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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. Before we get started if you guys would please like my video that would be super
awesome. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and ring that Bell so I can keep
new videos coming your way of this ilke. Got a lot of requests for this one.
I actually got a lot of requests when it first came out and I didn’t get a chance
to do it. It’s Marcelino and he’s doing “The Prayer”
and I know he did an incredible version on America’s Got Talent. I didn’t get to see that or this one either though I know he’s a really
talented guy and I know that he does some similar things to Dimash where he’s
gonna do a tenor thing and then he’s gonna also sing in the soprano register
and back and forth. So I have not seen this so let’s just go ahead and dive
right in here we go. It’s hard to sing sitting down like this so. It’s beautiful. I love this song. I love the
lyric and very..he’s treating it very sensitive. Beautiful mixed voice, beautiful head
voice. Ok so so for my singing friends out there
you know we talk a lot about belting and about range and about all this stuff but we
really need to like incorporate a lot of stuff like sensitivity like right. He’s got just real ginger
sensitive approach and I know he can belt too so it’s good to make sure that
you have all of that in your arsenal and in your toolbox for singing. So let’s
continue. I wasn’t ready for that. Wait. Wait. Wait. Sorry Sorry. I got caught off guard. I gotta go back for this. Sorry about that here we go. Sorry. Sometimes I just crack myself up. Ken shut up and let him sing. Alright I will. It’s great. Now is it just me or is it really those voices don’t fit his sweet little face.
He’s got this you know kind of little boy, really unassuming face all the sudden
he’s breaking out with this big thing here and then he’s busting out with the
soprano stuff and he’s going back and forth and I can’t quite put the voice
with the face through this so I know it’s really him but I’m just kinda going..
going like this as he’s singing. Good mixed voice. Great pitch man. Perfect Disney voice right. It’s pretty. Nice. It’s great. Ok now don’t forget what I said man.
He’s sitting down doing this so you lose about 30% of your support. Sometimes up to 50% of your support sitting down so he’s had to rehearse this sitting down.
It’s not like you just sit down and like bust this stuff out right. So there’s
a lot working against him in this and it’s amazing that he could just walk
into a recording studio or into a radio station like this and with a what’s he got an re20 singing into an old radio mic. I’m not even sure how they set up
his compression because you’ve got to set up certain compression levels of how
it’s the voice is compressed. This is an audio technical issue, to be able to
sustain him singng those high notes without distorting the mic and
distorting the preamp and also capturing the low sensitive stuff at the same time.
Not an easy thing to fill especially just walking right in. So they must have
rehearsed this or got the mic up to some degree to be able to do that. So I thought.. a little side note there. Technical side note. Cool. Good mixed voice man. Nice. Really nice. Nice. Wow. Alright guys I have another video coming your way man. Stay tuned because I got these things cranking out and I think
you’re gonna really like what I got coming up next. So stick around for that
and I enjoyed this one and I’m enjoying bring more stuff your way. So check out
my next video. Here it is.

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