients. Without demand generation, business lead generation
cannot exist. Let’s look at some tips! 1) Understand your message To create a strong demand, you need a strong
understanding of your value proposition. Nail down what your product means, then channel
this message though all communications. This will make your brand and presence stronger. So, the demand you create is more likely to
produce high-quality and well-informed leads. 2) Maximize with use cases Now your message is finalized, look at your
product or solution use cases. There will be multiple ways to take your product
to market, so don’t just focus on one! Apply your product to each identified use
case then target your outreach efforts appropriately. This will maximize your success in promoting
brand engagement and generating leads further down the line! 3) Create smart content When it comes to demand generation, content
is your secret weapon. Create the demand without shoving your product
in your audience’s faces! Use your topical content to highlight those
all-important use cases. 4) Always be front-of-mind Give your audience plenty of ways to discover
and engage with your product. 72% of buyers prefer to engage with a brand
through multiple channels. So, explore all the options available to your
team. Use social media, run PPC campaigns, maximize
content with SEO and attend events. Help people keep discovering you until they
become a client! 5) Remember your reputation When someone discovers your brand for the
first time, they will soon discover your reputation. Carefully construct a PR strategy to help
you ensure your reputation is positive! You want to maintain a world-class image and
boost the demand for your services. 6) Organize data collection Spend some time gathering and processing business
data that matches your ideal client. This will help you establish an audience you
want to reach and a list of businesses you want to work with. By focusing on boosting demand, you will improve
the quality of your leads and see better ROI! 7) Do something different As our connection to technology grows, the
impossible is becoming possible. Our audiences are harder to impress so be
sure to do something show-stopping! 8) Be buyer-centric Put your audience first in every campaign. Find out why your customers use your product. Find out how your product affects their daily
business needs or ask unconverted leads to get in touch about why they didn’t follow
through with a purchase. This will give your team some food for thought. 9) Love your product Creating excitement and demand for your product
is easier when your whole team is behind it. Make sure your whole team knows and loves
your product! 10) Share your personality You need to stand out! Especially if you are in a competitive market. Think of three defining traits your brand
personality exudes. Then, use them to help your marketing be totally
individual. 11) Think of the bigger picture Measuring demand generation is difficult. Sales results and retention success will help
you understand how well you’re creating demand. Think of your competitors and how their activity
affects the impact you have on your audience. Understanding your demand generation success
is more than just measuring leads. 12) Understand your online audience 94% of buyer journeys start online. Your website is likely the way many people
discover your brand. So it needs to drive demand. Take control of your online audience by understanding
who they are, and how your team can convert them. Discover Lead Forensics. Our advanced software identifies the businesses
visiting your website. It provides contact details for key decision
makers along with a full website-journey breakdown. Learn who is discovering your brand, what
engages them, and what instills their demand for your product. Using the contact details provided, you can
easily follow up website visitors. This will improve lead conversion and maximize
demand generation! These tips will take your demand generation
to the next level and benefit your entire business. Don’t just sit there waiting for business
to find you, get out there and make it happen today! I hope you found this video helpful. Please give this video a like, share and comment
on any future topics you want us to cover. Make sure you follow us on all of our social
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