Learn Vietnamese – Greetings

Learn Vietnamese – Greetings

since Xiao hua Zhou hi everybody I’m
down welcome to minimize part one no one
comes left would help you with the fastest is and most fun way to learn
Vietnamese in the last lesson we learned how to be grateful to people by saying a
burn in this lesson we’ll learn some of the most common greetings used in
Vietnamese that lesson thank you are you ready come back on board oh yay so let’s
start the general greeting in Vietnamese is seen Xiao Xin chào sin Chao means
higher hello and is used where we meet each other as I already mentioned in the
first lesson you can say Xin chào in both formal and informal situations as
well as at any time of the day it means people do not distinguish which part of
the day they are meeting when reaching each other so suck worse ass good
morning good afternoon or good evening I’m basically not in use when leaving we
say that bit that bit that bit literally means goodbye and is consider both
formal and informal finally see you soon in Vietnamese is hand nabla and again it
is used more formally and informally the more intimate way to say see you soon is
hang up Lanyon yeah literally has no meaning it is
added at the end just to make the sentence more natural and melodious hand
a flat hand up Lanyon now you can greet people in many different ways in
Vietnamese let’s review them all again when meeting each other at any time of
day scene ciao when leaving that bit when we will see
the other person again head gap flat head gap flat yeah it’s easy isn’t it
now it’s time for some insights a more natural way to reach someone is to
remove the word scene and just say ciao with a pronoun appropriate for the
listener Vietnamese language consists of a complicated system of pronouns which
vary according to gender age and the closeness of the relationship for
example Tao back so I
so tea so am
ciao – ciao back ciao go well this sounds complex right but wants to learn
more you’ll find them interesting anyway the easiest and safest way to greet
someone is saying sin ciao and just that pretty convenient isn’t it
during the next lesson we will learn the meaning of the phrase map car
mid-nineteen ankle do you already know it will be willing to talk about it with
you in our next barefoot hop Silvia lesson that be it hang of lat

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  1. NEW Video Lesson!
    Learn Vietnamese – Greetings

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to use some common Vietnamese greetings. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Sound unimaginably complicated, even if I used to hear it in my life, bahh. Anyway, it surely opens up one's mindset 🙂
    Good luck to anyone learning it!

  3. Learn Vietnamese – Greetings

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to use some common Vietnamese greetings. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos! Learn Vietnamese – Greetings

  4. The vietnamese pronunciation is very hard for me. Tonal languages are very difficult to speak! I'm Polish and a long time ago I read Polish is the hardest language to learn, but I can't believe that… Thank you for your lessons, I'll learn with you the Vietnamese =D I hope I can. 

  5. Hi everyone, I 'm Vietnamese. I'm trying to improve my English and Korean. If you teach me English or Korean, I will help you out in Vietnamese. My Skype is Mathe Hang. tku.

  6. i can teach you Vietnamese and english so can you teach me Japanese?
    who want to learn Vietnamese and english i can teach so pls teach me Japanese.
    add me in skype:hoangminhtri168.

  7. Great lesson. One thing that would help is if you would say the words while the camera is on your face as it makes it so much easier for pronunciation if i can see your mouth. You did this with Xin Chao but then we only had your voice when you spoke Tam biet etc from 2:06, then you came back on video at 2:27 with all the variations of chao…
    Thank you and keep up the great lessons 🙂

  8. One of the funniest sounding languages I know. I really wanna learn it. Just a bit at least. Thanks for the course.

  9. "nhé" is like (n'est-ce pas?) okay?
    but as we vietnamese are impolite (just kidding), it's not really a quesiton, it's an affirmation, cuz we really wanna see you again lmao
    and bạn means friend

  10. I am Vietnanmese. Welcome to Viet Nam. If u want to learn Vietnames, you can call to me. It is FREE. I am leaning Eng( elementary) My skype: nguyenhau1315. Thank! 🙂

  11. Apart from "xin chao" and "toi la" (from your other video), every other words seem to be pronounced differently from how they are spelled. Any help? =(

  12. I really, REALLY think that the first thing you need to do, is to learn how to pronounce the word "Vietnamese"! It's NOT "Vinnamese"! It's "Vee-yet-na-meese."

  13. Nice!!. Thank you. Viet is a bit more difficult since it has lot of tones (makes it easier if you come from another language like chinese (cantonese — not mandarin as the latter is not very tonal)…

  14. I am visiting Vietnam to travel for a month. I want to explore and understand their culture better by speaking their language. but it sounds so difficult…..! 🙁 Any suggestions or help..

  15. if you want to learn vietnamese. please done afraid contact with me by whatsapp. My phone number is +84987 568 415, i will teach you everything of vietnamese

  16. duolingo has got me saying "the fish bites the bicycle" but I think learning how to say hello has priority

  17. xin chào tôi là Trang,my name on facebook is Hachi Trang . I'm vietnamese ,if you need my help to study english , i will always want to teach you . i also want to learn english. let call me if you really want learn vietnameses😘😘😘

  18. I am speak English, and am going to an American Vietnamese Buddhist temple, and am trying learn at least a few words just to be polite and respectful..

  19. Hi,
    If you want to improve your Vietnamese speaking and listening skills.
    You can contact me through facebook.com/nttuanbieber
    I will talk to you, it's my pleasure.
    Hopefully to meet you soon on facebook video call

  20. I am Vietnamese. Vietnamese is very similar to Chinese. Except the word order in the sentence is reversed. Vietnamese is really nice and meaningful. So if you guys learned it; it could be great. Actually I've learned E;Chinese;Czech; Koreabut VIETNAMESE is the best

  21. I learned hello, thank you, good morning, and goodbye. So far that's all I need for work. I might add a few phrases later like, how was your weekend, good morning my friend, and where's the best Pho in town.

  22. I was born in Saigon but was adopted by American parents so I don't speak any Viet except what I just learned. So are the tones and pitch the same if spoken by both a man and a woman? I just don't want to sound like a girl if I'm all man, gum er.

  23. I'm here cause I work with toddlers and one of them is from Vietnam.

    today I went up to him and simply said "xin chao!"

    his face immediately lit up and he replied "xin chao!"
    it was sooo cute

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