Public Scholars Initiative

Public scholarship is important because
to achieve community-based outcomes, we need to work with communities to
understand what their needs and their values are. Moving research from kind of
an academic home into the public should be what drives many of us who do work
with people–that we want to be constantly thinking about how we can
kind of contribute to society or add to the public good. I think it’s just
provided a really unique and great opportunity to make these connections
with external stakeholders and kind of get out there into the real world. As scholars ultimately we hope that our work can have some impact in public settings, so we should be able to speak about our work in ways that are tangible and interesting to public audiences. Many people I talked to said while you’re
taking a huge risk here, to leave the lab and try completely new research methods
in the last year of your thesis, but knowing that PSI exists and with the
support as a PSI scholar, I know that UBC supports me in that effort in that

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