Meet UWA’s Forrest Scholars

It’s a very nice campus it’s like a
small village actually I like the old buildings and the
fact that it looks like it’s an old college looking feel. I was very very excited obviously because I did my undergraduate studies here and
the opportunity for me to come back and continue further my studies for the PhD was really exciting. I got my masters doing research on a Western Australian plant group. Doing my PhD here just makes sense because it’s right near where the diversity of plants are
and I have supervisors here that I know I can learn a lot from. UWA, from what I can see really nice view next to the river. I’m really happy I’m really excited to start my research here and hopefully I can do my research and make the change to the
world Oh my God, I was so surprised, it’s an honor actually to be a Forrest Fellow because it’s also hasten my possibilities of coming here and also I know that I will be supported i think is the best option for my career Hoping to make a drug for cancer patients My family is affected by the disease and
now I’m seeing a lot of people affected by the disease that’s what I want to make a
change. I would like to make a mark on some the botany in
Western Australian and really work out the relationships between plant group that I intend to work on.
So far it’s it’s really been troublesome to botanists and taxonomists within Australia to
work out this group and you know if I can do that then I think that I’ve accomplished a lot. Lot’s of pride and happiness and then it’s up to me to get to work and make
the most of it.

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