Sadhguru at Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College – Youth and Truth [Full Talk]

Kaalo na janati tava jananam!
Kaalo na janati tava samapanam! Drishto maya tava mahaakaaraha!
Yogeshwara kaala kaala! Yogeshwara kaala kaala! Sadhguru: Namaskaram. Please. What are all this, front row… usually in
cinemas theaters there used to be front row fans who will throw paisa
and all that, don’t do that aah. Shruti: Namaskaram Sadhguruji, thank you so
much for coming here today. Ever since we heard that you will be coming to our
campus, all of us have been eagerly waiting for this day. Sadhguru: Thank you. Shruti: We’ve had registrations pouring in
like, over a thousand people as you can see, and over the last few weeks we’ve also had
lots of questions pouring in from students. Shruti: So today, the three of us, on behalf of our student body, we would like to ask
you some of the questions that they wanted to have answered during the session.
So ___. Hello Sadhguruji, namaskaram.
My name is Mohinesh. I am a final a Mechanical Engineering
student here at SSN. Namaskaram Sadhguru. My name is Tejas and
I’m a Computer Science student in my final year. Sadhguru: Mhmm. Shruti: My name is Shruti, I’m a final year
from Electrical Electronics Engineering. So without any further ado,
let’s dive into the questions. So coming to the first question, a significant
population in our world identifies as religion… and they do so for
a number of reasons. Some of them state it’s for peace or a way
of life or some direction. And they bring up their children with religion,
they sort of imbibe values and principles using religion as a channel. But on the other hand,
we have some people who… whose values are so deeply entrenched in religion,
that religion ends up becoming the first priority and humanity ends up becoming the second and
we see examples of this, for example when people oppose inter religion marriages, or
religious riots or in extreme cases terrorism. So why not live in a world without religion? Why not teach our children and the future generations,
values and principles, without introducing religion? Sadhguru: Mhmm.
( Applause ). I see the question is popular. We need to understand this, a human being
has many dimensions to himself or herself. In these various dimensions of who we are,
I will not go into all aspects of it, one fundamental dimension is; doesn’t matter where
you are in your life, you want to be something more. Right now, you will be thinking; if I just
pass my examinations, that’s good enough. But the moment you pass you know it’s
meaningless. You want to find a job. The moment you find a job,
you know that’s meaningless. You want something else,
it just goes on like this. Doesn’t matter where you are, you want to
be something more. So to address this longing for a human being
to continuously expand, people have found various kinds of solutions. These solutions over a period of time have
gotten concocted into all kinds of philosophies, ideologies, belief systems, and become variety
of, what you may say as religion. But essentially it is this longing that people
want to expand. They don’t know how and each one finds their
own way. Now today’s way is, your idea of expansion
is how many followers you got on the Facebook or Instagram; you have thousand – you want
10,000, you have 10,000 – you wanna million. Well that’s your way, that’s your religion
right now, you need to understand this. Well, maybe in another fifty – hundred years
there may be a FB religion. I’m saying, if it gathers enough following
it becomes that. It is for this reason, in this culture we
created a mechanism, which unfortunately, today there are some
issues, but I want you to look back and see. In this culture because people need an icon to look
up to, to aspire for, as the highest quality in their life, for this we created
what is called as deity. I want you to look at this with an open mind
not with the narrative that’s going on in Chennai, okay ? They created idols and deities, you must understand
this, there were… there are approximately thirty-three million gods and goddesses in
this country. And this happened when our population was
that much. That means each person had his own deity. See if, you have one deity, you have one deity,
you have one deity, there is no quarrel, isn’t it? If you three together have one deity and I
have another one, now there’s a fight. I have my own, you have your own, she has
her own, he has her own – what’s the problem? Hello? So we call this ‘Ishta Devata,’ that is,
you can create your own God. This is the only and only culture on the planet
which has been conscious that God is our making, for our needs, according to the needs that
we have. We want money, we have one kind of God; we
want peace, we have another kind of God; we have… we want security, we have another
kind of God, for every need we created a form. One thing is it’s may be, on one level is
just a psychological process, on another level there is a science to this – that we created certain
energy forms which would function in a certain way. If I say this, unless I go into the entire
science of it, there will be many gaps and there will be many questions will pop up. But the moment this gets endorsed by the western
world, questions disappear, in most educated people’s minds, unfortunately. Hello ? It must get endorsed by the western
society, then suddenly it’s perfect. Nobody ask any question.
So let me endorse it. A man from Tamil Nadu, tch, name
Ramanujam, you heard of him? Ramanujam? Questioner: Not much.
Sadhguru: Yeah. Did not get any PhD in mathematics, did not go to any
big college, just simply started pouring mathematics. If he was here, by now he would have vanished,
you would not have heard of him, please know this. He went to England, ahhh – that’s the thing. He went to England and there they were flabbergasted;
how does this mathematics come, from where? Well, a whole lot of things he hid not…
himself could not explain. But what he… the mathematics that he wrote
down in his notebooks, in 1908, got endorsed somewhere in 1994 or 96’, saying that, that
these… this Math, Math that he is talking about is the backbone for proving that there
are black holes. I want you to understand, in 1908, there was
no concept of black hole in the scientific community. Normally the way science proceeds is –
a concept, then a theory, then the math. But this man just poured out math, for which
there is no concept, there is no theory, there is no idea of that in anybody’s mind but he
writes the mathematics for that. Sitting on his death bed, he poured mathematics.
People asked where is this coming from? In his words, he said, “My Devi bleeds mathematics.” This what he said. Because he is a worshipper of a certain deity,
she is his window to the existence. So this is what deity is are, if they’re properly
created. People keep asking me, Sadhguru where is all
this knowledge coming from? You just have to open a window.
What kind of window you find is up to you. But this is what energy forms were. Today in some gross logic, very basic logic,
people are trying to deny everything, just because there is a certain amount of dogma
gotten mixed up with this, certain amount of blind belief systems mixed up with this,
now you’re trying to throw the entire thing out. This will be the dumbest thing to do because
the strength of this culture, the intellectual development of this culture, and the achievements
of this culture, essentially dip… depended on this; that we learned to open windows into
cosmic space and no knowledge, not by book, not by learning, simply by sheer perception. So, this is how the culture grew. You need to understand this,
this is a godless culture. There is no the God, in this culture. All the people you worship, your Rama, Krishna,
Shiva, all these people are people who walked this geography at one time. You cannot say they did not walk because he’s…
they’re still… Rama is still having real estate issues. And all of them, they did not fall from the
sky, they did not appear somewhere. No, they were normal birth for their mothers,
they grew up, they went through the trials and tribulations of life; more drama than
what happens in your lives, all kinds of struggles. But the reason why we worship him is not…
worship them is not because they were perfect human beings, they had all the troubles but
whatever the trouble, doesn’t matter what life threw at them, their way of being was
not disturbed, they were above it. And this is all you can do in your life; what
life throws at you is not your choice, it will throw all kinds of things at you. What you make out of it is one-hundred
percent your choice. If you choose this, we will worship you in
this country because you’re free because the only and only value we have in this culture,
which this generation is forgetting, if you just talk to your mother, grandmother, for
sitting down standing up, they’ll say mukti, moksha; because the highest value is liberation. Highest value is not God, highest value is
not heaven, highest value is liberation, to become free from the process of life, to live
here in such a way that life can do what it wants, but I will do what I wish consciously. It doesn’t matter what life does, I will do
only what I want – this is freedom. This is the only thing we value, this is the
only thing we bowed down to. This is not a religion;
this is an empowerment of life. But various other places they invented and
they said there is one God up there and he will manage everything for you – well do
one thing, you leave your examination, engineering examination to your God,
let me see how he handles. So, am I talking about atheism? No. I want you to understand, what is considered
theism and what is considered as atheism are not two different things – both of them believe
something that they do not know. One believes there is God,
another believes there is no God. Why are you not… why are you so stupid and
arrogant? Why can’t you say you don’t know – the fact
is you do not know, isn’t it? Hello ? Why is it… Why is it those… so difficult for a human
being to say – I do not know; I do not know is the greatest possibility in your life. The moment you say “I do not know,” the
longing to know, wanting to know, seeking to know and the possibility of knowing,
becomes reality in your life. Everything you do not know you believe – you
become dead when you’re alive. Yes. If you believe something, the… the advantage
of believing something is you get confidence. Confidence without clarity is the greatest
disaster that is happening on this planet right now. Hmm? When there is no clarity,
there must be hesitation. Hello? Yes or no?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Confidence is not a substitute for
clarity, unfortunately religions in the world, even all the other kinds of philosophies;
“I believe in myself,” not God anymore, I believe in myself. You trying to build confidence instead of
sharpening your clarity. Confidence is not a substitute for clarity;
confidence without clarity is the greatest disaster that human beings are unfolding on
this planet. See, suppose I want to walk through you,
but my vision is not clear. I must at least be hesitant and seek help,
please can you help me? No, I’m confident what will happen, I will
step on everybody’s face, but that’s what they’re doing. Those who are confident without clarity are
stepping on everybody’s faces, and they’re super confident because they’re going to heaven. Hello? See those who believe that there is a
heaven, in their mind if there is a heaven, they must proceed today, isn’t it ? The greatest crime that has been perpetrated…
perpetrated upon the humanity is the idea of heaven. That there is a better place than this to live;
this is the worst idea that has destroyed humanity. You are not eating well, you’ve no food;
don’t worry when you go there a lot of food. Your life is not good; don’t worry, when you
go sit in God’s lap, tch, everything is fantastic. No, I want you to know, either you can make
this into heaven or you can make this into hell – it’s in our hands. Are we going to turn this into heaven or hell? This is the only place, the idea that there
is a better place, is the disastrous idea. If there is a better place please go – now.
Hello? Why are you staying here and talking about
better place? Why are you asking me to go? Why don’t you go ? Hello ? If genuinely you’re
dead sure there is a better place, you must go right now, isn’t it? No, you want other people to go.
What is this? So these kind of nonsensical ideas
have been flown for too long. It’s time to end it.
But this is not atheism or theism. This is just being a sensible human being. What I know, I know; what I do not know, I
do not know; what’s the problem ? Mohnish: Sadhguru, my question to you is,
it feels like at every point of human history, for society there is always been this one
challenge or one reckoning. For instance, for most of human history, a society’s main
issue would have been to protect itself from outsiders. In my opinion, right now, humanity’s or society’s
issue is climate change or nuclear war. So, it feels like solving this has been society’s
or the general consciousness… consciousnesses main purpose. My question is, suppose humanity makes it
past this very tumultuous phase we’re in right now, what would we do if we reach an ideal
society where everyone is peaceful and together? What would our endgame be?
What would we strive towards ? Sadhguru: Is it a deal between
you and these guys ? See look at it this way because you can’t
really figure what all these people want. Look at yourself, right now you’re thinking
you want to become an engineer. Let’s say, right now I make you an engineer,
this moment. Then you’re thinking you need a job, I got your job.
Then you’re thinking I you need a promotion, I got you. Then you think you need an award, I got you.
Then you think you need wealth, I got you, right now. Everything that you can dream of I got you
right now. What do you want now? Mohnish: ___ . Sadhguru: I can do that for you.
(LaughterApplause). Mohnish: Let’s say, I want a job.
Sadhguru: Ahh? Mohnish: I was striving for a job right now.
(LaughterApplause). Sadhguru: Yes. Now, we are… we are looking at the end game,
right ? You’ve got everything you wanted right now, things that you can imagine, things that you cannot
imagine right now, everything you’ve got right now. What do you want right now ?
Mohnish: I wouldn’t know what to do. Sadhguru: Just look at it aahh.
(Laughter). When you say this what it means is, all you
want in your life, what you’re seeking is struggle. To get a job it must take three years, then
you will feel; wow, I got a job. Look at all the people who have good jobs. Look at them walking on the street, are they
going blissfully, dripping ecstasy ? (Laughter).Hello? Miserable guys, they’re getting blood
pressure going to work. They’re getting all kinds of ailments,
they’re freaking out. Yes? So what do you want ?
Mohnish: I Don’t know anymore ? (Laughter). Sadhguru: That’s good.
“I do not know”, I like that. (Laughter). Because actually you do not know. Everybody keeps fooling themselves at every
step in their life, thinking, “What I want is… I want to become an engineer… I want to become an
engineer…” it will keep you busy for five, seven years. Then, “I want job… job,” it keeps you
busy for another one or two years. Then I want this kind of job, that kind of
job, that keeps you busy for another eight – ten years. I want that much money, that much wealth,
that keeps you busy for another twenty-five years. I want this kind of girl, that kind of girl,
that kind of boy, that keeps you busy for a few years. Then children will come, I want my child to
become this… this… this, well, we are preparing for your funeral.
(LaughterApplause). You need to understand, you need to understand
just this; right now you may be giving all kinds of context to your life, but essentially
what you call as my life right now is just a certain combination of time and energy. Yes? As you sit here, time is
rolling away for all of us. Can you roll it back? You’re an engineer.
Can you roll it back? Yesterday was not fruitful,
so I’ll roll it back. Can you? It’s rolling away for all of us. As we sit here what is ticking
away here is not the clock. What is ticking away is our life, isn’t it? Since we came and sat here you are half
an-hour closer to your grave. It doesn’t matter how young you are.
You are getting there, isn’t it? Yes or no?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, it’s a certain amount of time. And that time, nobody can manage because it
rolls at the same pace for everybody. You do something, you don’t do anything, you
sleep, you’re awake, you’re happy, you’re unhappy. Do whatever the hell you want; it just keeps
rolling, mercilessly, isn’t it? So there is energy that you call as life. This you can pitch it a different levels. If you’re like this … I’m talking about the classroom
expression, you know ? (LaughterApplause). If you’re like this; twenty-four hours
feel like thousand years.(LaughterApplause). But have you seen on a certain day you’re very happy;
twenty-four hours puff went off like a moment. Yes or no?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So time is a very relative experience
in individual subjective experiences. If you’re joyful, if you live hundred years,
it feels like a few moments, it’s gone. Only miserable people will have a
loooong life. (Laughter). Because if you’re miserable, you’ll always
feel life is too long that you will want to cut it short. But if you are joyful the possibility that a human
being holds before you look around, it’s over, really. For what possibility this carries. So what you need to manage is your energies.
Because life is a certain amount of energy. It’s not limitless, but it can be enhanced. If you function at one level of energy,
what you do in ten years’ time, if you function at a different level of energy,
the same thing you can do in one year’s time. So if both people live for hundred years in
terms of impact and profoundness of experience; one has lived for a thousand years, another
has lived for hundred miserable years. So this is all you can do. You may think right now engineer this one,
that one. These are all limited contacts you setting
for yourself. Fundamentally as a life, it’s just time and energy,
isn’t it? The question is what you make out of it? Do you want to make something out of it? There’s no
compulsion you have to make something out of it. When I say making something out of it, is
not a social phenomenon. I’m talking. What should you become in the society,
that’s not what I’m talking. Fundamentally, you have come here in terms
of life is, you want to experience life. Question is how profoundly. Right now, if people want to experience life,
what are they experimenting with? They will experiment; not this this .
(Laughter). Yeah,yeah. I know. I know you guys.
(LaughterApplause). Or they’ll experiment this or they experiment
something else, what they will experiment is; how to down your faculties. You know, United States has made
marijuana legal in a few states. So, when I went to a few colleges or universities
they’re asking me, “Sadhguru why don’t you pitch. Someone like you must
legalize marijuana for us”. I said, “No problem, we’ll make
marijuana legal, cocaine legal, meth legal. What’s the problem?
No problem.” Only thing is why is it that you want it to
be legal so that you can smoke up and come to the college right? It’s fine. But let’s say you want to fly a small
airplane, the pilot comes smoked up. You want to fly with him? Ahhhh, because the guy is already flying without
the airplane. (LaughterApplause). Okay, you’re not getting the point.
(Laughter). You need a major surgery, and the surgeon
come smoked up. (Laughter). You want the surgery?
“Oh, no.” Then you clearly understand this lowers your
faculties. I want all of you to look at this. Do you believe you can enhance life by lowering
your faculties, hello? Participants: No. Sadhguru: If you want to enhance this life,
you must super enhance your faculties. That’s the only and only way
you can enhance this life. You cannot lower your… lower your faculties
and think your life is getting enhanced. What kind of stupidity is that? Simply because it makes you a little like
this. I can make you feel like this all the time.
How is that ? No substance. I’m always like this only. Look at my eyes I am stoned.
(LaughterApplause). Yeah. Never touched a substance
but fully stoned all the time. Because I want you to understand this, the
greatest chemical factory on the planet is here. If you are a good manager of this you can
create any experience that you want from within and also heighten your faculties. If you are having an experience, even to experience
that your faculty should be heightened, isn’t it? Is this the gre… greatest chemical factory on the
planet, most sophisticated do you agree with me? Are there chemical engineers?
Participants: No. Sadhguru: So I am asking, how are you managing
your system? What have you done? We gave you such a sophisticated machine.
Have you read the user’s manual, at least ? No. Blindly do this and then you think pumping
something is going to make this better. No. Believe me, the only and only way you can
enhance this life is that your faculties are super bright. The way you see, the way you hear, the way
you smell, the way you taste and the way you touch. If this is enhanced, is life enhanced in many
ways? There are much more to it. But I’m saying from what you know, from your
experience. Suppose you could see twice better than somebody
who’s sitting next to you. Is your Life enhanced?
Hmm? If you could taste better than other people,
is life enhanced? If you could feel better, is it life enhanced?
If you could hear better, is live enhanced? On this level, you understand this, but there
are many other dimensions of human faculties, if you enhance this if you sit here, you will
be blissed out simply sitting here. You wouldn’t want to touch any damn thing because
just sitting here is the greatest experience of your life. So about what is the end game? If you had everything, what would you want? If you had everything that you can ever dream
of, everything is right here. What would you want? You must think, isn’t it?
I won’t supply with an answer. If you do not invest that much thought into your li…
into your life, that means you’re super short sighted. Hello? This happened to Gautama the Buddha… you
heard of Gautama – the Buddha. Because of some astrological prediction that
his father heard that he may either become a great Emperor or a great sage, and he wanted
him to become a great Emperor. He protected this boy and put him in a separate
palace, where it’s all luxury, everything that you can dream of, everything there. Got him
married to a very pretty young woman, everything on. No… he should not see any suffering. But one day, he just went out. He saw one old man and he asked, “Why is
this guy like this?” You know, his chauffeur … His chauffer or
his chariot driver said, “Oh, everybody becomes like that after a certain time.”
He said, “What me? I am a young prince, will I become like that?”
He, “Yeah, everybody will become like that.” It shook him. Then he saw a man who’s suffering with some kind
of disease, ailment. He said, “Why is that guy like that?” He said, “It will happen to a lot of people,
who it will hit there is no prediction anybody can become ill.” Most people think it happens to other people.
No, it can happen to us. Hello? And then this… he saw a funeral, a dead
body. “What is that?” He said, “That is inevitable, everybody
will die.” Do you also know, you will also die? No because most people
believe other people die. (Laughter). No intellectually they know, but they think
they are forever. Now, you must be conscious, you are mortal. Mortal means you have a limited amount of
time and energy. If you’re always conscious about this, how
do you organize your time and energy you decide. If you’re conscious about it. If you think you’re a super human being, you’re
not going die, other people will die; all the best. It will come. You can realize this on your deathbed,
and die tch, tch, tch. See, people may think this is extreme, but
you must go and volunteer in a hospice or in a hospital wards, where people die, and
you must see, it’s very important. Very, very important. Only then you become sensitive to life, life
becomes super valuable because you know, it’s a limited amount of time. If you watch this, unfortunately today in
the world, over eighty percent of the people, when they… last moment when it comes, when
they die, they’re not fearful, they’re not in pain, they’re not in something else, they
just bewildered, a look of bewilderment comes because all their life they just lived their
thought and emotion, they never lived a life. This is important you must understand, there
is a psychological reality in your head, and there is an existential reality which is life. Most people are mistaking their
psychological reality to be existential. Your thought and emotion has become more
significant than the cosmos, isn’t it? Hello? Hmm? What you think, what nonsense you think and feel,
has it become more important than the universe or no? This means you are making your creation more
significant than the larger creation. This means you must suffer.
If you don’t suffer, I’ll be disappointed. Yes, I will be. Because if you live… if your ignorance doesn’t
make you suffer, then what? Then what’s the use of me ? Because it takes
a lot to come out of that trap. What is the use of somebody striving to come
out of the trap of ignorance? When people can live wonderfully in their
ignorance, what is the point? What is the use of knowledge?
What is the use of knowing? What is the use of enlightenment?
What is the use of realization? If people can live absolutely blissfully in
their ignorance, what is the point? When you’re ignorant, you must suffer. And I want you to know, the greatest evil
right now on the planet is not evil, it’s ignorance. (Applause). Questioner: Sadhguru, I have a personal question. Sadhguru: Is there a girl called Mohini in
this, hmm? Questioner: Thankfully, no. Sadhguru: Okay. Questioner: So, I consider myself very against
littering… Against? Questioner: Littering,Sadhguru: Okay.
throwing trash outside. Questioner: So, what I do is I generally take
all my trash and I put it in my bag. At the end of the day go to the trash can
and I dump it there, and it hurts me when I see someone else littering. In this case, I am taking a selfless effort
to make the world a better place. And that effort is made worthless because
of one selfish person. And on a more personal note, I’ve always placed
my friends and their needs in front of my own. And this leads to people trying to take advantage
of me or trying to take me for granted. So my question is this; in this world the
way the world’s going right now, is it better to be selfish or is it better to be selfless
? (Applause).
Sadhguru: Ohh. I think these three people have made a deal,
every question we ask, please applaud. Hmm? Okay. See, do you want your atmosphere ahh…
surroundings around you clean? Questioner: Yes.
Sadhguru: Then you’re selfish. Where did selflessness come from?
You are selfish. I want you selfish. I want you more selfish and more and more
selfish, limitlessly selfish. (Applause). Right now the problem is your
selfishness is constipated. Your selfishness should become like this;
not just my surroundings, I want the whole damn planet clean and wonderful. That’s really selfish.
I’m like that, I’m fully selfish. You are little selfish.
Why are you Kanjus? Why are you Kanjus on your selfishness,
hmm ? It doesn’t cost anything. Hello? Don’t bring all this big thing about selfless
and all this, where is such a thing. You’re doing something that matters to you.
Hello? Do it, and your friends are littering if they
didn’t litter what would you pick up in your bag ? (LaughterApplause). No, no, no. Now don’t get encouraged by this.( Laugh ) The thing is… the thing is this; see we
want something to happen. You want… for some reason you got this idea,
living in Chennai you are getting this idea is not a strange idea. Because when we were children, we came to
Chennai for the first time in 1969. There was a Expo, World Expo,
some industrial Expo. So my father wanted to bring all his children
to see this international Expo because we had never seen anything like that in those
days. It was not so common, it was one time happening,
probably the first time happening. So we came and we landed in Chennai central,
we couldn’t … We said, “We don’t want to go into this Expo, we don’t want the city
we want to go back to Mysore, sshh.” He said, “No, no, no Expo you must see in
the…” We know all four of us siblings. We said, “We don’t want this city, we want
to go back.” I still wonder how you guys live. Here you’re outside its okay. Otherwise that whatever…
What is that Buckingham Palace, hmm? Buck… I’m sorry,
Buckingham… Okay I am sorry. Whoever, who… What kind of man wants to put his name on
that canal ? What a stinker he must have been, I don’t know. How can a city live like this? The mom… I don’t know if you’re living there all the
time you may not feel it. All of you have smelled it or no?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Hey, how come nobody does anything? I made an elaborate plan and gave it to two
successive governments in early 2000. Saying that, you know, you give me this Buckingham
canal, I will create a wonderful garden and purify this water and do everything. And they say, “No, no, no, we know what
to do. We don’t need you.” I said, “Okay.” But you cannot go in the part
of the city simply. And once I stayed with some family
right next to this damn canal. I was sup…. You know the programs, our programs used to
be thirteen days at that time. After three days I said please, I cannot I
can… I’m just suffocating in this damn smell. And the Mosquitoes are not biting you anymore,
they’re trying to take you. (Laughter). Is anybody living in that area next to that
damn canal? Is it little better today? I don’t know.
Is it little better? So I’m saying, how is it that a whole city
full of people don’t do anything about it? For all kinds of silly things, they’ll come
out and fight on the streets. Something that’s affecting your life, your
children’s life, your health and your wellbeing, and above all the basic quality of your life. How come Chennai citizens never stand up and
do anything? I appreciate this little you carry a little
plastic bag and gather other people’s litter. I appreciate that. Is it enough?
Speaker: No, without a doubt no. Sadhguru: All of you are engineers
or going to be. Why don’t you at least ten, fifteen of you
form an alliance. That you can pick up this damn project after
you engineering is over, engineer something fantastic for the city.
Why not? I’ll pitch with you.
(Applause). Well, is it going to happen day after tomorrow,
immediately are they going to welcome you with red carpets and say, “Do it!” No that’s not how life works.
That’s not how life works. You must understand this. In terms of my ability to do things, I’ve
been the same for last thirty-eight years, all right? But every door in the world was closed because
I made it very important for myself that I will not go with a qualification anywhere.
If you see the quality, you open the door. Otherwise, we will see how to knock it down
sometime later. Every door was closed in the world,
every door. Nowhere they want you, simply because the
way I look, and the color of my skin is not right. Yes, this is a serious problem.
Don’t think it’s a small problem. When you travel internationally, the color
of your skin is such a huge problem. You know, especially when you want to do some
work, if you just want to find employment and do… serve them they’re okay. When you want to do something which is transformative,
the color of your skin is such a huge barrier. And above all I look like this.
I am as Indian as it can be okay? Which is insulting for lots of people, you…
including a whole lot of Indians unfortunately. But today, you won’t believe there is no place on the
planet, which is just waiting, they’re willing to change. I’m talking about major international events. They’re willing to change their annual events
to my schedule, I’m not even able to take two percent of the invites that come to me. I’m not saying this to boast, but I’m saying
it takes relentless work. You understand ?
(Applause). So, if you want someth… if you want to really
bring about major transformation in any field of life, what is needed is if you think this
is the right thing to do, you need relentless application. You’re not somebody who’s going to get disappointed,
frustrated, depressed with what other people do. They’ll do what they do. What are they doing, they
know what… they are doing what they know best. What do you know?
That’s what you must do, isn’t it? So cleaning up this city is not such a big
phenomena. It can be done.
It can be done, hello? If you get all the engineering colleges in
this city together, you got social media, right? Contact all of them and once a month, how
many engineering students could be there in Chennai? At least one lakh? Okay, hundred thousand plus or maybe 200,000. 200,000 young people, once a month, if you
walk the streets of Chennai, in one year’s time Chennai will be clean, do it.
(Applause). First three months, you want me to walk with
you, I will walk with you. I’m not an engineer though. Shruti: So Sadhguru, speaking of Chennai and
change, all of us here are undergoing one of the biggest changes in our lives because
up until now, we haven’t really faced a shortage of a basic necessity that is like a water
or food or shelter. But now Chennai is facing one of the biggest
water crisis, I think in history, where they predict in ten years the city is going to
be dry, and there won’t be any water left, and the water crisis is something that you
have been tackling with Cauvery Calling. So as the youth of this generation, and as
engineers in particular, how can we fix this problem immediately so that, you know, we
don’t have to wait ten years for the city to dry up? What can we do to solve it? Sadhguru: Have you seen older Tamil movies
or even Hindi movies, where village women are carrying big pots on their head and walking
water, and the hero comes and sings a song and she also sings a song and romance happens,
there she danced with a pot on her head, you’ve see these things? Well that is because the actress is carrying
an empty pot. (LaughterApplause). But the real woman in the village is carrying a pot
which weighs fifteen to twenty kilograms on her head. Nobody sings to her, and she cannot even
open her mouth, she’s shaking like this. Have you seen them, hello? With twenty kilograms on her head, her neck
and head everything is shaking with stress. She’s not going to sing a song she’s not going
to fall in love with anybody on the street. She just wants to take that damn pot and put
the water in the house because her children and her husband and her family, whatever,
for them. You thought it’s romantic. When a rural person carries a pot full of
water on her head or on his head, but today that you have to carry a pot on
your head, it’s come, time has come. Now you think it’s a crisis. Wonderful to your
humanity – fantastic sense of humanity. I’m glad you’re getting the point. Because water distress has been there in rural
India for a very long time, I want you to understand this. Only when it comes to urban centers.
Now we thinking it’s a real crisis. No, most of the population is in rural India.
The crisis has always been there, isn’t it? In the last twenty-five, thirty years there’s
been a serious crisis, well now it’s come to Chennai at least now you kno.… at least
willing to talk about it. I’m glad. So let me tell you this, what happened. I grew up around river Cauvery. I did not see Cauvery as some kind of a water
source, how can I exploit it? How can I do agriculture? How can I build a dam?
I didn’t think about this. I was there like any other life, like a worm
or an insect, or a fish, which enjoyed the river for what it is and made a life out ofit. My experience of the river was, I was a tiny
little life, and this was a massive life. I will come and go, but this flows for millions
of years and continues to flow. But in the last twenty-five to thi… twenty-five
years mostly, I’ve been watching this with great distress, that slowly Cauvery is depleting,
not only Cauvery all rivers across India have depleted around forty percent, rivers like
Krishna have depleted over seventy percent. Narmada has depleted over sixty-five percent,
like this it goes. Especially in the last seven to eight years
for some reason, I still don’t have a good enough scientific reason for this, but the
drop has been very sharp with Cauvey. It is estimated on an average most Indian
rivers are depleting by six to eight percent per year. I want you to calculate how many more years
for Cauvery, if you do not know this, a river with… which was perennial for millions of
years. In the last, I think twelve or fifteen years,
nearly four to five and a half months Cauvery is not touching the ocean. Recently, about four, five days ago there
was news that somewhere in Tamil Nadu I don’t remember the town, hmm? Where Cauvery came, and people are bowing
down, they are doing puja, they’re worshipping and welcoming Cauvery because she’s coming
after six, seven months. She was dry. This has happened only in the last twelve
to fifteen years. Now is it my emotion towards Cauvery?
That’s not the point. It’s your bloody survival. People are this irresponsible, I’m talking
about this; some so called very responsible persons, they said, “No, no, I’m not using
Cauvery water.” What are you made off? In Cauvery basin in the last ten years, 47,192
farmers have committed suicide in this Cauvery basin, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. What more do you want?
I’m asking? What does it take to wake you up?
Where is the humanity I’m asking? In this country in the last fifteen years over 300,000,
three lakh farmers have committed suicide. We’ve had four wars; three with Pakistan,
one with China in all these four wars on both sides 300,000 people did not die. They did not, that many numbers did not die,
though we think a war is a great disaster. What is it that you need; you want people
to hang in front of your home or in your bedroom? Only then you will respond, what is it? So rivers are drying up. For example, I’m telling you in Bangalore
city, when I was into construction industry at that time, I got a contract in the majesticarea. We just went to put some footing foundation
for some building we had contract only for the footing, rest of the building was being
built by somebody else. We went to do pu… put footing concrete footings. We could not dig beyond five feet. Because water was like, full on, we put in
each pit… I’m talking about just five by five pits. In each pit we put, those days diesel engines,
10 HP diesel engines, one, one pit, two engines. We could not empty the water.
We gave up. Because we did not know how to put concrete in
totally wet conditions like that because it’s full of water. Today in Bangalore city without 1200 feet,
there is not a drop of water in the bore wells. There were over 1000 lakes in Bangalore, three
perennial rivers. Nobody knows where the rivers
are anymore. It’s all built up. Only eighty-three lakes are left out of which only
seventeen lakes have freshwater, rest is just sewage. What’s our plan for the future generations? Well, I got a few years I’m okay. Where are you guys going to live, I’m asking? You planning, I’m sure planning to go to some
other country and ruin that one. This guy will come with a bag behind.
(LaughterApplause). I’m saying, is this the way to conduct our lives?
Is this the way to conduct our lives, I’m asking? This is not about ecological nonsense.
This is about our life, isn’t it? The way we’re conducting our life. So Cauvery, or Cauvery calling as it’s called
right now is an effort to revive Cauvery and also relieve farm distress. According to the studies, they are saying
forty-four percent depletion in Cauvery, but in my experience of the river… see they
are counting the entire flow of water in twelve months, and they’re saying it’s forty-four
percent less. But in my experience, Cau… suppose in September
or October, if you look at the river. In my experience, it looks like it’s only twenty-five
to thirty percent of what it was fifty years ago. Because they’re also counting the monsoon
flows. See, we need to understand this river… river,
lake, pond, well are not sources of water. They are only destinations for water. The only and only and only source of water
in this country is monsoon. I want this to sink into the young people
because you are going to the cinema. You’re dressed well.
You don’t want it to rain. No learn to walk wet.
What’s the problem in Chennai, hmm, hello? Because from your kindergarten they told you
“Rain, rain go away” hmm? You sang this song when you were very young. They made you, without knowing
why you sang – that is in London. “Rain, rain go away” is in London. Here,
people… media is reporting excessive rains. I want all of you to take off this kind of
stupid language. There is no excessive rain ever. Whatever rain comes, we were always able to hold
it in this land because we had substantial vegetation. Now it feels like excess, because we need
to understand that, the nature of how this happens… the cycle I’m… I’m trying to make it very brief, so I may miss
a few points. If you have questions you can ask me. See there is something called as transpiration
bet… from the top of the tree cover. suppose there is a layer of tree cover, let’s
say there is a forest. Between the trees and the cloud, there is
a transpiration it’s a kind of communication which makes the rain spread out About thirty years ago in this country, monsoon
was spread between an average of hundred to hundred-and-forty days. Today the same volume of rain is coming, but
it’s happening between forty to seventy-five days. So, usually cloudburst used to happen in mountainous
areas, that is high altitude mountainous areas where there is no vegetation or in desert
areas. But today cloudburst is happening in Chennai,
cloud bursting happening in Mumbai. Sometimes in Bangalore, not yet so much in
Bangalore, but in northern Karnataka because it is almost a desert already. forty-two percent of Ch… of Tamil Nadu’s
agricultural land has been declared as fallow. What are you going to eat after twenty-five
years I want to know. You go and make a survey of the farm community,
not even two percent of the farmers want their children to go into farming. Maybe many
of you are from farming families, are you? No? Not even two percent of them want their children to
go into farming because it’s slavery to go into farming. Why I’m saying its slavery is, on an average a Tamil
-Nadu farmer is earning 36,700 rupees per annum. A government employee at the lowest level
is earning one-lakh-eight-thousand when he starts, within five years, it’s two lakhs
sixteen-thousand rupees is what he earns. In Puducherry prisons, a prisoner gets hundred-and
-eighty rupees per day as la… as wages for his work, a convict, all right? A semi-skilled one gets one-sixty, an unskilled
one gets one-fifty rupees, but farmer is getting hundred rupees having his own land, growing
food, feeding all of us, he gets hundred rupees per day. That also is dicey, one year it comes, one
year it doesn’t come. People think he’s hanging himself because of loans
and this and that. Yes, that is the immediate reason. But the real reason is there is no fertile
soil, and there’s not enough water. If there was a fertile soil and enough water, you think
he doesn’t know how to make something out of it? Nothing is growing because everything has
been destroyed simply because there is no organic content in the soil. The only source of organic content for the
soil is the leaves from the trees and animal waste. Eighty-seven percent of the green cover in
Cauvery basin has been removed in the last fifty years. So trees are gone.
Animals are all travelling abroad. If you just, you know I’m trying to push for
a law, if you own one hectare of land, agricultural land, you must have minimum four, five bovine
animals, a whole lot of activists in Chennai, please you guys handle him…
handle them. They’re saying, “Oh, he’s religious, he’s
trying to save cows.” You idiots, how do you fertilize the soil? How? How are you going to put
organic content into the soil? Are you going to bring it from moon, such
people should be sent to Mars. Because on this planet, the only way you can
put back organic content into the soil is the leaves of the tree and the animal waste. Animals are not on the farm, trees are not
on the farm. How will you put it back? Soil is going fallow forty-two percent of
Tamil Nadu soil. I want you to understand this, this is a land
where for 12,000 years there’s a history we farmed the same land and we maintained the
fertility of the soil for 12,000 years, and it’s supported us all these years our entire
civilization is because of this. Tamil civilization is essentially because
of the fertile soil upon which we lived. In two generations, we made forty-two percent
of the land fallow, unsuitable for agriculture. And no farmer wants to send his child into
farming, in another twenty-five years when this generation passes, what are we going
to eat? What are we going to eat? I’m saying if nobody grows food, so right
now Cauvery Calling is a plan to both relieve farm distress, enhance the soil quality and
ensure water flows in Cauvery and the wells and everything. What is the plan? See the only way is to put back green cover.
Is it possible to grow forest? No, because the population pressure is such you cannot
bring back forests into farmland it’s not going to work. Only twenty percent of the land of 85,000 square
kilometers of Cauvery basin is considered forest land. Out of this eight percent is very good forest. We don’t have to touch it, another four, five
percent is medium level forest which can be enhanced. Another three, four percent is denuded forest,
which can also be put back because this land is in the hands of the government, easily
it can be revived. It’s just a question of time, if the necessary
determination is there in the government, we can do that and it will be done. But the remaining eighty percent is the issue. The problem is just this, very poor agricultural
practices, and farmer is not substantially educated about this use of fertilizer and
this and that. So completely switched without knowing what
he’s doing, and now the land doesn’t grow anything. See in ten years in just Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
47,600 farmers committing suicide, is it a joke? Hmm? Can we ignore this?
I’m asking you, all of you young people, please? Can we ignore such a tragedy
happening right around us? So, we’re talking about agroforestry. In Tamil Nadu we have converted 69,760 farmers
into agroforestry. In five to seven years, their incomes have
gone up three-hundred to eight-hundred percent. So they’re very happy. And in that region, the wells are recharged;
the water tables have come up. So what we want to do right now is turn one-third
of Cauvery ba… basin into agroforestry because there’s a huge market for that. One-third of Cauvery basin into agroforestry
means we need to plant two-hundred-and-forty-two crore trees, not that you and me have to go
and plant, we just have to support the farmer to do it. Now I can say this very proudly – yesterday
we got this from both the governments, this is something we’ve been pitching for. When a farmer shifts from regular farming
to agroforestry, he needs a little bit of financial support for the first four years
till he goes into the first cropping. Fortunately, yesterday we got this both from
Karnataka government and the Tamil Nadu government. Both of them … (Applause).
both the chief ministers have decided and they’re going this way that the necessary
support for the first four years in the form of subsidies and also the freedom to grow
and cut whatever they grow. See right now the laws are such even if you
grow a tree in your own farm, if you cut it, they can come and arrest you tomorrow morning.
So who will grow a tree? Nobody wants to grow a tree
because he cannot use it. Why will I want to grow something
on my land that I cannot use? So now we want this laws freed. We… in the last term of the central government,
we got eighteen species released nationally, but now in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, we are
pushing for this. And now they’ve agreed that, one-hundred percent
both the chief ministers have agreed, that they will release all species for Tamil farmers
and also Karnataka farmers, that they can grow what they want
and cut it the way they want. It’s nobody’s business
what a farmer does with his produce. Because sixty-five percent of the population,
we’re keeping them in this level of abject poverty. And how do you think
the nation will move forward? There is technology, there is business, there
is industry all this is wonderful. But nation means the real wealth
is the richness of the soil and the water. If these two things are not there, there is
no real nation. Forever we’ve been proud of our soil.
Here we call this Tamil Manna. Even today, a farmer when he steps into his
land, he will bow down to the soil. In other countries, they call this dirt. Here we call this our mother because we know
this very body is this soil, how healthy this soil is determines how healthy and strong
we are, and how well we are. I want you to understand the soil dynamics
what it is, the Indian soil especially, there is no scientific explanation for this, but
there is scientific data to say this. The number of species present in the Indian
soil is the highest in the world for some reason. Nobody knows why, but that’s how it is. What scientists are saying… are saying now
is, if you take a spoonful of soil, a teaspoon full of soil, in this soil there could be
anywhere between 10-50,000 species of microbes. In one teaspoon of soil, there are more microbes
than the number of human beings on this planet. That’s how rich it is. That’s how alive it is. But now we’re killing it, with just chemicals
without necessary organic content. This is not my work.
This is not the work of a single organization. This is a generational work. I want you to be a part of this because this
needs to happen. As a generation if we don’t do this, we have
failed as a generation. Because this is far more serious than most
people understand. If we don’t fix this now, this really… we’re
destroying the future of this nation. So what can… what can Chennai people do
for Cauvery calling? See farmers are on the… you know, they’re
willing. Right now, in the last forty days our forty-five
vehicles have covered over 6000 villages, enrolling 2.7 lakh farmers to agroforestry,
just educating them how to do it, what to do it, about 2.7 lakh farmers have enrolled. Now with sustained work for last few years
we’ve got both the governments to give subsidy, and to clear the tree cutting laws for the
farmers. So the farmers are on, the government is on.
Now the challenge is to raise the saplings. Two-hundred-and-forty-two crore saplings,
no government department is geared to raise this kind of volume. They will have to create a whole new
department to do this. All that will take too much time, it’s not
worth going that way. I’m asking the citizens of this country. Because one sapling raising… because there
are many species, some costs less, some costs more, on an average it costs forty-two rupees
per sapling. I’m asking can’t the citizens of this nation stand up
and raise the saplings, that you don’t have to do it. We are training farmers to use this as a business
that they can raise the saplings and sell it back to us. We’re training thousands of farmers to make
this a business in the next two, three years time, that they can raise the saplings and give it to us.
We have started about thirty-three nurseries. We want to start somewhere around three-hundred
to three-hundred-and-fifty nurseries along the Cauvery basin to service all the farmers in the
area – there are five million farmers in this region. All we’re asking for the citizens is make
this forty-two rupees. A beggar, I’m if he positions himself in the right place
many beggars are earning over 3.5 lakhs per year. So a beggar in Chennai can easily plant or
contribute one tree a week. Yes or no? If a beggar in Chennai can contribute one
tree a week, what should less… rest of the citizens do? It’s for you to decide. It’s not for me to tell you, “Plant this
many, plan that many.” It’s for you to decide. I’m telling you, this is far more serious
than anybody understands, far more serious. If we don’t act now, it will not happen.
I’m asking all of you. You said there are two lakh engineering students
if you take all the students in Tamil Nadu there are I think about twenty-five lakh students. You all have your phones, smartphones, let
me see how smart you are. Please use this damn thing. And let me see, you make the students in Tamil
Nadu, twenty-five lakh students, at least one sapling a month, forty-two rupees can’t
you do? All you have to do is miss one coffee. Anyway let me tell you seventy percent of
the coffee beans come from Coorg in this country. That’s where Cauvery starts. From third of September, I’m riding personally
with a group of people from Talacauvery to Thiruvarur, on a motorcycle at this age, hmm,
okay? With eight-hundred-and-sixty-five events on
the way. Variety of events ___ unit event.
(Applause). See if youth of this nation don’t stand up for their
own future, I don’t think you can call them youth. They become old when they are young. Yes, if you do not stand up for your own future,
what is it? Don’t think just an engineering degree is
going to make your life. It doesn’t matter what qualification you have,
what wealth you have, unless you run away from the country, in this country if we do
not revive the soil and water sources in this country, you will not live well. You may have qualifications, you may have
money, you may have wealth, you cannot live well because you will have to carry a pot
in Chennai. Please let’s make this happen, hmm, will you? Twenty-five lakh students are there in Chennai. Please spend some time on your phone and activate
them; one tree a month for next three years if they do this, What we want is only two-hundred-and-forty-two
crores. If every citizen plants, two trees, it’s over. But there are a lot of irresponsible ones,
littering ones, so you have to plant for them also. Yes, there are those people, what to do, we
have to take care of them. Please let’s make it happen. Please.
(Applause). Shruti: Thank you so much for your insights
Sadhguru. Now we’d like to ask you a few questions that
we’ve received on social media. Sadhguru: Mhmm ?
Shruti: Tejas has the first question… Tejas: The first question is from Vikram from
Delhi. Vikram…Vikram says, well, this is about
the Cauvery Calling. “Shouldn’t this be the government’s job? Why should I pay forty-two rupees when I already
pay taxes? I don’t even live near Chennai.” Sadhguru: Oh, oh that guy, is he Vikram ?
Now you know who is Vikram. See, let me tell you… the young man has
big hands.I want him to use them. So this happened. Shankaran Pillai checked into a Chennai hotel. At 11:30 in the night he called the reception
and screamed, “I’m trapped in this room. Somebody help me, what is this?” The receptionist asked, “What do you mean
trapped? It’s your room, right?” He said, “Yeah.” “What do you mean trapped?”
“Well, I see three doors. If I one… if I open one, it’s a bathroom.
If I open the other, it’s a closet. And the third one says ‘Do Not Disturb.’ I’m trapped.” That is the clap, I heard just now.
That’s the trap. This is a democratic nation.
This means this is our country. I put my vote, I don’t know if Vikram put
his vote or not. Probably on that day he was on a picnic or
maybe he put. I put my vote. You do it. I’m sure if he’s a engineering student, he’s
not paid any taxes yet. And he’s claiming he’s paying taxes. I want you to understand this – in this country, only
some 3.2% of the population pays taxes, income tax. Do you know this?
Only some 3.2% is paying income tax. Who carries the remaining ninety-six percent? Because the remaining ninety-six percent are
either below the taxable limit or they are tax evaders – one of these. Even if you take the tax evaders,
it will only add up to another three, four percent. The remaining ninety percent is below the
taxable limit. When you have a country at this level, where
ninety percent are below the tax level, you think government can do everything? What do you… what is… what do you think
is the taxes they collecting? They may be charging you forty percent. But what do you think is the volume of tax
that they’re collecting for a nation of 1. 4 billion people? And you want them to do everything with that. I’m not pitching for the government. I wanted the government to give subsidies
to the farmers, which they have done. You think you have no responsibility for this
nation. You think those handful of people who are
elected will do everything. No. Well, this is coming, this… is coming because
you think they’re corrupt. Yes they are because they are your representatives.
(LaughterApplause). When I’m telling you over 300,000 farmers
have committed suicide, when you say, “Let somebody else do it!”
I think you’re corrupt. Hello? When you have forsaken your
humanity, I think you’re corrupt. Corruption is not just accepting a bribe. You have forsaken your humanity.
You are corrupt. Let me ask you a simple question. If there is no police man on the street, how
many Vikrams will stop at the red light? Believe me, just like 9:30-10 o’clock I land
in Coimbatore and I’m driving back to the Yoga Centre. Red light – I stop. I hear from behind me Peee peee pee pee say
what I’m stopping at the red light? And then one TVS moped guy will come next
to me and say…. (Laughter). He’s telling me, “There’s no Police man,
you idiot. What are you stopping for?” That’s what he’s telling me. So if you make this guy the chief minister,
the Prime Minister whatever, what is he going to do? Hello? This is what he’s going to do, isn’t it? So don’t think politicians are corrupt.
Yes, they may be and they are probably. But the citizenry is super corrupt. If the… the greatest problem right now in
the country is lack of integrity. Not just among politicians, not just among
people who hold office, general citizenry is corrupt. If citizenry was not corrupt, it would be
very difficult for the politician to be corrupt, because he was just one of you day before
yesterday. Only now he got elected. The moment he gets elected,
his whole clan goes Mama. “You became minister, what are you giving
me?” Are they going and asking or not? Hello? If he doesn’t give, “Mama we supported you. Why are you not supporting our family?”
Are they asking or no? So corruption is not in one place.
It is across the nation. Let me tell you this, a few years ago, almost
twenty-five years ago I was in Trichi, talking in a high school to fourteen-year-old boys. I just asking them, “Okay, what would you
like to do after this education?” One guy said, “I want to be a RTO.”
Fourteen-year-old boy. Then I say, “Why you… are you interested
in the road traffic system? You want to do something,
what what’s your interest?” He says, “I’ll get lot of bribe”. I thought this is the tragedy of the nation,
a fourteen-year-old boy, still a child in some ways. Only thing he’s thinking of is he’s thinking
how he can get maximum bribe -fourteen years of age. So, don’t think just one point is corruption.
Corruption is all across. We’ve made this our culture. Young people must change this, it is very
important you make this nation a law abiding nation more than anything else, that you follow
the law, convenient or inconvenient, you follow the law. This is important.
You must set this culture. About why should I do it? Well, if you are human, you should do it. If you’re something else, I leave it to you
because the distress is not something that the governments can handle.
It’s way beyond that. It’s way beyond that, but the governments…
you must understand this, this is not easy to do. We’ve been on sustained pressure on both
these governments, and fortunately yesterday was a fantastic day for Cauvery Calling because
both the governments agreed that they will give the necessary subsidy. This is going to cost them a few hundred crores
a year, but they’re willing to do it. You thinking, “Why should I give forty rupees
or forty-two rupees.” Don’t give. If you are… if you have that kind
of a stone for a heart, don’t do it. It is not necessary.
We will do it. We will do it. So many other human beings still alive in
this country and in the world. Right now, I want to tell you, yesterday’s
count is 87,000 trees are being contributed per day right now. (Applause).
Sadhguru: That is… That is… That is more than one-tree-per-second,
people are contributing. Not just from India, from across the world. People are contributing because there is still
humanity in the world.(Applause). Shruti: Thank you, Sadhguru. We would like to open the floor and receive
questions from the audience. Sadhguru: Mhmm. Shruti: So, if anyone from the audience has
any questions, please raise your hands. We will start here?
I think we’ll start from center. Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguruji.
My name is Kartik. I’m from Hyderabad. So, I’d finished my Inner Engineering program
three years back through Isha. So, I felt really blissful, I’ll be very honest. So, I just wanted to ask you this question
that, many deca… decades back when you were pursuing the path, the philosophical path
to finding the solution, were you not even a little scared that you might have gone wrong? Sadhguru: I was always wrong, but I was not
scared. (Laughter). When I say I was always wrong, from the age
of four, four-and-a-half years of age, all I had with me was a billion questions.
I didn’t have a single answer. Nor did I find a single person
who could answer one question to me. Whoever you asked, at home or school
or anywhere else, all they had was… They will quote – Krishna said this, Rama
said this, this man said this, Mahatma Gandhi said this. Like this, they will quote. I was not interested in quotes, I wanted a
genuine answer. For s… these billion questions I had, I
had a cloud floating around me of questions. So when I saw that there are no answers, or
at least, I’m not able to access anybody who has answers in this world… Naturally, see, when you… when you realize
you don’t know anything, you would pay immense attention to everything, isn’t it so? See, suppose right now if I ask you to walk
from here to there, effortlessly, you will walk. Suppose we make this hall
pitch dark and ask you to walk. You will become super alert, isn’t it?
Hmm? If you don’t know where your next step is,
will you become super alert or no? That’s all I became. Because I didn’t know a damn thing in the
world I became super aler… alert and observant. Smallest things – I paid absolute attention. As I paid attention and paid attention and
paid attention to everything… When I’m saying attention, I’m not paying
attention to some divine force or God or something. I’m paying attention to an ant, a leaf, a…
a pebble, or just about anything. Okay? As I paid attention, absolutely…
You must understand this. If your attention is keen enough, and relentless,
there is nothing in the universe which will not open. Everything has to open.
This is what human being is. If your entire energy, your consciousness,
your intelligence, everything is focused in your attention. Just anything in the universe will open itself. So, when I observed certain things which are
natural phenomena, I didn’t think nature could be wrong. I have not propounded anything of my own. I have not invented anything.
I have not created anything. I have just observed the way
creation is made, that’s all. If you think creation can be wrong, then maybe
everything that I say is wrong. Because what I am saying is just what creation
is always speaking. I’m just giving it a voice. I never thought in terms of is it right or
wrong. I only saw it – this is how it’s happening,
that’s all. How do you want to handle it?
That’s a choice. Something is happening here. How I want to handle it, how she wants to
handle it, maybe different. But, what is happening both of us should see
it the same way, isn’t it? How… what I want to do with it… See, right now, I…
I want to do everything possible. The foundation is pitching crores of rupees
behind this whole Cauvery Calling. It’s people’s money but we are pitching
it on this. But somebody says, “I don’t want to do it”. But it doesn’t matter whether you want to
do it or not want to do it. It’s your choice. But you must see what’s on the ground, isn’t it?
You must see the reality the way it is. After that how you handle it, how I handle
it may be different. But if you want to whitewash it, and see it
some other way, then you’re wrong. This is my understanding of life. Most important thing is – unprejudiced.
We must see, this is what is happening. I want to do something; somebody doesn’t want
to do anything. This is two different ways of handling the
same thing. That freedom you have. You can choose
to handle it whichever way you want. Now Buckingham Pala…. Buckingham Cannal is there, every time I land
in Chennai I think this damn thing should be fixed. Living in Tamil Nadu how come
I have not fixed it, this bothers me. But you buy a clothesline clip and walk around… You must understand if you close your nose
that means you’re inhaling ev… you’re taking everything through your mouth, which is worse. Hello? Yes or no? You’re literally drinking it through the air.
Yes or no? So some people think this is the best way
to handle it. So, how you handle a situation can be different
from person to person, but we must see reality as it is, isn’t it? Right now it’s a fact. Soil is distressed.
There’s enough science about it. It’s a fact, we’re running out of water,
that’s a fact. And it’s also a fact, the same volume of water
is coming in the form of rain for the last hundred years, nothing has changed. We… How we want to act, or we want to run away
from this country is different ways of handling it. So, am I all right?
I don’t know. All I know is I’m just speaking what nature
is speaking, what creation is speaking. If you think creation and creator are wrong,
definitely I’m also wrong. I don’t mind being wrong. (Applause). Questioner: Vanakam, Sadhguru. You said in one of your speeches that Shiva
has entered your life and enslaved you. Wha… why did it happen to you?
Why not others? The consciousness of truth that you have,
that is because of the seeking that you did, but this thing, why did it happen? Sadhguru: I think in some way
I already touched this. See, just now, for the previous question what
we spoke is relevant to this. The most important thing is to see what is true. Not socially what is true. Socially different
things are true for different people. Existentially what is true. Psychologically different things are true for different
people, but existentially what is true, we must see. In the sense, the fact of the matter is, do
you know where you came from to this planet? Do you know? Either through your religion or through your
science or through some philosophy, do you know for sure from where you came? Hello? Hello?
Participants: No. Sadhguru: Do you know where you will go?
After you die? No. Do you know where you are right now in the
cosmos? Do you have a GPS to tell you – in this cosmos,
this is where you are? Do you know? Sa… Do you really know? You don’t even know where the cosmos begins
where it ends, so how do you know where you are? Sitting on this little mud ball, called planet. You and me sitting here and talking all this,
quite miraculous, isn’t it? You don’t know where you come from. You don’t
know where you will go. You did not exist. Probably thirty years ago, most of you. Today you are here.
You will not exist after hundred years. Many people like you and me have sat here
like this talking all kinds of rubbish. And they are nowhere to be seen.
You don’t a damn thing about life. Yes or no?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Hello?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You may know life in Chennai, but
you don’t know a damn thing about this life. If you realize this, and if you’re conscious
of this, what would you do? You… Any conclusion you make
is just utterly stupid, isn’t it? Hello?
Whatever the conclusio… “No, God made me and I’ve come and I’ll
go back to God”. Please go back. If you’re so bloody sure.
“No, God is up there!” But the planet is round and the damn thing
is spinning, you’re obviously looking up always in the wrong direction. You don’t know a damn thing about
anything, please know this. If you realize this, you will become super
open to everything. Alert and open. If you just become this – alert and patient,
this will happen to you. This is why symbolically… Now, don’t think I’m spreading a religion
for you because this is not a religious process. Symbolically, outside every Shiva temple,
they put a Nandi. Nandi is a symbolism of eternal waiting.
Alert, and waiting. He never said, “Where the hell are you? Come!”
He simply waits. This is considered as the highest level of
intelligence because, you are alert, and you’re stable. Now, things will happen to you.
Everything that’s real will touch you. But otherwise, you’re busy with your own
creation. What you think your thought… Brilliant thought that some of you are havinin… having is
just recycling of the limited data that you have gathered. Yes or no? Hello,
there’re many computer engineers here. Whatever thought that you are having is just
recycling a very limited data that you have gathered. Yes or no? So, the important thing in this is, the yogic
culture always identified with ignorance, not with knowledge. Because, whatever we may know, if we have
read the libraries on the planet, if you have one-hundred PhDs, still what you know is a
minuscule in this existence, isn’t it? Hello?
Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: In this cosmos, it doesn’t matter
how much we know. If you are the most knowledgeable person on
this planet, still what you know is just a tiny little miniscule. If you identify with this miniscule, you will
become a miniscule because what you identify with you become isn’t it? You identify with India, you become an Indian. You identified with Hindu, you become Hindu.
You identify with Islam, you become Muslim, yes or no? What you identify with, you become that. If you identify with this little knowledge,
you will become that. But our ignorance is boundless. Hello? So you identify with your ignorance, you identify
with what you do not know. Now, you’re all the time one-hundred percent
open and alert to everything. If you just do that, everything will descend
upon you. (Applause). Shruti: So the next question please. Questioner: Yeah, hi, I’m Sadhana. So, I…I am interested in or I learned Carnatic
music in my pastime. Around the same time last year, 2018 there
was a controversy that broke out about four Carnatic musicians, famous ones who sang ___
which were not related to Hinduism, on Jesus Christ. The common folk believe that Carnatic music
is sacred of Hindu origin and should remain so. My question is two-fold. First if Carnatic music is a Hindu art, should
it remain so and second, considering the fact that India as such as a country is an
amalgamation of multiple diverse cultures. In fact, you kept mentioning culture when
you answered the first question on religion. Considering the fact that India is an amalgamation
of cultures which are invariably related to our faiths or religion, where do we draw the
line between religion, culture and art ? (Applause). Sadhguru: See, we need to understand this
which largely it’s being forgotten. What you know as Carnatic music and also what
you know as Hindustani music, which are the basic classical forms of music in this country. It is not that there was a form of music, and then
somebody sang about some God or something. It is because of devotees because of somebody’s
overflowing devotion, that music happened. So what you see as Carnatic music or even
Hindustani music is a consequence of devotee’s overflowing. It is not a mathematical rendition that people
are trying to make it out as it is, yes, there is mathematics to it. But all that flowed out of people because
of overflowing devotion towards something. If you look back, many musicians of the past
refused to sing in front of kings because they sang only in temples only for their deity because
their entire compositions are made on the basis of this. Even today, though during the Mughal period,
most musicians in the northern region in the UP, Bihar that all became… got converted
to Islam. Even today, all Hindustani musicians, all Islamic by
religion today, but they only sing Shiva, nothing else. Because the compositions are made for that,
it is an overflowing of devotion. This is not a question of your religion versus
my religion. It is a certain form, which has evolved in
a certain way. So, they want to keep it that way, if somebody
wants to sing something else in their home, they can sing whatever they want. But in Chennai, the sabha’s are all created in
that context. So, maybe some people feel sensitive about
it, but I don’t want you to look at this… See, the problem is right now, in this culture
as I told you, I’m saying at least five bovine animals should be there on one hectare of
land to fertilize the land and, “Oh, he’s a gowrakshak.”
What nonsense, are you crazy? In this country, this… this certain people
who think they’re intellectual, I don’t think they have much intellect. But they think they are intellectual. They are declared
themselves intellectual for some reason. And they got some little bit of media, you
know, purchase, they got some hold in this. And they’re all the time trying to create
vitiated debate about everything. You just look at the English channels in the country.
Everybody’s throwing something at somebody. Doesn’t matter what you say.
It doesn’t matter what you say. Everybody is throwing something at somebody.
What has happened? This is not the way to have a decent debate
about something. Well, if you want to debate about these issues,
they can be debated instead of abusing each other. But we must understand Carnatic music and
Hindustani music is not singing devotion. It is because of the devotees this music has
come into existence. Having said that, rest of it can be looked
at without imposing it on somebody. (Applause). Shruti: So, we’ll have one last question. Questioner : Vannakam Sadhguru. I’m Katyayini. My question today is, in the world that we
live in today, there exists a multitude of paths to traverse, both spiritually and religiously. For instance in Hinduism, there is both
Veda and Vedanta. So I can make a conscious choice as to what
I would like to take up. So, but I’m confused and as a millennial, I am I’m
really doubting if a ritualistic approach is relevant today. So do you believe that rituals are… are
still hold and are relevant today? Sadhguru: Well, you may be a millennial, but
these choices you have only in this country, you better know that. If… in many other countries in the world
if you say you have a choice of choosing, generally you will be dead. If you’re not dead, you will be harassed in
a thousand different ways. In this country you can choose, which is wonderful
because we don’t have a religious constitution which cannot be edited or… amended. Here we have various books which can be amended,
which can be debated, which can be… something can be done about it. Coming to ritual, how rituals
came into existence is like this. Do you brush your teeth every day in the
morning? I’m just asking… you do. Eh don’t do this this means no. Yes. So every day in the morning, you brush your
teeth. Some kind of a ritual, isn’t it? In fact people say morning rituals.
They’re not talking puja. They mean shit, shower and shave. So anything that you do regularly, not necessarily
by choice, but you decide to do it because you have decided it’s good for me, becomes
a ritual in your life. This ritual of brushing your teeth came to
you because your parents, maybe your mother insisted. When you were like this, she insisted.
“You must brush your teeth.” You say, “No, I want to eat”, She say,
“No, no brushing no breakfast.” Tch, are you thankful to your mother she
insisted on the… on your ritual? Yes or no? Are you not… that time you’re irritated,”
I want to eat what’s the problem? Why should I brush every day?” But now you’re glad that she brought this
ritual into your life. It works, isn’t it? At least for everybody else around you, it works.
(Laughter). So similarly, rituals came for variety of
reasons. If you are able to.. you said, there are multitude
of spiritual paths. No, there’s only one. If you say spiritual, you have to turn inward. There are no many inwards, there’s only one. Hello? There’s only one inward. Well, you may go like this, you may go like
this, you may go like this, but there’s only one inward. So when it comes to a spiritual path, there’s
only one. You have to turn inward. When it comes to religion maybe there are
choices. When it comes to rituals, yes there are choices. So when people were not competent, everybody was not
competent to simply sit like this and become meditative Then they taught them simple processes. I must tell you this… many years ago some
institute, these days I don’t subject myself to such indignities because I can afford that. Many years ago, some institute who thinks
they are scientific, they said they… because I was obligated to them for something and they said,
“We want to study the gamma waves in your brain.” I didn’t know I had gamma waves. I know I have a working brain, but I didn’t
know I have gamma waves in my brain. They said, “No, no the gamma waves, we want
to study that.” I said, okay, what should I do? They said you sit down here and they put fourteen
electrodes into me and they said, “You meditate.” I said, “I don’t know how to meditate.” They said, “Well you’re teaching everybody
meditation.” I said, “I teach people meditation because
they cannot sit still. I have to teach them so many methods to make
them still. If you want me to sit still, I will sit absolutely
still – inside out.” But you know research is funded. Scientific research is always funded, they
need a name. They need the category of meditation and gamma
wave… whatever nonsense. But I’m not going to give them such pleasure. I said, “If you want me to sit and do nothing,
I’ll do nothing but no meditation.” Then after much discussion probably they found a name
for ‘nothing. And they said, “Okay, you do nothing.” I sat, after about fifteen, twenty minutes,
you know that funny place in your elbow, where if you do the tong it will go. They taking a metal object and tuk, tuk, tuk
they hitting that place. It’s just leaving my palm numb. I thought, “Okay, it’s part of their experiment”
and I simply sat there. Then they started doing my ankle, became very
persistent and painful. Then I thought why are they beating me up
like this? What have I done wrong ? When I opened my
eyes, all of them are giving me a weird look. I said “Why, did I do something wrong?” They said, “According to our machines, you’re dead”. I said, “This is a great diagnosis you’re making”.
(LaughterApplause). And then they among themselves, they spoke
and say obviously this guy is speaking he is not dead. So they said, “Maybe your brain is dead”. I said, “Please, I don’t like this second
opinion”. If you give me a death certificate, I don’t
mind being dead like this. But brain dead is not good for me, it’ll affect
my activity. This… why I’m telling you this is… if
you could handle everything internally, no problem with you.
That’s the best way to do it. Simply this is yoga. If you know how to handle this whole machine,
all levels of this machine your body, your thought, your emotion, your energy, your life energies,
everything you know how to handle from within? No ritual for you. Never in my whole life have I ever prayed,
you know, but I’m prayerful to anything. If I see a mountain, if I see a rock, if I
see a tree, if I see a cow, if I see a man, woman, child, I’m prayerful but I’m not praying. I’ve never prayed to any god for anything, ever. I’m… so I’m not ritualistic in any sense
because if I close my eyes, I can deal with everything that I need to deal with, with
my life both internal and external. I want to fix this, I close my eyes.
If I want to fix that I close my eyes. If you do enough sadhana, you can
become like this. It’s not out of reach. It is available for every human being.
They don’t pay enough attention that’s all. But if you don’t know this,
you want to become peaceful. You don’t know how to sit still, then what
do I do? I’ll teach you one mantra. Okay, say this every day in the morning,
twenty minutes you say this. Now you become peaceful, this is your ritual. If it’s working for you, what is your problem? If it’s not working, drop the damn thing,
do something else. Every day in the morning, you took a swim
that became your ritual. You felt wonderful.
Do the damn thing. Somebody is doing yoga as a ritual. Somebody is doing puja, somebody is uttering
a mantra, somebody is singing a song. If it is working for them, what the hell is
anybody’s problem ? (Applause). But what ritual I do, you must also do,
there is no such thing. Something is working for me, I’m doing it.
It’s not necessary you must do it. But if you ask me, suppose I’m somebody who’s
doing every day in the morning Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, it’s working for me. If you come and ask me I’m feeling freaked
what should I do? Hey try this Om Namah Shivaya it’s working
for me. Ahh if you like it you also do it or you do
something else. You do daam, dum, dus, pus. But the thing is it must work for you.
That’s a important thing. So rituals… rituals were fantastic devices
created with certain wisdom. Over a period of time, they might have become
corrupt in practice. Over a period of time, they might have become
tools for exploitation for certain people. But don’t throw the baby with the bathwater. We must be able to see what is corruption
in this, eliminate the corruption and use the technique. Don’t throw away everything that the civilization
has learnt in thousands of years of living and think you will reinvent the wheel tomorrow. Everybody will be queuing up at a
psychiatrist, just know that. The number of people who are queuing up with
mental illnesses today is simply because there is no what we used to call as achara-vichara. There is no debate about what is this life?
Why am I like this? What is the nature of my existence… no achara
… no vichara and no achara… there is no anything. See, if your mothers or fathers did not insist
that you must have the ritual of… brushing your teeth. What an unpleasant place this hall would be
right now because out of your freedom, some of you would… or a whole lot of you who’d come
here decide, “I will not brush. What is the problem?” No, maybe no problem for you, everybody else
suffers. If you open your mouth if you stink, not necessarily
because of not brushing, just because of your culture, the way you behave, the way you speak,
the way you sit, the way you stand. If people around you suffer because of your
behavior, which is happening everywhere, isn’t it so? Especially for girls, isn’t it so? If you get into a damn bus in the town…
because all these things were thought as ritual. This is how you must approach. When we are growing up in our house, our sisters
are there. You cannot even address them in singular. You always have to address them with a certain
respect even when they’re little girls. When you grow up with this kind of ritual,
now you learn how to treat every woman on the street. Otherwise look at the way people are behaving.
Most uncivilized… uncivilized means what? The necessary rituals of culture are not there
in those people, isn’t it? So, these can be various kind of richual…
rituals, social rituals, spiritual rituals, religious rituals, it doesn’t matter. Is it working for you or not working for you?
That should be the only question. (Applause). Shruti: So that concludes the session for
today. Once again Sadhguru on behalf of SSN, thank
you so much for coming here today. It’s… it’s truly a great honor to have had you here today,
and this has been a really enlightening experience. I’m sure as people leave this hall they will
be going with a lot more perspective and direction. So as we were speaking in the session before
about the water crisis in Chennai, as students of SSN and more to the point, students of
Tamil Nadu, the… solving the water crisis and in particular, the Cauvery Calling initiative
is a cause that we would like to get behind and contribute to. So we’ve actually arranged for a special photograph
in contribution to this cause. So we would love to have you join us for this
photograph. Sadhguru: Yes, definitely. Ahh you keeping the promise twenty-five lakh
saplings per month. Hello? Participants: Yes.
Sadhguru: Hello? Participants: Yes. Sounds of Isha music – Nadi Stuthi…

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