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Jacques Cousteau called it one of the most
dangerous sharks in the world, but nowadays it may be the most endangered shark in the
world. I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The Oceanic Whitetip shark—not to be confused
with the Whitetip Reef shark–lives in the open ocean, far from land in tropical water. This shark is blamed for attacking shipwreck
victims, most famously in the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, during World War Two. But
evidence is thin. There have been less than 10 verified attacks in history. Most people
will never see one because they are not usually found near land. The stocks of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have
been depleted by more than 70% on average, as much as 99% in the Gulf of Mexico due to
overfishing. This shark is actually considered critically endangered. They’re caught for their big, round fins
that are highly desirable for the Chinese delicacy Shark fin soup. The Oceanic Whitetip Shark often associates
with Pilot whales, and as we discovered in the first season of Blue World, they seem
to be following the whales to eat their poop. Oceanic Whitetip sharks also sometimes have
pilotfish hanging around. People used to think that the sharks were following the fish, so
they called them pilotfish, but actually we now know that the fish are moochers, hanging
around the sharks for scraps. So if you enjoyed this segment, you might
like to find out how we learned that the Oceanic Whitetips were eating whale poop. If you want
to check it out, watch the Blue World episode “The Shark and the Whale.” And if you
like Shark Academy, check out a few more of our incredible Shark Academy episodes, and
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