Sleep Schedules vs. Staying Up Late – College Info Geek

Sleep Schedules vs. Staying Up Late – College Info Geek

Good morning, guys. Man, I feel like that guy from
those YouTube commercials. “Look at my car. “What’s more important
than my car is books.” Oh, there’s just a bike. So it’s four am, and I’m
running on very little sleep because I am headed down to
the airport to go to VidCon, which is awesome. My flight is at six am. That is self-imposed torture, so I can only blame
myself for it. But I am running on very
little sleep because of it, so I figured why not do
a quick video on sleep? Now, if you’ve been
watching my channel for any length of time, you probably know that
I advocate getting up at a specific time of morning. I personally like
getting up early because it gives me time to
go through a morning routine, but I mainly just recommend
getting up a consistent time so you have a sleep schedule. Now a lot of people will say, “This is cool and all, “but how do I reconcile
this with my desire “to go out and party “and stay up ’til
three am every weekend? “How do I get up
early on the weekdays, “but then, you know, “deal with that on a weekend? “Should I still get
up at the same time “and just take the hit
to my sleep schedule?” And some people have an even
more legitimate reason for this where they have
inconsistent work schedules. Their boss is scheduling
them at all hours of the day, and they don’t really know when they’re gonna be
scheduled until maybe a couple of days beforehand. So, here’s the quick
answer to the question, “How do I deal with a
lack of a sleep schedule?” Tip number one, this is
the big tip, be young. (laughs) This comes from a lot
of personal experience. I know for a fact that
when I was 18 years old I could deal with getting three
hours of sleep in a night. I could deal with a
completely hectic, erratic sleep schedule. It was all hunky-dory. I could, you know,
bounce back from it within a matter of
hours, and I was good. Maybe some coffee. Now that I’m 24 years old, I know for a fact
that my body’s ability to adapt to a hectic
sleep schedule or a lack of sleep, is majorly diminished. I need my hours of sleep, and I do better when I
have a sleep schedule. That being said, the
hours of sleep you get are far more important
than the sleep schedule. Now if you look at the National
Sleep Foundation’s data on the hours of sleep that
people should get on average for certain age ranges, between the ages of 18 and 25 it’s between seven
and nine hours. Some people can deal with six, some people need 10 to 11, so it’s very variable, very
dependent on the person, but on average it’s that
seven to nine hour range. So regardless of what
schedule you have, even if it’s weird,
even if it’s erratic, you wanna be sure you’ve got
that seven to nine hours, even if that means on
the weekend mornings, if you stay out and party,
or you have to work, get up later on, that way you’re getting
those hours of sleep. I’m actually taking a
course right now on Coursera called Learning How to Learn. And one of the videos, they
talk about how sleep actually reduces the size
of your brain cells and allows your brain
to flush toxins out that are generated
when you’re thinking and conscious during the day. So sleep is very,
very important, and I actually wanna talk more
about sleep on this channel, so I’ll be doing
some more research, but basically, get sleep, and make sure you’re
getting those recommended number of hours. That being said, the
importance of a sleep schedule is for a few reasons. Number one, a sleep
schedule allows you to basically get your
body’s internal clock to be regulated. And what that does is it helps
you fall asleep more quickly, it gets you on a more
consistent schedule, it makes sure that when
you wake up in the morning at a consistent time
you are more energized, you’re basically tuning
your body to waking up at that specific time, which lets you get into the
flow of your day easier. So, essentially, you need to
work within the parameters that your life has set for you. And oops, I had a light go off. Well, I guess I’m not
really caring too much (laughing) about the technical
aspects of this video. It’s just a time
constraint I suppose. But yeah, work within those
constraints, you know. Your fundamentals are the hours
of the sleep you’re getting. And after that, you can
work to tweak other aspects of your sleep experience
to make it better. So, maybe you can’t
be super consistent about a routine, but what you can do
is make sure you’re not reading in bed, or looking at your phone in bed, exposing your eyes
to blue light, which is in the
daylight spectrum, doing things that don’t
keep your body consistent with a sleep experience of bed. So make sure your bed, the only context of your
bed is sleep context. That’ll allow you to fall
asleep easier and faster. And then also, if you can, maybe try staying out
less late on weekends, or try getting a job with
more consistent hours, or talking to you boss
about your sleep schedule. Who knows, maybe they’ll
be pretty accommodating. So anyway, I’m gonna
echo edit this video while I’m on the plane, hopefully catch some Z’s
when I’m done editing it, and then have fun at VidCon. So hey, if you’re
gonna be at VidCon, I’ll be there all weekend. I’m on Twitter @TomFrankly. You can tweet me up
if you want to meet me if you happen to be there. Otherwise, next week I’ve got
an excellent video coming. It’s gonna be much better
filmed than this one, and it’s got a lot
of editing in it. That’s the reason
it’s not out this week is ’cause VidCon has
cut all my editing time. So, hopefully this has
helped you in some way, and I’ll see you next week. (bright techno music)

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  1. Yep…you're right. When I was younger in college, I could manage the next day with 0 – 4 hours of sleep. When I turned 22 – 23 (about to graduate from university), my body preferred balance. There could be a physiological reason to this. I found out I would oversleep due to stress mixed with possibly a bit of depression as well. Now…a balanced work-life schedule became way more important than the cramming I've experienced in university

  2. Hey I'm here in my garage. But know what I like more than all these materialistic things? Bookshelves. That's why I bought these 27 thousand books on how to build bookshelves

  3. Omg…the first thing I thought of when I opened this video was the Hollywood guy talking about his books! LOL

    Thanks for all of your videos, keep them coming!

  4. Hi guys, do not forget to do "Send me all notifications for this channel" you can find it close to subscribe. His videos are awesome.
    Liked your video even though I disagree with the point regarding sleeping hours. 5 Hours is enough for me!


  6. Will be 46 YO in Oct. and I still average 5 hrs per night, and being in college often have 38-46 hours with no sleep on a regular basis. I held a 4.0 for the first three semesters and dropped to a 3.872 for the forth. Bear in mind my fourth semester was 18 credit hours and included my first experiences with Statistics, Chemistry (4), and Calculus (5) along with Developmental Psych and Ethics.

  7. Your brain is flooded with spinal fluid in your sleep to wash out the day's neurological chemicals. A lack of sleep leaves those chemicals still in your circuits. Extra cortisol is your brains way of keeping itself functional with those chemicals stuck inside itself. Get your sleep if you don't want a contaminated brain.

  8. What about afternoon naps? I find by around 1-2 PM I crash and a 45 minute rejuvenates me enough to finish the day. I typically sleep 7-8 hours a night outside this 45 minute nap. I'm a nursing student.

  9. College has made my sleep schedule difficult with the change in class start times. last semester I went to bed at 8 and woke up at 4:45 a.m. This semester I go to bed at 10 and wake up at like 7:30 or 8:00. I commuted so getting up early for my 8:00 class was a must.

  10. hope you could do a video on pulling all nighters hehe although I hope it's an all nighter that's not just specific for exams or papers because I'm an art major so maybe it could be more of a general all nighter??? hehehe thanks a lot

  11. 1. the 4 hours between 2200 and 0200 are worth as much as 8 hours of sleep outside that time frame.
    2. no screens 1 hour before sleep
    3. if you're bedroom is colder than other rooms in the house, then it's easier to get to sleep
    4. if you eat vegetarian, you will need much less sleep if you supplement B12 (and other B vitamins)
    5. if you have nightmares, it might be that you are not drinking enough water in the day (personal experience, not clinically tested, but worth a try as risk free)

  12. People should be able to stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays. But, if Sundays are spent late, Mondays are gonna feel like sh*t. Idk… I don't go to college. I 2 yung

  13. For me in the long run not sleeping for at least eight hours can be detrimental. Your body from experience who are used to staying up late will end up becoming , less efficient. Compared to sleeping early, in the long run no sleep technique will defeat that.

  14. During my week I'm up around 6:30 and I go to sleep around 11:30. On the weekend whatever time I go to bed (even staying up like, which does happen) I set an alarm for exactly 8 hours. I figure no matter what day of the week as long as I clock in those 8 hours of sleep, I'm good

  15. Crazy how I'm 18, but six hours of sleep a night almost kills me, and that's exactly the number of hours I get to sleep everyday because of my studies :') I don't enjoy cofee though, it wakens my heart but my sleepy mind keeps barely working in the morning (or the whole day lol)
    But I'll survive haha, thanks for the video!

  16. That Coursera course is no less than thought-provoking, and it's simply amazing.
    I'm going over the videos right now, and I'm enjoying every minute of them!

  17. I do shift work 12 hrs between 4-6 days straight plus I study as well, so that in it self means I am already in the red zone I do gym and try to ride my Harley to some where, thus I am always fighting my diary and events that seem to be crossing over, I use apple iCal

  18. It's 2:30am and I have school tomorrow. People say sleep is very important, but I have gone two nights without sleeping. I feel fine, is this wrong ?

  19. Despite communistic revolution going on America is still a rick country… maybe if the whole worl was not ok with them stealing from others and bombing whoever disagrees

  20. I think the trick with getting good sleep and waking up early is making it a real priority that you stick to. The reality of it is that you can't have a wild night life while wanting to wake up at 5am everyday feeling refreshed.

  21. hey thanks for the video. have you done a video about a diet that will actually aid better sleep? or know someone who is an expert. 🙂

  22. the best thing about your videos is how you research each topic thoroughly before making a video, and backing it up with facts

  23. I've always had problems with sleep and I'm only 17. If I dont get more than 7 hours of sleep, my entire day is worthless and I feel like an old lady with no brain

  24. Hey Thomas, do you think you could do a video on how to balance your work and your significant other? If possible for those in high school? Thank you sooo much, love your channel

  25. 5am and I have to be up by 7am. I do this very often (like an idiot). Cant goto sleep now or else I wont wake up, and I’ll get fired. Wish me luck on this miserable Wednesday.

  26. I’ve stayed up until about2:30 in the after noon and my body is not used to that and I can’t sleep now help

  27. I overslept for 4 hours💀 how can i be productive if i wake up late… also how do i stop the regret of oversleeping from getting in the way of my productivity?? 😭

  28. Me: hey boss, I was hoping you could schedule me earlier that way I could get more hours of sle….
    Boss: jeff I fired you months ago..

  29. Thomas usually makes really good videos but this one felt like a waste of time. Here's a summary to save time:

    If you're losing sleep because youre staying up too late, try to go to bed earlier because sleep is important. Also try to be consistent.

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