PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! (Gross Toppings) | College Kids Vs. Food

PIZZA CHALLENGE!!! (Gross Toppings) | College Kids Vs. Food

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We have a viral
challenge for you today… – Ooh.
– (FBE) …that has been heavily requested by our subscribers.
– Okay. – (FBE) You will be doing
the Pizza Topping Challenge. – Huh? – (FBE) We’ll be presenting each of you with your own cheese pizza. You will select five toppings from a hat and decorate your pizza with that topping. After your decorating is complete,
we will heat up your pizza. And you must finish an entire slice
to win the challenge. – Hold on. Something
tells me that these items will not be things that
traditionally go on pizza. – This is why we can’t have
nice things in the world. ‘Cause people just decide, “Hey, let’s put random stuff
on top of pizza.” – No, now I’m scared!
– No! – (FBE) Here are your pizzas.
– Looks pretty good. – (FBE) Dionte, go ahead
and pick your first topping. – (sighs) – I just want to stare
at this beautiful pizza while it still looks like this. – (gasps)
– What is it? – Ooh, Goldfish. – I’m gonna pull something terrible
out of this hat right now. Oh my god. Oh, ham slices. Ham slices.
– Okay. See? It’s not bad.
– Okay, I’m not a vegetarian. This isn’t weird. – Grapes. The texture’s gonna be weird
and gross, but I’m okay with it. – Watch. Mine’s gonna be,
like, worms or something. – (whispering) Please be worms.
– Prunes. – OH!!!
– Canned tuna. I mean, that’s not that bad. – Ohh!!
– What the crap? – Ranch!
– No!!! – (FBE) Here are your toppings.
Go ahead and decorate ’em. – Man… – The difference.
– I got the good one on this one. – I’ma go ham with the ham. – Go ha– I love it. Go for it, please. (giggles)
– Want some ham? – Oh yeah. – Get a little tuna drizzle.
– Ugh. God, that tuna reeks!
– (chuckles) – (FBE) Go ahead and pick
another one, Dionte. – Okay.
– I feel like I shouldn’t be this excited. I feel like it’s gonna start
getting real scary. – I know, right? Diced onions. I mean, not too bad. – Alfredo sauce. Is it the combination of ingredients
that’s gonna be gross? – Sliced pickles. Are you kidding?
– (clapping) Goldfish!
– What the heck?! – Let’s get that Goldfish! – Pringles! Okay. That’s pretty cool.
– You’re getting all the good shit. Chocolate syrup. – (laughs) – I’m ready for this. This is
gonna be a good-ass piece pizza. – You have Goldfish and onion. That’s like my dream pizza right now.
I’m looking over here, like, I wish I had what you were having. – I mean, yours looks
pretty good. Can we switch? – If you start pulling weird shit, I am not taking that off your hands.
– (chuckles) – Pringles and grapes don’t go together. – Chocolate and pizza doesn’t match.
– Yeah, you know what? You’re right. – Luckily, I like chocolate. So… – Let’s just do–
– I’m gonna make a cute little swirl.
– Do one of these. – (FBE) Time to pick the next topping. – My heart is pounding.
– Please give me something not vomit-inducing. Peanut butter.
– Oh. Uh…
– It just… peanut butter and onion doesn’t sound good.
– I don’t know. Hard-boiled egg. I love egg on pizza. But I don’t know about
egg and ham and Alfredo. – A Fruit Roll-Up. I’m not–
these aren’t that bad. – M&M’s. All right.
– You know what? You’re gonna have a real chocolaty pizza. – I hate my life.
– What the [bleep]? – A prune is disgusting. – Hard-boiled eggs! That’s all right. I mean,
I could’ve gotten a prune. – Just because I’m
getting good ingredients doesn’t mean it’s gonna
taste good on the pizza. – I’m just trying to mask the taste
of prunes with chocolate. – Mine’s healthier, so… heh.
– Yeah, exactly. Mine’s actually gonna be like– This is what some dude
after the gym would eat to get his protein. You got
your ranch. You got your eggs. – This is, like, disgusting. As long as I don’t get anything spicy. – Oh my god, that’s so much
peanut butter. Whoa! – It’s okay. My peanut-butter-jelly
sandwich ratio is kind of… – You are, like, really going for this. Yours is looking…
– Really… – …interesting.
– Interesting. Exactly. – Like, this might be the next
big culinary discovery. – (FBE) Okay, next one.
– Okay, here we go. Shit! – That’s bomb.
– It’s ranch! – That’s so bomb.
– Yes, but… these are grapes and Fruit Roll-Ups. What is it? What–
– Mayonnaise. – Oh! Okay! I prefer ranch! – Sliced pickles.
– You know what? I don’t know if that’s gonna be that bad. [Bleep] A. This is gonna–
– What’d you get? (snickers) – Marshmallows. It’s gonna [bleep] up the whole thing!
– (chuckling) – No!!! – Peanut butter. – Oh no.
– (laughing) – Oh no. No, this is a problem.
– That is foul. Ew.
– I got mayonnaise. I [bleep] hate mayonnaise. – Ranch is good on pizza. But when– (sniffs, groans) (panicked) That’s too much! – Keep talking shit, buddy! – Oh my god!! That’s gross!!! – Did you wake up today thinking
this is what you were gonna do? – Um, no. Surprisingly,
I did not wake up today thinking I was gonna be
putting marshmallows and hard-boiled egg on a pizza. I’m scared that I’m actually
gonna like this and then this is gonna
become my regular pizza order. Want a marshmallow? – Totally.
– Or three. – Or all.
– Oh my god. – That isn’t– that is not a scoop.
– That’s enough. – They’re gonna warm it up. You’re gonna have some warm mayo on there.
– (sighs) – (FBE) Brandon, go ahead
and pick your last topping. – He’s having a jolly good time. – No.
– He gets ranch on his pizza. – What do we have here? (snickers) Banana slices. – Hot sauce.
– (laughs loudly) – Why do bad things
happen to good people?! – You got all the condiments! – I hate the hot sauce more
than I hate the mayonnaise. – Is it pineapple? Did you pull pineapple? What is it? Ew! Canned tuna. Oh no.
– Canned freaking tuna! What is going on?! – Raspberries? This is getting weird,
but I’m scared I’m gonna like it. – No!!!
– Ohh!! (both holler) No.
– I said, as long as there’s nothing hot. And what do I get? Hot sauce. – Alfredo sauce! Yeah!! (whoops)
– (groans loudly) – I’ve seen some crazy
things on top of pizza. – Like what? Like what
I’m looking at right now? – Oh God, the way the banana’s
touching the ranch. ♪ Here’s a little slice on everything ♪ ♪ Look at you, you’re probably gonna die ♪ – (quiet shriek)
– See where all that mayonnaise was? Oh, just drip it right over– oh yeah.
– Ew! – I love Alfredo sauce.
– I’m gonna have some spicy tuna pickle with a side of peanut butter and some prunes.
– This is gonna be tight. – (FBE) Okay, now we’re going
to heat up the pizzas for you. – Oh my god!! You’re gonna eat hot
mayonnaise and hot Tabasco– hot, hot Tabasco. – I feel like I can eat it,
but it’s gonna be not tasty. – (FBE) Here are your cooked pizzas.
– No. – It smells so bad.
– Yeah. It’s horrible. – I’m regretting everything that I pulled from this hat.
– Let me see. Let me just– Let me get a good smell. I don’t hate that.
– You don’t hate that? – I got some warm pickles… – Oh.
– …with some melted peanut butter. That’s all mayonnaise. I hope you think about that
when you’re eating it. – Are you ready?
– Ready. – That’s not bad. – Mine isn’t that bad either. I feel really sick for not thinking that’s just disgusting as I anticipated. – Set.
– Let’s just go. (audible gagging) The texture is so bad!!! – (screams with mouth closed)
– Oh my go– What are the banana and ranch doing?
– Oh my god!! – Oh my god. Mm-mm. Grapes on pizza? Uh-uh. – I’m never eating pizza
ever again. Oh my god. – Oh no. (chuckling) Ew. – Oh. Oh, you see that?
– It’s so hot. – That’s where the mayonnaise is. – What’s so bad about it? – Everything. – The final bite. – [Bleep] off. [Bleep] you.
– [Inaudible] macho man over here. Ew!!! – (mouth full) I’m not feeling good. – (giggles)
– I’m not feeling it. I’m done. Get it out of my mouth. (retches) – Ew, stop.
– Now I’m good. That’s it. – It smelled good.
Maybe it was all the extra mayo. – (chuckles) – (FBE) You guys both won the challenge! – Not as disgusted
as I thought I was gonna be. – The worst part was the raspberry. – (FBE) You guys both won.
– (quietly) Oh God. – I’m not proud of this. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. – That is Satan’s ass crack right there.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Madison, you won.
And Ethan, you lost. – I’m– I don’t care. (chuckles) I feel like I sinned.
I need to go to church. – Thanks for watching us try
the Pizza Topping Challenge on the React channel. – Have any other challenges?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. Thanks for watching. – Hey, everyone. Alyssa here,
a producer from the React channel. Thanks so much for
suggesting this challenge. If you guys want a slice of the action, go ahead and hit subscribe.
We have new shows every week.

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  2. I've actually ordered a pizza with pickles, onion, pineapple, canned tuna and mayoneisse. Topped it up with oregano and Tabasco of course. Delicious!

  3. in high school, I coated my pizza with mustard or mayonnaise to fend off my friends from my pizza. Ever since, I've had a taste for mayo and mustard on my pizza.

  4. Guys, give them level 2 pizza topping challenge. This time, usual toppings, BUT role a dice (or what so ever) to determine the quantity of ingredients!

  5. I feel like the blonde girl wears the same off the shoulder shirt almost every episode she's on lol. It's cute though.

  6. I find it funny how Ethan was bragging how he got the best toppings and loved them all while he was the only one who lost😂

  7. Try Adam Lz peanut butter and jelly pizza you buy dough then put peanut butter then jelly on it and then cook it

  8. Morgan looks like Robin from How I Met Your Mother and I wish we were friends. I loved how those two liked their pizzas, like how perfect

  9. REACT : You only have to eat one slice
    Me : Ok they should just put it on one slice and enjoy the rest of the pizza.
    People : put it on all pizza
    Me : One job……..

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