My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!

My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!

Hey, what’s up, guys? A couple of notes before
we get started today. Number one, thank you so
much for 100,000 subscribers. We hit that milestone
on Tuesday of this week, and it’s just absolutely insane. I can’t really think of
words to say right now. However, there will be a proper 100,000 subscriber
bonus video coming. This is not it. The other thing I want to say is that I’m veering a
little bit off course from my original
planned schedule, because in last week’s
video on public speaking I said the next video
will be on presentations. Because I’ll be flying out
to Vermont next Wednesday to give a presentation
of my own, I haven’t had enough
time to really put the quality and preparation
into that video that I want and that I think
you guys deserve. So I’m going to put that
one off a little bit. I’m going to get through
that presentation. Today I still wanted
to release something, so I thought it would
be fun to go through 10 of my favorite fiction books. This is ostensibly
a top 10 list. I know the top three at
least are my top three, and the rest of them are sort of maybe in dubious order. But these are things that
I really enjoyed reading and I hope maybe you
can find something that you’ll enjoy as
well on this list. Now, a couple of ground
rules before we get started. Number one, I have not
included graphic novels, because I could probably
fill an entire list with graphic novels
on another day. And number two, no two
books from the same series. I’m not saying the same
author is off limits, but the same series is. Now, that being said, let’s
get started with number 10, which is Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson. Just to let you know,
I am very agnostic when it comes to the
format of books I read. I like Kindle books. I like physical books. And I like audio books. So if I don’t own
the physical edition, I’m just going to pop a picture
up right here like this. Snow Crash is on
the list because I absolutely love
Stephenson’s writing and I love cyberpunk fiction. This is the book that actually
coined the term “avatar” in cyberspace terms. I really enjoyed it. There’s one other Stephenson
book that I’ve read so far that I like more, which
is coming up in the list, but I highly recommend this book if you like cyberpunk
fiction at all. Number nine on my list
is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Now this is a book that
didn’t really change my life or teach me any big
lessons or anything, but I just absolutely
enjoyed listening to it. It’s a book about
basically virtual reality, a kid who goes into a huge
virtual reality world, and there’s all
these ’80s video game and movie and music references. Even though I wasn’t
born in the ’80s, a lot of it was stuff I
watched growing up as a kid. It was just super cool
to basically nerd out while listening to this book. I did listen to it. I will recommend the audiobook
version of this book. While I usually like to
create the character voices in my head and
narrate my own way, I really liked Will Wheaton’s
narration of this book. Will Wheaton’s
amazing in general, and his narration of
this book is great. Definitely check it out. Read it either way, but I
love the audiobook version. Book number eight is The Sirens
of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. You’re probably getting a little
bit of a sci fi vibe here, and yes, the majority
of my favorite fiction is sci fi and fantasy. But I absolutely
loved this book. It has a lot of
themes about free will and actually made
me think a lot. My friend Martin, who
was actually my roommate, recommended this book to me, and I believe it is
his favorite book. Didn’t really top the
favorite list for me, but I did enjoy it a lot,
so it makes this list. Book number seven
is Ender’s Shadow, yes Shadow, not Game. I absolutely love Ender’s Game. It’s also one of
my favorite books. However, I thought
Shadow was a little bit more compelling because
it tells the story from Bean’s perspective
instead of Ender’s. There’s a little bit
more grittiness to it. There’s a little bit
more of the tactical, nitty gritty details of
how they win the battles, and I really liked
seeing his perspective, and also that secondary
perspective opened up a lot of new perspective
on Ender’s thoughts. So definitely check it out
if you haven’t read it. But I would recommend
reading Ender’s Game first. Book number six is the
Desert Spear by Peter Brett. Now this book is
part of a series called The Demon Cycle, and there are currently
four books out right now. I’ve read all four and I’m
eagerly awaiting the fifth one, which I believe should be
the conclusion of the series. Basically it’s a story
about these demons who come up at night, and
they’re basically invincible and unkillable to all
the humans, until … Well, you’ll just have
to read what happens. But it’s pretty darn cool. This is the one book
on my list that I like better than the original
start of the series. I absolutely love the first one, which is called The Warded Man, or The Painted Man,
depending on where you live. But The Desert Spear has
a much more interesting setting, in my opinion, and
some cooler relationships that are built
along its storyline. Definitely recommend
the entire series, but the second one is
my favorite so far. Book number five I
actually own in print, and it is Mistborn
by Brandon Sanderson. Now, I’m going to go
on a limb here and say that the entire Mistborn series, at least the first three books, are my favorite in the
number five category. I just arbitrarily
picked the first one, because I think I love
all three equally. But the reason I
like Mistborn so much is, number one, it’s just
a great fantasy series. But number two, the magic system is so well thought out, and it’s actually got
limitations and hard rules. I think that makes
for more interesting character interactions
and situations than more arbitrary just
whiz bang magic systems like more Tolkien-esque
fiction will have. That’s why I love them. I also note that there is a
new series of Mistborn books called The Wax
and Wayne Trilogy, which there are two of
those out currently, and those ones are
usually shorter. I think they’re like half – each one’s is like
half the length of a normal Mistborn book. But they’re also really
great fun to read. So I’d recommend
basically everything
in the Mistborn series and pretty much everything
Brandon Sanderson has wrote is great. Book number four is The
Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, and yes, this is the
second recommendation from Neal Stephenson
on this list. Over on my bookshelf
right there I have pretty much every other
book Neal Stephenson has written since then,
except for Seven Eves, which is his newest one. I have yet to get through
those ones because, well, reading can be tough
when you run a business. But I did get through both
Snow Crash and Diamond Age. I think I liked The Diamond
Age a little bit more, probably because of the
character interactions, but also because his
mixture of the cyperpunk, ridibulous future
nanotech setting, mixed with a resurgence of
Victorian fashion and ideals, was just awesome. Everything Neal Stephenson
dreams up in that head of his is just super cool
to read about. Now, this was another
one that I did in audiobook format. I’m not sure if the audiobook
version was as compelling as the Will Wheaton narration
of Ready Player One, but I really did like it. So if you’re into
audiobooks, I would recommend the audiobook version of this. Though if you’re not, reading
it would be cool, too. Book number three on this list? Well, if you’ve been
drawing conclusions about my taste based on the
other books on this list, you’ve probably been wondering if this one’s going
to come up, and yes, it is The Name of the
Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I absolutely love this book. This was recommended
to me on a whim from my friend Carly. I read nothing
about it going in. Honestly, I think
that’s the best book-reading experience
you can have. I like just taking things
on blind recommendation if they are good. I got lucky with
this one because it is absolutely amazing. Like Mistborn, it has
incredibly well thought out magic system with physical
properties and limitations. But also, I just like
the characterization a little bit more than the
characters in Mistborn, and that’s why this book
gets a little bit higher spot on the list from me. All right, moving on to the
penultimate pick on this list, and this might be
where any dislikes for this video comes from,
because my pick for number two is Harry Potter and the
Methods of Rationality, which is a fan fiction, yes. Now, this fan fiction
story was written by an artificial
intelligence researcher named Eliezer Yudkowsky,
who’s also written a lot on rationality and
critical thinking. This book is
basically his attempt at teaching rationality
and critical thinking without you really realizing it. This book basically
imagines a universe where Harry Potter,
instead of just being a normal 11-year-old boy, is essentially a genius
who thinks through everything rationally
and like a scientist. What I love about this book is all the other characters
are adjusted to match Harry. So it’s not like he’s
just going through and having an easy
time of everything. All the other characters
are much smarter. If you like things like
Sherlock or Death Note, or more rational, cerebral
pieces of fiction, then I think you’ll
really enjoy this. I’m not going to
say you’re going to enjoy it more than cannon. I personally do, but
I don’t want to say that it’s better than cannon, because obviously it builds upon already excellent foundation
of story and setting and characters that
J.K. Rowling has built. I absolutely love the cannon. But for me, I
think I enjoyed MOR a little bit more. Also, it got me into
reading about rationality and reading about
critical thinking skills, and heuristics, and
biases, and things that have made me
a better thinker. This is one of those
rare pieces of fiction that has made a tangible
change in my life, and that’s why it gets such
a high place on this list. But it’s not in the top
pick, because that one is The Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy, of course. Now, if you’ve read the About
section on my YouTube channel or any of the pages
on my website, you’ve probably noticed the
references to this book, and it’s no secret that
this is my absolute favorite piece of fiction,
which is why I have the faux leather
cover bound edition of all five of the books. I absolutely love
these books so much. They are ridiculously
imaginative. I just love the
dry British humor that Douglas Adams
puts into them. Just read these books
no matter who you are. They are fantastic. They’re weird. If you watched the movie
and didn’t like it, well, I absolutely
loved the movie, so we’re kind of on opposite
sides with that thing. But I will say that the book
version is just so much better. I grew up listening to the
audiobook version of this book every night for years. There are actually
multiple versions. There’s a version that is
read by an entire cast, where every character has
their own voice actor. That one’s pretty cool. Steven Fry has his
own narration version, which I believe is
the most popular. That one’s awesome. But the one I recommend,
if you can find it, is the one that is read
by Douglas Adams himself. His narration is just amazing. It’s just awesome. I will try to find
that and link to it in the description below. But if I can’t,
well, it is up to you to Google it, I suppose. So those are my top 10
favorite fiction books, at least at this
point in my life. I’m curious to
know what you think of the books on this list. Do you like some of them? Do you dislike some of them? I also want to know, based
on what I’ve told you about my favorite fiction books, what should I read next? All right, guys, that’s
it for this week’s video. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you,
as always, next week. (upbeat music)

100 Replies to “My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!”

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    Stranger in a Strange Land
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  6. recommendation : Saga of the Well World (sci-fi/fantasy), all three Bobiverse books (sci-fi), and Earth's Children all books(historical fiction)

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  11. Mistborn series was awesome. Enders series not. Brent weeks is killing it with his lightbringer series. Joe Abercrombies first law is to die for if you like grit. Dune series by Herbert is the epitome of sci fi fantasy. Game of thrones goes without saying. Aces wild series by Larry corriea was super awesome reading

  12. Asimov's collection; the Robot series, the Empire series and the whole Foundation series (all 7 books). Just awesome, and the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Honestly there's so much I couldn't pick a favourite but those two Authors stand out to me.

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  14. The Name Of The Wind is about a teenage boy who is too good at everything, enters a Hogwartz college, gets friend zoned throughout most of both books, and it's PG-13. The protagonist kills the story for me. However, it is well written, and you'll like it if you wished Harry Potter was a narcissist x 100.

  15. Read Ready Player One, and I listened. to the audio book. I liked the audiobook more just because of wheaton.
    Also Warden Man man was awesome, was a little hesitant towards desertspear but I'll get on it!!

  16. Hey! Really cool videos! But what is your opinion on fiction being a waste of time? in regards to – it brings you no new info/facts/skills and so on

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  20. My favorite book is " A Heart's Journey " by Beth Howard from A charming read about an abused woman who escaped her abusive husband and traveled to England, she stays with her relatives who support her idea to start over. She finds romance and friendships by working in a pub. It restores her faith in herself and finds a real love.

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