School Qtiyapa: Padh Le Basanti

School Qtiyapa: Padh Le Basanti

A student who has not opened the book
yet, is a big bastard. If a teacher is not giving proper
directions, then it’s useless. I always felt that there are
two types of students in school. One who silently grabs the answer sheet. And the other one cries
and moves towards the exam hall. Later, we met the third one. I still see them stoned. Fearlessly rushing
towards their last exam. I wish it wasn’t your last exam. It’s not our last exam,
Mashrafe Mortaza sir. More sincere students
like us are going to come. Many more. It’s time. Poha Le Kha. My grandfather, Mashrafe Mortaze
was the best teacher in school. Even I want to become like him. And for that I need good students. Just for this, we’ve come to India from
Bangladesh, by crossing the border with the
fishermen. Miss Chu, you don’t have to worry. I’ve distributed the test papers. You’ll get good students
for taking tuition. Thank you. True. We call Zebra as Algebra in Arabic. False. M and C is not MC.
It’s ‘Yemm….C.’ When H2 and O combines together, it becomes water and in
it maggi can be cooked. Bumrah Bumrah Jasprit Bumrah, please show me the answer,
because my mind is not working. By copying, do we become a topper,
is CU a short form of copper. There’s no future in studies,
let’s go to Mumbai and become a hip hopper. I’m an idiot who came to this school. How am I going to face my grandfather? I’ve to do a plastic surgery. You don’t have to. You should wear burqa. I think we need a break. Hey, Aslam! – Meet Miss Chulbuli Mortaza.
– Miss Chu, meet Atif Aslam. Coefficient of friction is mute. Hello, Miss Chu. – So you also study here?
– I can’t study in arts department. That’s why I study Literature. And help my friends in
the science department. DJ… DJ… No… DJ… No… DJ… What’s up brother? Hey, my brave boy! – Hey, hey…
– Who’s this girl? He’s DJ and he’s Karun Nair. And she’s Miss Chu from Bangladesh. How are you? But Miss Chu name doesn’t suits you. Your name should be either
doll or sexy Miss… …I mean ‘1/cos c’ is ‘sec c’ Miss. Right? – Yeah.
– Tell her.Na koi padhne wala.
Na koi seekhne wala.
Hey, hey. It’s like this. Hey, stop all this. Everyone go and study. Leave. Stop eating bread (paratha). Hold this. I’ve put a notice on the notice board. From today,
nobody’s going to make chits. If today, you don’t study, then I’ll tear the chits
and put it inside your mouth. Hey! Even if you put a notice on a notice
board, nothing’s going to change. You know everything so
you don’t make chits. Keep quiet! Arts section. Last warning. ‘Hail science’ C’mon guys. Paratha is also tasteless. What’s up brothers?
What’s happening? Hi, how are you? Good? Hey, Chandu. What are you working at? Ajay? Oh, my god. Ajay is here today. You’re studying here. Hey, brother! Bring samosas. Miss Chu, meet Ajay Jadeja.
Our class monitor. – And your study partner as well.
– C’mon. Miss Chu,
more than half of the BCCIS students leave their tuition and
take classes from Ajay. Please bring samosas. He has got magic in his hands. Seriously, dude.
He has got magic in his hands. Oh, dear! It’s a holiday for you tomorrow. From tomorrow,
madam is going to do this work. What I’m saying is you
love fish curry and rice. Tell this idiot that I didn’t
come to India to do all this. Dude! She knows hindi. Oh, my god. Miss Chu, where have you lost? – Will you guys join my tution classes?
– Leave it. These learning talks seems
to be very monotonous. Classmates, I’ll take a leave now.
Abu must be waiting. – Why can’t he talk in hindi?
– C’mon. Let’s leave. Yeah. Let’s go. Why did Kattapa kills Bahubali? Please watch the second part. Even you made it? Abu, you know that I
don’t even touch the chits. Can’t you make artist friends
from your arts department? You only get these scientist
friend from science section. – Where does section come into all this?
– Shut up! Abu is right. Arts students of this
school have never got a… …place in their heart
nor in their building. Don’t your hands shiver? Have you ever noticed of holding a pen? Tell me! Monitor brother, I don’t mug up
all the history dates like you. And neither I want to. I feel suffocated in this section. Mr. VVS Laxman Pandey,
why are looking outside? No, sir. It was not properly kept. Come, sit. The people of the staffroom are
very happy with your marks. This ‘Eat Tiffin Movement’ that
you’ve started against cheating culture, through this you save lot of money
by not eating from canteen. Right? Take this. For you and your friends. But sir, yesterday you’ve already distributed
these notes to the entire class. Those where like old
500 and 1000 notes. Useless. These are the real ones. No sir. I really trust in tuition notes. I can’t keep these leaked notes. Laxman, if you want you can
take 100 200 questions more. But I want Ajay’s study
partners in my tuition class. Got it? So you’re not going to leave
India without teaching us. And anyways Bangladesh
doesn’t have any embassy. But If you want I can drop
you to any of the slums. At least try one class. This is very important for me. Before Bangladesh was formed, my grandfather Mashrafe Murtaza
was the headmaster of BCCIS. He used to have only three
students sitting on the first row. Amar, Akbar, Anthony. Do you know why? Seating arrangements must be roll no. wise.
Because their name starts with ‘A’ No. Because they’ve got ‘A’ grade. Rest everyone has got ‘F’ grade. Because those three kids used
to study from my grandfather. We bengalis believe… …when passionate students
meets passionate teacher. …then it’ll create black magic. People would study 50 years before. – Now nobody does.
– One minute Karun. I do. Or else why would I go to the
library in every zero period? I don’t know. May be your hobby is to use the free wifi. Okay, okay. I agree that I watch naughty
America using free wifi. I watch sexy teacher’s porn by
applying a filter of nerd category. That too full HD. And after returning from the bathroom,
I sit and study with my study partner. Dude, they consider me a teacher. They listen to me very carefully. There’s no such teacher whom
we can listen to carefully. And which teacher
should we focus on? Who asks questions out of syllabus. – Or who conducts surprise tests everytime.
– Or who sleep in the class. So that with lots of money they
can run a tuition business. No school is perfect. We’ve to make it perfect. See the condition of the school. Tomorrow
we’ve a unit test. Has anyone studied? I’ve studied. Sincere students like
Ajay have also studied. So that we can teach a
duffer like you, Karun. Poha, you’re becoming reasonable now. – Please don’t insult me like this.
– Poha is absolutely right. Miss Chu, you’re from Bangladesh.
It’s easy for you to tolerate insults. But students pass out trying
to get passing marks. And if you ask any doubt to a
teacher, the teacher herself gets confused. Cheating is not our hobby. Karun? Cheating is very easy. And it’s way easier to abuse teachers. And if you’ve so much
problem then change it. This is your school as well. Right? If you’ve any doubts then
go and ask your teacher. If not this then study by yourself. Do a group study.
Make notes rather making chits. But you won’t do all this. Do you know why? Because if people pass by cheating
then why would anyone study. DJ, how long will you
teach these people to make chits? One year more. Then after school,
everything’s going to get over. Why? – You can make it in college also.
– Studying in college is impossible. Bunking lectures, making a peg. Impress a girl. And make a shit video song from Thik Thok.Dhinchak chak de, dhinchak chak.On this side of the
school, we screw studies. And on the other side of the school, studies screw us. Chits does not help us in college. What helps is luck. Miss Chu, you know… it’s been five years I
passed out from BCCIS. That time I didn’t have a beard. But in five years, neither I cut
off my name from school nor beard. – It itches a lot. Still…
– Why? When I keep my beard
in front of these kids, then DJ gets a respect. A status. People know me very well. Look! Kabir Singh is here. They call it like this. Oh. In the crowd of thousands
of beards in school, lots of DJ Bravo like me have disappeared. Every Bangladeshi girl, wants to grow up and
work in a clothes factory. And some of them don’t wait to grow up. But I did something different.
I became a teacher. To create a different
identity outside the world, you’ve to do something different, DJ. Miss Chu, you were absolutely right. To create a different identity,
you should do something different. So from today, no cheating. DJ promise. You’re a champion, DJ Bravo. I like you more than fish and rice. What are you saying? Hmm… HC Verma? So, finally decided. Since Poha missed it in 9th
standard so she’ll study bio. You’ll study physics. You’ll study hindi. And you’ll study chemistry
which is a difficult subject. Okay. No problem. Maths is remaining. Without this how will I become Mortaza 2.0? You’re putting a decimal in a wrong place. – Pandey, you please leave.
– One minute. You tell me where should I put a decimal? [Quoting a phrase…] ‘Hail Pythagoras.’ ‘Hail Romila Thapar.’ Just like a miracle
I found my Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Now begins the difficult part. Hey, DJ! I’ve cleared the exam. Finally. One minute. Hey, Ajay couldn’t clear. Ajay failed. – Check properly.
– Yeah. Check it one more time. Ajay coudn’t clear the exam. – Poha?
– Poha? Poha? Guys, do you know?
Ajay Jadeja couldn’t clear the exam. Nerds were saying,
the notes that were given by Shastri sir,
it was of organic chemistry. But test questions was
of inorganic chemistry. – Do you know, Ajay failed.
– Who’s Ajay? Edge and Taken! Ajay Jadeja is out. No. Never. I can’t pass Ajay. I had explained to him
earlier that if there’s any doubt in the class
then join tuition. But no. Nowadays toppers rely on
cheating more than studies. Headmaster, how can you say such
false words about a promising student? Whatever that means. – Sir?
– Get out of my room like a tracer bullet. – Hello?
– Hey, look behind. I hope our tuition business doesn’t
get affected by failing Ajay. According to the plan, Due to the shock of his failure,
Ajay has stopped coming to school Now all his study partners
will have to join tuition. But what about his friends? For a while I had my balls inside my mouth. Class teacher Ravi Shastri says… …that Ajay Jadeja was a cheater. Ajay Jadeja did not look
into anybody’s paper, despite knowing that the entire
paper was out of syllabus. He rather faced all the
difficult questions confidently. How can Shastri Ji say all this? We’ll not attend a single class. We’ll raise our voice. Our demands should be fulfilled. Each of our demand should be fulfill… …hey madam, please can you move a little?
There’s something important going on. Please go. We’ll raise our voice. Mishra Ji, what’s happening? Damn it! Shastri sir’s black business
of tuition is still going on. We’ve to do something where students
automatically leaves his tuitions. – Just tear his notes.
– Yes. If the notes are torn before
exam, then they won’t… …attend tuitions and
study by themselves. What? Do you know what does it mean? Without notes,
all the students of tuitions will fail. – It’s my responsibilty to teach children.
– Pandey, do not provoke. Little studying and teaching
someone else is easy for you… …what do you mean? Whatever Miss Chu taught us was little? Shastri sir leaves with
notes every evening at 7 pm. Let’s tear all the notes there itself. Wow! What a joke? Who’s going to do that? Tell me?
Who’s going to do it? I’ll do it. DJ, you only tear the notes. I’m scared. Okay. I’ll do it. Shastri sir is such a great person. Since Ajay is not here
and group partners… …couldn’t study so he
postponed the entire exam. So that nobody fails in the exams. He’s best Shastri after Lal Bahadur. Bloody… …everything’s ruined. The entire school should
know the truth. But how? – C’mon! Everyone leave.
– C’mon. School is over. Guys! Everyone leave. C’mon, guys! Leave. The factory guys have come.
They are downstairs. The ‘Kota Factory’ guys. Yes. Jeetu bhaiya has come.
C’mon everyone. Get out! My name is Karun Nair. Me and my friends had torn all
the tuition notes of Shastri sir. His tuition kids should not fail, that’s why he posponed the exams. He doesn’t care about anyone else. A teacher is meant to provide education. But they have turned it into a business. Who’s going to stop them? Who? We? Who to escape studies go to their tuitions. I request you all. We’ll study by ourselves. On our own. Nobody should pass. Guardians are definitely
going to send their children… …to the tuition once the
entire school fails. Run… Brother! Getting calls from the whole school. Answer it. Give as many answers as you can. Shastri will turn off
the wifi in 15 minutes. Hello, I’m Amitabh Bachchan speaking. You should tear Abhishek’s
Dhoom 4 script as well. Amit sir, what all should we tear? If you want to change something,
you’ve to change yourself. Hello? I’m Manjrekar speaking. If Shastri sir comes to know,
he will make you all fail. – Aren’t you scared?
– No. We’re no longer afraid. It’s a waste. Nobody’s going
to study in this school. This is BCCIS. No school is perfect. You’ve to make it perfect. We’ll study by ourselves. We’ll study in a group.
And we’ll make notes rather chits. We’ll change the school.
It’ll definitely change. DJ Karun! Leave from
there as soon as possible. C’mon. Let’s go. DJ, these are question papers. But why only two? You’ve passed out, right? It’s okay friend. This time I’m definitely going to
pass the exams without cheating. And get a character certificate. It’s been lying in this
college for five years. – Friend.
– Yeah? I was thinking… …I should shift to
Bangladesh with Miss Chu. But there’s one problem.
It’s a cricket problem. Whom should I support?
Virat Kohli or that Shakib. – And then?
– We met the third type of students. We’ll turn the spark of self
studies into fire that’s going… …to spread from this school
to all the schools of India. We’ll definitely pass in every exams by
following the right path shown by DJ. Questions will be from inside the
syllabus in the upcoming exams. Come, Mahendra Singh. Come. Teacher, what are you doing? I’m making notes. I’ll teach
the class and make everyone pass.

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