My First Day of College

My First Day of College

So I’m in Rhode Island providence to be exact [if] you don’t know where that is it’s located right here. You see it Well it just so happens to be the smallest state in the u.s. It also has really nice coffee shops, really delicious donuts and super aesthetically pleasing trees so nice So why am I here? Well Johnson Wales University asked me if I wanted to spend a day at their university University and since I’ve never attended college before you know I said yes, so this is my very first day of college Thank you to Johnson Wales for sponsoring this video So guys right behind me is Johnson Wales university I’m about to step in and experience my very first day of college in my life. Yeah, I’m nervous I’m walking I’m walking I’m doing this I’m [doing] this the very first thing. I did was meet my tour guides for the day Hey guys, what’s up? That means I [don’t] have to do this alone [let’s] go here I go here I go and I’m in it smells like higher education look at these cakes look at these cakes This is a [real-life] classroom guys look at these students in their natural habitat look at this view [this] is not real hey guys are you guys students me, too? Hello, anyone any, but as I was – lee exploring the campus. I was late to my first class sighs I’m late. I’m late I am late. I am like to my first class. I think this is it hey guys. Sorry. I’m late I got lost and I sit here yeah Sweet front seat. [how] are you guys feeling? Let’s go exactly the row was saying was she yeah Can I use the restroom [you] don’t have to ask to use the restroom you don’t have to ask you the restroom here Oh, this isn’t high school Wow, and after [walking] to the bathroom without a hall pass. [it] was time for cooking class Johnson Wales is known for the culinary arts program and walking into the building Smelled like baked bread it smells like bread I learned a lot that class like how to peel a potato and how to put on an apron and Then I snuck into an art room, whoa What is this? What is [this] place some paper or pencil yes? Yeah? I’m doing a self-portrait that hair Hey guys going to make its debut next to the other artwork There it is and naturally you know that I’m going to keep it up there. I don’t know guys I think it’s I think it’s good It’s good, and then I went up to this chapel that apparently is haunted played a key on this piano Watch [threw] some leaves wrote on this wall, but what is this? I think this can be turned into a phone and I found a statue [I] Really like it. [oh] yeah, and then I made a couple friends. Hey, dude. Hi luke. [I] have [a] question Are you interested to be my friend sure you guys are my friend of course let’s do it Hey guys, I have a question. Are you guys interested in being my friend? Okay, everyone put your handed yeah making friends at JMU is pretty easy which brings me to midnight madness Midnight Madness was kind of like this giant pep Rally with Dancers basketball games and me Yeah, I had a little cameo Basically I just told the crowd to scream for my snapchat Sing that crowd scream really, just made me realize [how] friendly these people are J Brew as a university is is different and for the short 12 hours that I spent there I felt very open Johnson Wales University You have my heart and my carefully drawn Self-portrait in your art if you guys are interested in learning more about the wide variety of programs that j.lo Offers a link will be in the description of this video, and thank you guys for watching I [will] see you next week

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  1. Born and raised in Rhode Island. I was scrolling through recommended and I saw his shirt and I realized he was here. It’s a great college and state

  2. Can someone explain who Luke is and what he does? not trying to be rude, this is just my second video and i would like to know. He seems like a good youtuber and a nice guy.

  3. How do you have so much confidence bro, put being short aside man, you got the confidence of a freaking GOD….damn….im a fairly normal looking guy and ive got the confidence of a freaking goldfish, goddamn, much respect to you man…

  4. " Hey guys! Are you guys Students? Me too! " HAHAHAHAH

    He is like so proud of being a college student hahah😂

  5. At 2:20 the picture yours is right next to is actually my drawing with the contamination sign. I think I passed by you during the first week

  6. When I saw the gym I thought that u stayed in Brigham Young University cuz I thing that I saw a emblematic cougar there hahahaha 🤣 I am freaking out about this, ahrreeeeeeee

  7. No, no, no. no te preocupes por eso, Jesús mismo decía que iban a venir cosas peores a la humanidad hasta que se logre su extinción, que vendrán falsos profetas que tendrán doctrinas satánicas o diabólicas. Un ejemplo de esto es el catolicismo y los illuminati.

  8. I live around there, it is full of hood ass people and parties 😂😂 but its a good commercial get that money

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  10. 3:35 .

    Translation: seeing that crowd scream made me realize how much money I’m going to get from doing random things on this sponsored video

  11. I said this in your other video your very bad at English…. How on earth are donuts spelt by you??? Problem with Americans they are extremely uneducated…

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