Peter Dinklage ’91 Addresses Bennington College’s Class of 2012

Peter Dinklage ’91 Addresses Bennington College’s Class of 2012

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  1. This is my favourite of all the commencement speeches. I have listened to this at least 50 times by now. I put it on when I need calming down, or when I think nothing is ever going to work out. He is incredibly comforting. Thank you so much Peter Dinklage. A great credit to the school as well.

    Raise the rest of your life to meet you.

    Don't tell the world you're ready – Show it.

  2. Such a beautiful soul ! He’s genuine, strong, brave, talented and funny. I’d love to work and be friend with somebody like him.

  3. Great speech. 2012 batch is really lucky but this speech is for everyone. I saw this speech after watching a compiled clips of this speech by wordporn. That's phenomenal inspiration video. Thanks Peter.

  4. It literally sucks after graduation. I feel so lucky to find this speech when i feel myself derailed and I really hope that rythem will step in my life soon after.

  5. Peter dinklage have come a long way from nobody to someone TODAY. Wow man what a showman.truly inspiring.

  6. Wish every depressed human being found his speech and truly listened through it. Mr. Dinklage is an inspiration and so wise. Don't let the world define you is something I will take to my heart and really try to think about when I walking through life feeling depressed and feeling like a failure.

  7. This is the best speech ever . Raise the rest of the world to meet you. Don't tell the world, show it. Mantras I now use every day. THANK YOU Peter Dinklage you mighty mighty man you

  8. I remember him at Bennington @1988 he was in a play they did, he played a writer with his typewriter. I bumped into him in SOHO @ 5-6 years later hey you went to Bennington! he said yes, he knew the girl I was dating there at the time….hes come a long way since congrats Peter! cheers

  9. Peter, It’s 2018 and I love the heart warming flawless beautiful man you have become. Your talent warms my heart! Hope all your dreams come true. God bless you!

  10. 27:42 “Ever-tried, ever-failed. No matter.
    Try again. Fail again.
    Fail BETTER.”
    It’s 2018 and Idk how I stumbled into this speech, but it’s life-changing (I was lucky enough to see it the first time with the audience edited out.) SO good.

  11. Thank You Peter Dinklage … for such an inspiring and captivating speech. This is not a video I looked for or one YT recommended, I ran into it while I was "reading up" about you Peter. I was "reading up" about you because you were in a dream I had last night … a very, Very, VERY, Interesting dream. You played an important role in that dream and we were good friends, so I felt the need to find out a bit more about you this morning.
    I felt somehow sad when I discovered you were married, even though I am married as well and I'm pretty sure my being 10 years older and other various factors would lead to you not paying much if any attention to me anyway … Why am I saying all that??? Anyway … I really am commenting because I am hoping beyond hope You will actually read this (I know the odds but hey) … and comment back because even though I am 10 years older (and plenty wise) … I still develop these crushes on men who, WOW! me, in some way and Peter You do.
    Not just in your role that is WOWING everyone right now in GOT (although I have to say WOW! and I have to say I've only seen you in one other movie "3 billboards in ??? I may forget part of the title but your role was exceptionally played, WOW!) but because this speech is so excellent … and you simply, spoke your truth and you cared to take the time to say something important … and WOW!
    Most likely we'll never meet but if we do please excuse me if I become a bit "star struck" for a moment or two … it is because You shine so bright. Love & Peace to You Peter and All

  12. I can't belive I found this. At the last minute he said what I most needed to hear. Than you Peter. Thank you Bennington. Thank you Internet. 27:03

  13. It takes great heart to speak the sad truth like that, it takes a great mind to put a spin on it to come out with some great comedy as well as great sincerity. Great words of wisdom. Get out there and give it the beans, fight like a dog, you should only give up, when you are dead. Love all you can, while you can, do you want to be remembered as an asshole? Or as someone who said I am proud to be called a friend by you? Cheers.

  14. Amazed of your speech ! Well performed! Use it for the best… for yourself and others". You got a gift. Always look on the bright side of life (Life of Brian). Other than that… I don't know you in person… maybe your an real asshole or a saint… or something between. Who cares?`I like. Your always welcome to visit me ((Norway, Malthusveien 24, 4274 Stol… "and bring some good booze")… you can stay at my house for free (if you stand for the booze), and you have to pay the flight ticked turn/return).

  15. YOUNGER PEOPLE LISTEN UP… I am turning 38 this year and i have one piece of advice for you. There are many people out there to help you, rather listen to you and give advice but if there is one thing i learned in life it is this; NOBODY will recognize your talents and worth AND actually pave the way for you. Only YOU can do that. I made the mistake of always thinking people will see my worth and see my talents and offer me something worthwhile. It doesn't happen. Every one is the same. All trying to climb the ladder. They have no influence. YOU are the influence of your fate. So dont sit around and wait to be recognized. You may be recognized, sure, but thats as far as it goes. You literally must make your self known and push your own way through.

  16. It's okay to fail. That's how you learn and don't fail again. And if you do, as Peter just said, fail better, and you'll do better. Exponential growth.

  17. My love and admiration for you grows more after listening to your speech Pet.. only if we all could take adversity like him positively and look on the bright side of life..

  18. Good man, worked hard, got what he aimed for in the end.

    Make sure you note the lessons here. No matter who you are, most everyone has to grind hard in the beginning. Don’t be afraid of it. The other thing to note: make friends. college these days is more about connections than ever before, much less about the education. He says it. “ the only people you will ever need is here in this room”

    “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” that popular saying is more true today than at anytime in history. Social media, meeting up for fun is so easy now. Work on your character and charisma. Understand everyone is different, embrace who you are, but don’t look down on others. Be kind. You can do all of this and still be cautious.

  19. Everyone looks for what others are going to do for them, when the best thing anyone can do is be the example you use to learn to walk. Hunger is an amazing driving force, and how nature teaches us behaviors our parents struggle to convey. But they all know, as they were hungry once too. And the ones that were know the value of letting failure happen.

  20. Interesting part of this for me is that he was afraid to give this speech. Yet he, with the help of friends started.
    Little by little he put in the time. Kept going. More and more. Didn't stop. No doubt made mistakes, made changes but kept going. Finally found a story he wanted to tell. Made it his own and and had a great time sharing for us all to enjoy and learn from.
    Thanks Peter. That was a class act.

  21. It's interesting to look through YouTube and only find 2 interviews with just (no GOT) Peter.
    Peter is a great Actor.
    He has held many roles through his strength.
    I was hoping for a BAFTA or Screen Actors guild interview with Peter. He can teach everyone about acting, loving the craft, diversity and exclusion.

    (But please No GOT for the sake of GOT. Enough of those interviews exist.)

  22. Literally lost almost all hopes. I didn’t finish any of my own music for 4 years, I didn’t finish any of my own apps for over 5 years… it’s so easy to think that life should go smooth when trying to do extraordinary things. Failure and adversity are permanent in the face of meaning and life. Thank you for this speech Peter, rolled a tear or two during this. Really needed this one!

  23. I fucking love him. Have since the 1st movie i seen him in and his personality in bloopers n shit. My sisters a dwarf and so are my nephews. People are so ignorant theres no difference between a regular sized person and a little person except theyr AWESOME. Ive never met a dwarf who wasnt smart funny adventurous…etc. But off the subject, i would marry peter lol been in love 4ever. Love all his movies. I died on death at a funeral. I can watch that shit over n over n still die laughing. Loved the movie where his friend gave him that old train station. Dont remember what it was called. I never seen game of thrones tho lol. But im thinkin i have to watch it. But yall were blessed to have this amazing soul to give ur speech. Id love to meet him. I love his sense of humor. His heart. His smile. Brings me happiness. U go boy.

  24. Fuckers got me crying lika mofo. Knows wat hes talkin bout tho. I wish i had the hunger i use to have. Wish i found my way. All i ever wanted to do was write and do music. I guess some of us are just better idk i know i didnt try as hard as i could of

  25. I'm out of words Mr. Dinklage – great speech! . I'm so impressed from your actor performance in the whole of GOT. That was more than Oscar worthy!

  26. “The moments that define you have already happened. And they will already have happened again.”

    Recent graduate here. I needed to hear this.

  27. I got goosebumps towards the end. I love how he made all the sad part sound funny but it must have been hard.

  28. This is good advice for anyone struggling to fulfill their dreams. Another video referred to this one, so I was lucky to find it again. I'd seen this a year or two ago, and it is just as awesome on a second viewing. Peter Dinklage rocks. — My path in life is nothing much like I'd imagined it would be when I was a skinny freshman entering college for the first time. Life can throw things at you that you never expected, good and bad. You can make mistakes, good and bad, and try to do better. Life is very seldom easy or lucky. But you still need to work towards your dreams. You'll be happier that way, even if it isn't turning out the way you thought, or at least not yet. Along the way, life happens anyway. Friends come and go. You have to keep at it and pick yourself up many times, and find what works for you, and move ahead, onward, upward. I am still getting the hang of this thing called life. For most of us, it's still a struggle, but it's ours. There is a trick called attitude and turning things around, which I am still learning too. Best wishes to any graduates. Real life in the real world is not what you think it is as a new graduate. Figure it out and keep improving, and be good to others, even when they are not, if for no other reason than to confuse the heck out of the ones who are not nice or who actively want to make life worse for others in order to gain for themselves.

  29. Someone is infringing on your and Peter's copyright. They are using this speech for selling their books.

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