Legal Scholars Say Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses At Judiciary Hearing | NBC Nightly News

Legal Scholars Say Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses At Judiciary Hearing | NBC Nightly News

36 Replies to “Legal Scholars Say Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses At Judiciary Hearing | NBC Nightly News”

  1. It reveals much about the strength of the Republicans’ case that they chose Turley to defend them. As he noted, he didn’t vote for Trump. He testified that Trump’s call “was anything but perfect” and his targeting of the Bidens “highly inappropriate.” He acknowledged that the quid pro quo, “if proven, can be an impeachable offense.” Quoting from “A Man For All Seasons,” he spoke of the need to “give the devil the benefit of the law.” Do Republicans realize who the devil is in Turley’s scenario?

  2. The tweeter in chief remains in disbelief, what a surprise! I believe he is circling the porcelain bowl with his own hand on the lever.

  3. GOP trying to act like its based on anger or dislike.

    Because that's what they based their anti-obama stance on.

  4. One thing for sure;> Trump will be much Richer than before he became President when he file all kinds of Defamation;> Destruction of Character and Damages to all conspirators including the Media on this Impeachment Scams.

  5. Outing democratic crimes is not a crime.
    Lets get this to the senate- and get the crackhead Hunter Biden to testify
    Lets hear him explain why he cheated on his wife with his dead brothers wife. Why he was cheating on her too with a stripper. His crack addiction. His fondness of strip clubs etc…
    Lets hear it

  6. At least Prof. Karlan apologised , when has that moron in the White House ever apologised for anything?
    These republicans are a disgraceful bunch, and I hope and pray they pay come 2020 at the ballot box come next November…

  7. I HAVE TO BE CAREFULL OF WHAT I CLICK ON. I really did not understand what an echo chamber was untill I got here. If this is your only news source then I ask you to look elsewhere.

  8. Watching this, I was embarrassed for the Republicans. They were practically begging on their knees, the House not to impeach trump yet had no meaningful reasons whatsoever to defend him. It was, in a way, comical!

  9. This is laughable. The colleges are known to be staffed with raving Left Wing Liberals. Ask any student that has espoused a Conservative point of view.

  10. Expert witnesses are a joke. Any lawyer will tell you that with enough money you can get an "expert" to swear anything is true……or untrue. Just cough up enough bucks.

  11. I got a kick out of Prof. Karlan's comment about donating money to Obama and Clinton. She said she donated it because of the poor people. Her solution to poverty is donating money to millionaires. Touche Prof. Karlan, touche!

  12. If you are a leftist; you gotta ask, what are you supporting? Removal only happens with a 2/3 senate vote… We own the senate… soooo hes not gonna be removed… This is all for nothing.

    Actually, it is for something. Its because Trump
    A. Directed investigations to a seat of leftist corruption
    B. Will get to replace RBG when she dies, and your masters want to be able to argue in the courts that an investigated prez cant do that.

    Its ugly, leftists. and its you.

  13. Palmer should not apologize because she was making an reference president trump disrespect many Americans people even a sick kid but palmer show that she is a bigger person Pamela is right president trump is not a king just my opinion

  14. Constitutional scholars. Bwahahahaha Lackeys for the corrupt Dems and posturing sock puppets for the fake news media is more like it. Their bloviated, ego centric opinions are meaningless.

  15. I bet a million dollars that Nunez isn't the only Republican who got his hands dirty in this presidency.
    Why else would they still be fighting so hard if they don't skine in the game.

  16. "Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters" This treaty allowed Trump to do exactly what he did.

  17. good grief…. legal scholars? at least say the truth…. legal scholars that are bias and anti-trump and democratic shills. what a disservice to americans in parading these highly educated traitors to the american constitution and therefore, to the american people who voted for president trump.

  18. Legal Scholars? They are liberal teachers. Probably have never been in a courtroom. These are the same type of people telling us that there are 50 genders. Their words prove nothing to me.

  19. All 4 were brought in by Democrats actually. One of the 4 had a brain and realized that the whole thing is a load of bull

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