SCHOOL SPIRIT Chapter 1: They’re Just Voices

SCHOOL SPIRIT Chapter 1: They’re Just Voices

Those voices are back, Hazel. Onyx was right: the school is fucking haunted! Oh, my goddess! I didn’t even have my crystals with me! *Giggles* Why do you always have to jump to *that* conclusion? *beep-beep-beep* No-no-no, you are NOT calling the cops over this! You didn’t hear it, Haze [creepy voice] I like your hair Hey! …I’m talking to you! …Stupid bitch *Hazel snorts* [Gem] It’s not funny! Gem, really think. Were there any dorm rooms nearby? Do you think someone might have been watching TV? *sighs* It was so…. specific though. [Hazel] Do you think that because you’ve heard other people tell you that BUU is haunted, that might have affected your interpretation of what happened? [Gem] You don’t understand! You weren’t there! [ Hazel] Remember last year, after drama rehearsal, when you thought that man was stalking you, so you called security? [Gem] Mr Rey? Ugh, that guy was so creepy! -But then it turned out he was just the new janitor, and didn’t speak English well, and needed directions. -What’s your point? [Hazel] I’m just saying that you have a tendency to jump to these… dramatic conclusions. Ghosts aren’t real! [angrily, Gem] And *you* have this need to be right all the time! Just because you’ve never seen a ghost doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Here you can have the rest of this. [Gem] You don’t have to do this. [Hazel] Take it: I want you to feel better Thanks, holy shit, did you eat all this by yourself tonight?! [Hazel] Maybe…*both laugh* But for real Gem, if anyone tries to hurt you: I got your back… *knife clicks* Thanks, but I don’t think you can cut a ghost Haze… put that away you’re freaking me out! You’re still gonna work? It’s so late! [Hazel] Yeah, I need to finish this scholarship essay *spooky music* *incomprehensible whispers* *swoosh* *alarm beeping* *gasp* Did you fall asleep at your desk again? You are working yourself way too hard! Uhhhh, are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine: it was just sleep paralysis again [Gem] Again?! That’s like the fifth time this month! Did you see something this time too? -It happens when you’re sleep-deprived, seriously Gem don’t be dramatic! But what if it isn’t sleep paralysis! What if what you’re seeing really is some sort of spirit trying to hurt you! -There’s no spirit trying to hurt me, Gemma, it was just another dream! -Want Snarled, Slaytrix or Something Scary merch? Visit our store by clicking the links beneath the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to Snarled and turn on the bell for notifications so you can be alerted when the new episode of School Spirit comes out next week. Our gaming channel Slaytrix is partnered with discord! Click the link in the description below to join our discord and talk directly to us!

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  1. How in the bak does hasel eat a whole box of ice cream and continue to stay thin??!! Teach meh ur ways! Wut do u use?! Black magic?!

  2. It would mean so much to me guys if you would check out my Scary Doll Animation! inspired by School Sprit!! THANK YOUU

  3. After she close the file it was txt maybe kpop fans will know what i'm talking hahhaha😂🍑

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