100 Replies to “Sen. Rand Paul introduces proposal to pay down college debt with retirement savings”

  1. Of all the things you can go into debt for, today's college education is the least attractive. Take useful courses a la carte, not as part of a degree, unless that degree is immediately useful.

  2. Let's not put parents on the hook for the debt as well. How about a cap on wat colleges can charge. It's more than doubled. Noone brings that up.

  3. Bad idea. The colleges and universities will just raise tuition and neutralize the benefit. The government needs to get out of the student loan business and let the system correct itself.

  4. Stop subsidizing educational institutions altogether and prices will have to fall. Stop government meddling in education!

  5. As long as loans are available college costs will rise. Loan money only for profitable degrees. And where did everyone get the idea that college is a must. Re-examine that idea. You want security, start your own company. Take jobs in which you can learn the necessary skills.

  6. LET THEM ALL PAY IT BACK! MAKE THEM! take their retirement and pensions!
    the rest of US went to work to support them to go to school we worked our BUTTS OFF in minimum wage gobs and raised families. we are retired NOW with low benefits because we NEVER HAD high WAGES! these people get out of college making MORE THAN WE DID WHEN we HAD to retire! shame on them for spending OUR MONEY FOOLISHLY! send them all to debtors prisons!

  7. Go to Trade School instead of College, you all afraid to get your hands dirty? Pussies.
    Nobody wants your Degree in Gender Studies.

  8. The blasphemers and FISA abusers got into the Hellenization ruler ship-leadership for their unholy works against HOLY🤴🏻😘👸🏻OF HOLIES.

    Blasphemer Millennials are now in the clutches of lucifer and lucifer is crushed by GOD🤴🏻YAHWEH HIS SON🤴🏻🕎Y'SHUA THE GREAT EL🤴🏻ÈLYON🇮🇱.

  9. I am actually graduating now in Spring 2020. I transferred and clepped courses. I also attended a community college first. I pay some courses out of pocket.
    My debt is about 35k, and l am graduating with an engineering degree.
    I have seen students who spend a ton of money on unnecessary things. Heck, l have seen students without a job with a credit card.

  10. Going 10, 20, 100 thousand in debt just to end up working at Starbucks making minimum wage. This country is a joke

  11. Banks and Law makers are all the same, attack the money that is really yours to begin with. Just wait till you die and the money circulates in their pockets

  12. How about we take the hundreds of thousands of dollars these career politicians grant themselves for retirement and use that money.

  13. Its not the government's responsibility to bail you out because you made a bad economic gamble on your choice of education. It is immoral to ask those who choose not to attend college to pay for those who do.

  14. it's robbing peter to pay paul to borrow from 401k's to pay off another debt, it doesn't add up in the long run. The only way to get rid of the debt is to pay it off like everyone else does. Get a job and pay it off over time like we all do 😉

  15. How about the costs of this so called education? Look into the waste of these institutions that has been driving up costs for years. Its the unchecked Universities that are driving this debt!!

  16. Seize their parents and college administrators property and assets for payment. Tax the students 50 percent after college till the debt is paid off. Don't put their burden on the rest of the tax payers.

  17. tell ron paul to give america free goldstar health care like him and they would have money to pay down their debt,but he thinks he is better than the middle class who cant afford health care

  18. This is actually a good idea. Financing tuition fees by withdrawing retirement savings from parents can work, but it requires the kids to actually start caring for their family elders. Perhaps introducing more people to the ''Generational estate'' principle could work in tandem with this. It would also be a great way to reinforce traditional family values with economic benefits that seem to be necessary for many people to engage in them these days.

  19. How about suing these colleges and universities for fraud and predatory lending practices then make them pay off the debt.

  20. Why is it that you can get a great job going to trade school for 2 years at a fraction of the cost of a four-year University? 4 year universities are better deal for the faculty professors and staff that have ever-increasing budgets each year. They know parents are paying for it and government is paying for it through grants and debt issuance, this justifies the astronomical increase tuition costs each year. Went to an orientation with my son at Morningside College in Sioux City Iowa, and it was going to cost him $40,000 a year to get a general Business Degree. I can guarantee you the job coming out of college will be paying peanuts but yet he will be burdened down with over $160,000 worth of debt. What a scam

  21. That's great. So when you finish paying off your student debt with your retirement, you can start saving for retirement at 65 or 70.

  22. How about cap the amount a student can borrow for college to only $15,000 max? That will cut college prices drastically.

  23. After 30 years of Globalists, legislatures and administrations fleecing of American citizens, it has created a formally educated debtor class that need viable solutions that address and fix the problems that our leaders created. By outsourcing careers (regulations and policy forced companies abroad seeking profits) to other countries, while rewarding foreign born graduates, with domestic employment (H1B, hired at substantially lower wages),it forced many into careers that traditionally do not require an education and have the added joy of lower and stagnet wages induced further by illegal immigrants. Rand Pauls solution is like putting a band-aid on a broken leg as it just exacerbates what has been done, and doesn't address hundreds of thousands that are years removed from graduation who were never given opportunities through a gamed system. Three years of record growth in the stock market does nothing for hundreds of thousands that have advanced degrees who have been realistically living off of service based employment wages.

  24. – "I have a Master Degree in Women And Gender Studies and a 60K student loan"
    – "Let us help: You can now payoff your loan with your retirement savings" (???)
    No. To help these kids: Shut down that cash grab of a program, prevent these universities from charging tens of thousands for these scams and head them toward real skills

  25. Stop sending everybody to a 4 year college. The US needs a comprehensive vocational and technical school policy that trains people for the actual needs of business and industry.

  26. All i hear from todays stuends is whining, complaining and insisting someone else to pay their debt, while they have a better life than i had, my parents had and my grandparents had. All of us paid off our debts, the one way or another while being flexible and using brain and hard work. Studens thesedays just searching for taxpayers money. Thats pathetic!

  27. Some people don't benefit from going to college. Not everyone should go. If you don't make the grade in high school, don't hamstring yourself with college debt. Its simple.

  28. YEA I GOT ONE TOO , get the schools to eat 80% of ALL fee and debts. then tell them to raise their price for service JUST ONE FUCCIN MORE TIME .

  29. So you've overcharged for college then you rob the future retirement so people are reliant even more reliant on SSI. Glad to see you guys reinstitut serfs in the modern age 🙄. Sorry the industrial revolution got in the way for a couple of generations. 🖕

  30. If I had enough in my 401K, I wouldn’t have student debt. We need to get the government out of the student loan business, stop writing blank checks.

  31. colleges and universities are federally and state funded as well
    but if you notice the salaries of the so called professors are making over 250k a year
    why are they making so much ?
    also t rowe price and other financial crooks dont want you to take anything out of your retirement money so they can play with it however they want
    look at the penalties you pay when you do pull the money out
    you pay almost half in taxes on money that was taxed once
    bankers and insurance companies are corrupt and yes that is what t rowe price and such are
    if you die early your retirement goes to them and you can only withdraw what you paid in

  32. Good idea, I'd need to look at this but once again the left won't like it because they will say again it only benefits the rich. It's their go to stand on EVERYTHING!

  33. After announcing further education desire my father had a short but succinct statement for me. "Your education, you pay for it" and that's the way it was.

  34. I have a friend who took $100,000 in loans at a private college to be … a teacher! I paid my state college loan off! I don’t want to pay for her loan too!!!!!!

  35. Doesn’t the government own the loans? Shouldn’t they eliminate interests on those loans as the first step to help people pay the money they BORROWED?

  36. Here's my proposal, have students go back to the colleges and professors who ripped them off and have them give them their money back, no one pays my bills or feels generous when I make mistakes, so I ain't up for paying off democrat college socialists their bills…. especially when the democrat scoundrels who ripped them off get to keep the money.

  37. How about forcing banks to not charge stupid interest on student loans, not turning interest into principal when you consolidate, and allowing you to pay off principal before you pay interest like literally every other loan. You can buy a house for less interest than a student loan.

  38. Transamerica already has a student loan program – call your local office!!! The student needs to out of school first.

  39. What are we expected to do with these people, after they spend their retirement income on college loans? Many, have chosen to take courses that will not net them a job. They will retire penny less, to live in their truck in California. You cannot fix stupid. Don't go to college, for the sports, drinking, and partying. Don't go, unless you are following a career that requires a specific education.

  40. I borrowed for credits only. Not books or food or housing. I worked part time. I had a low debt and paid it off in 15 years.

  41. Dear PRESIDENT Trump : We want to know ,who's in charge of the "airfarce" that been chemtrailing us ,even on christmas? Can you stop it ?

  42. My money shouldn't go towards paying for stupid idiots decisions. If you go to college for liberal arts, pull a loan for 100k for said pointless degree … Only to realize how useless said degree is… That is your fault and your responsibility. Not ours

  43. So when they reach retirement age they will have less money to live on when they really need it as they have no parents to rely on. Great idea, not.

  44. Trump just needs to order SecEd to discharge all federal student loans. Simple. He has the authority to do it, it's what some of the dems running want. And he'll instantly get more votes. Then he can ask Congress to move from loans to grants.

  45. Can we get the same deal for paying off our Credit Card debt? I mean, some of us didn't go to college because we went into skilled labor trades, and in tern drove up our CC debt vice getting a student loan.

  46. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing in the world. The easiest way to reduce tuition is to get rid of all GUARANTEED federal loans. Any college that can't provide an affordable education should go bankrupt like any small business. Furthermore, place all classes online and then have an exam to get college credits for these courses. That right there will get rid of 90% of colleges and their useless degrees.

  47. I can’t believe that it has come to this. Here is another idea to stop with the growing debt, how about teaching our children a trade for them to earn a living with and not just an education of things that most won’t be able to use in the real world anyway. It seems that more than half the kids who go to college are unable to find work once they get out of school and that is why their debts don’t get paid in the first place. It seems to me that more colleges are using their schools for indoctrination into socialism rather than for teaching our children how to survive in the world once they are finished with school. Having them learn a worthwhile trade would be much more practical than learning how to do geometry.

  48. This doesn't fix the problem of Colleges financially raping people out of thousands of dollars and promising them college degree=high paying good job. That isn't true. Colleges will happily take thousands and thousands of dollars from a young person and hand them a degree (worthless) that doesn't translate into a job, and then that person winds up working for a non-college grad who has worked hard for four years and recently been promoted to manager.

  49. Did you know the US National Debt is nearly $220 trillion dollars! According to reports… That isn't good stewardship concerning our youths future in the America's!

    @ascoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL

  50. in the 1990's I paid $750 per semester for full time tuition at a good state university. I never took out a loan. Congress must get serious (AND heavy handed) about tuition reduction. Eliminate all university paid scholarships and apply those funds to tuition reduction across the board; tighten up on waste fraud and abuse (that alone would cut tuition in half), and require all professors to carry a full class load and expand what a full class load is comprised of (1 or 2 classes per day should not be considered a full class load- 5 or 6 classes minimum).

  51. The Federal Deficit and Debt: Trouble Ahead?   
    Obama got us out of the hole Bush put us in just to have Trump put us in a bigger hole

  52. anything to prop up worthless college liberal arts education,,,,,,,,and the lush life administrators and professors while the chump students suffer working for walmart and starbucks with their degrees in sociology and psychology. these idiots should get teacher certified and teach in inner city schools,,,,,problem solved. the pay is yuge and the turnover is high,,,,,,,stick it out for 2-3 years…….better than being a green beret or navy seal……they are pussies compared to chicago public school teachers,,,,,

  53. Stop funding Higher Education with Federally funded low interest guaranteed student loans and subsidies. There is no incentive for universities to compete for students outside of the Football and Basketball programs. Student debt is the fault of the student and the involvement of the Federal government laying in the same bed as the Universities.

  54. Well then, allowance to borrow against retirement programs tax free. Should also be tax free for usage of high medical cost, etc.

  55. This idiot can do what ever social security, but he must pay me what I payed into it. One way or another I will get MY MONEY!

  56. I'm about sick and fuckn tired of hearing ALL these politicans talking about confiscation whether it's money, property, firearms or ANYTHING ELSE!! WHAT A PERSON CREATES OR BUYS IS THEIR RIGHT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THAT IS TOO FUCKN BAD!!!

  57. You will not use tax payers dollars to pay student debt. Or else you will have to reimburse everyone who ever went to school

  58. Stupid idea. Are the parents well off? Currently no one have savings!!!!!! We are living paycheck to paycheck. Students loans should be at 1%. How much interest banks paid to saving accounts???? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Senator Rand Paul;)Frogs are living environmental measuring (grand)design,equivalent to the bumblebee Dude;Dood either-or 1;) How 'bout some LAW N ORDER1 Patriots1 Godspeed 1 ;).

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