Live PD: Too Cool for School (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Too Cool for School (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. I’ll bet their parents are so proud of them… not… it’s sad that this is the future of America. Where did we go wrong?

  2. The Government mandates you be in school. So as an agent of the state I am telling you to go to school and be indoctrinated with the apruved propaganda or go to jail for being disobedient to the Governments ruals.

  3. I remember being a young dumb kid, and playing hooky, but I've always shown respect for the law and police officers. More evidence of idiocracy, where dumb people make dumb children and that's America in a nut shell

  4. Rap music and the Main Stream Media BOTH portray police to be terrible people…. why would kids trust them these days????

  5. I thought at the age of 25 as a young man , the times of good n bad with school
    the topic is amazing to discuss, it is important, but wow what a long 12 yrs of my life,
    never once devoted toward college, too much money to be made the proper way without,
    but if its ur dream go for it, 12 yrs was enough for me…

  6. Kids would rather stay in that dumpy neighborhood than get out. There's no hope for them. That's why the military needs to be sent into shitholes authorized to kill and clean them up.

  7. Those dipshits need to stop listening to rap and stop listening to the lying homebros that say they're "victims" of police.

  8. 84% of American born billionaires are highschool/college dropouts or never attended college … You don't need a school education to be successful in life

  9. Keep playing Parent Police guys. Our tax dollars and endless and we ran out of real criminals like rapists and thieves to go after. After watching this video I feel so much safer! Great work boys!

  10. I Didn't Know Anyone Still Wore Echo. That's Why They're Skipping Class…………..
    Running From The Fashion Bullies & Got Caught By The Street Bullies.

  11. "If I see a cop I'm gonna run"

    Tries to hide behind a shed, stands there, talks with the officer. If he runs, that's a miracle. But cmon, he didn't make the effort to go to school, and didn't make the effort to run.

  12. Once when my sister and I were skipping a police car flashed its siren at us. I think they just cut us some slack because we did not get a ride back to school.

  13. Those two kids are so fat they need to be in school just so they start burning off all that blubber in PE class. Or better yet sign up for football and really burn that fat off. Run them wind sprints, baby. Those two presently are headed for no-wheres-ville!

  14. My guy ive been valid since i was 12 or 13 ive been lookin like im 18 or 20 n im 15 rn n no one stop to ask why im not in school

  15. Lol at the muffin top "This is where I was born, I'm gonna stay"
    "I don't want to go anywhere or do anything in my life. I'm basically cattle"

  16. "If a cop pulls me over, I'm definitely gonna take off"

    "They put you down for no reason."

    Bruh, running from a cop when pulled over is a reason to put you down. Stay in school and try harder in PE, young fat one.

  17. Bro both of these kids go to my school. The black shirt is Austin and the other one is keyton I’ve been knowing them since elementary

  18. I hope the kid in the black shirt broadens his horizons. I don’t think he will based on his environment but if he just happens to be reading this, you’re not going to be the same person in 5, 10, 15 years (hopefully) and it’s important to realize that shutting out those possibilities so young can and will trap you in a terrible situation for life. Say you decide you’re going to be a mechanic when you’re 15, you don’t go to college and you make decent money when you’re 18. That’s great but will you enjoy that when you’re 30, 40, 60? What happens when you wake up and you realize that you’ve capped out on your salary which is great when you’re 18 but not so great when you’re 55. Or if you get a girl pregnant or multiple girls and you can barely pay rent after your money goes to child support? What happens if you decide you hate it but your only experience is as a mechanic and you can’t get that cushy job because you don’t have a degree or any related experience.

    I’m not saying being a mechanic is bad and there’s plenty of trade jobs that pay well and better than those you can get with a college degree. What I’m saying is that you don’t have all the answers at 15/16/18 etc. Being around people and places that are different is so important to being a well rounded human. Having an education opens doors as well as the people you meet along the way.

  19. Sorry to say but this all begins with bad parenting .
    " Charity begins at home."
    Seems all they feed these youngsters are processed foods, burgers, bread, sweet stuff and Coca-Cola .
    Kid's are not born like resilient they grow in toxic environment.
    Talking about fighting a cop 🤔 now, where do you think he learned that????
    Excetly, parents 🤫

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