Lisa Kudrow is Handling Her Son Going to College Very Well

Lisa Kudrow is Handling Her Son Going to College Very Well

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  1. Lucky boy to have a mother like me 😂😂 she hasn't really gotten out of the character. Oh pheobe❤️

  2. is nobody going to talk when lisa sais hey im jewish mom my son will get hurt by playing football.noway is he playing that.

  3. is it me, or does the person shouting the Star Wars character from the audience sound EXACTLY like monica?

  4. She comes across as a nice genuine lady. you have to sort of hope that she occasionally drops back into PHOEBE mode though… at least once in a while… I couldn't cope with "24/7 Phoebe" but maybe 30 minutes a day would be good LOL

  5. Am I really that young. I'm her son's age almost. That video was one year ago and I'm 20 now. I wanted to be HER F.R.I.E.N.D. 😭😭❤

  6. am I the only one that notices she sometimes talks like Jenna Marbles (or Jenna Marbles talks like her lol)….?
    Oh I'm the only one…oh ok

  7. Love Lisa! Is she a vegetarian in real life? Maybe that's why she looks younger than everybody else! God bless you Lisa!

  8. When my grandfather went to college in the 40s, his parents moved and didn’t tell him. He hitchhiked a ride from campus to his house and the neighbors had to tell him they moved closer to town 🤣

  9. Not opting for plastic surgery maybe be the reason that she is only actress from friends who so aged so gracefully compared to others.

  10. The thing that brothers me in this interview is that, they didn't talk at all about her. Just about her son. I would have loved to hear about her 😔

  11. According to me, Lisa's is the only voice which has never changed so far as compared to Courtney and Jennifer

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